From today we start to work towards your gratitude and abundance. You’re aiming to receive your 1st task. This will be your day 1 task and therefore the gift will be a lovely meditation from Deepak Chopra. In order to remind you, I am going to send you each day one task in the morning. Then you got twenty-four hours to complete the task. Are you in?

A note about the audio:

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Open your mind for your morning gratitude and abundance challenge

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There are 3 things I would like to ask you for:

  1. Be open to new experiences 
    Take the tasks, ideas, techniques, tools, meditations, incantations, recommendations, … I will share with you during your gratitude and abundance challenge without any judgment. Easily said, hard to do … at least commit to doing your best, to be open-minded and allow to let it all in.
  2. Don’t believe a word I say!
    Nor the words from anyone else who gives you advice during this challenge, such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Leo Guera, and all of the other gurus. This might surprise you. Does it?
    I just want to encourage you to think for yourself. Feel into the recommendations, tools, practices … and decide yourself if it resonates with you. There is nothing right nor wrong about it. None of it is true nor false. Just accept that everyone shares just an opinion from his current standpoint. It was their truth at the time when the lines were written, the audio, or the video got recorded. Think about it an choose your stand- and starting point, find your truth in it, and finally, apply what serves you the best.
  3. The challenge might not be on day 1 today, but that is no problem. Because it offers you a collection of thoughts, methods, and tools which are pretty independent of each other. So, they are not depending on the previous ones. Just go with the group. Next month we will repeat the challenge. That gives you the opportunity do those from day 1 until today.

Where Is Your Starting Point?

Tips for your gratitude and abundance challenge:

  1. If you prefer to receive your tasks and meditations on your phone, and you are not a member of the Confeneurs Mastermind yet, join the WhatsApp group by using this link:
  2. If you are male: Due to the fact, that the WhatsApp group is for Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs only, being a man, you can sign up to receive your daily reminder

    by Email:

  3. Your Gratitude JournalTo share your abundance challenge experience with other participants join the Vitality4Happiness FB group
  4. To prepare for day 1: Get yourself an Abundance Notebook (for example Myndmap, it also can be an electronic to-do list, your calendar, …) to be prepared for the challenge. Range the pages
  • Task 0
  • Task 1
  • 2
  • 3
    all the way to
  • Task 30

Don’t worry, there’ll be no judgment or analysis of your activities. It is all about YOU – do whatever serves you best possible. Be open to finding out what serves you best. But be aware, that you will find that outside of your comfort zone!

Gratitude is key for abundance

That’s why I will ask you every day to write down 5 things you are grateful for. To understand the concept a bit deeper and how it serves your abundance, have a look at this video:

Gratitude, gratitude, why gratitude?

Source: Why Gratitude on Youtube

Your Gratitude Challenge:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for:

1. I am grateful for …, because …
2. Further, I am grateful for …, because …

5. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

And here comes your gift for your completion of the initialization:

Gratitude Meditations


Gratitude And Abundance Meditation Challenge 2020

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

2 thoughts on “Your Morning Gratitude And Abundance Meditation Challenge

  1. Kemi Fadojutimi says:

    I’m glad to joined this group!

    1. 4ster says:

      You are very welcome, dear Kemi!

      Vital and happy regards

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