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I Love Bali Podcast

Google Website Translator Compatibility


GUI for configuring the Buttons

Can you create a GUI to modify the text and the related links of the buttons which are created by the Auto Wrap Youtube Embeds with Prisna Translate plug-in above and below embedded videos:

The GUI for the settings to configure the buttons should have this structure, and it should also support the configuration of color, size, and images

    Button above the Video:

    Button below the Video:

    Make the Plug-in compatible with the free version of the Prisna - Google Website Translator (which is activated in the staging environment). The next step would be to make the plugin work with the free version of the Prisna translate. So that I can also enable it on

    Deliver a Plug-in.ZIP

    Provide Auto Wrap Youtube Embeds with Prisna Translate installer to implement the functionality for other websites.

    Workaround for Prisna WP Translate caching bugfix

    Changing the URL name creates a completely new translation.

    After editing an already translated Page or Post the edited chapters do not get translated by Prisna WP Translate Plug-in anymore. Sometimes renaming the URL, disabling, and enabling the Prisna or the WP Fastest Cache Caching plug-ins help to reinforce the complete new translation of the Page or Post, but sometimes even that doesn't help. After editing a Page or Post the cache shall be cleared so that a completely new translation takes place reliably.

    3. Suppress recommended videos

    At the end of the playing time, videos that are not embedded with a playlist, keep showing recommended videos chosen by the YouTube algorithm.
    Suppress that, or recommend only videos from my channel or one of my playlists?


    8. Further page improvements

    1. User experience

    An analysis, of which kind of changes on the page would improve the user experience best possible. And a proposal for the implementation of the most effective ones.

    2. Syntax Error Removal

    Analyze the most critical syntax errors and propose the implementation of the most effective fixes.

    3. Page speed (at the very end of the project)

    An analysis, of which kind of changes on the page would reduce the loading time best possible. And a proposal for the implementation of the most effective ones. Especially the page
    is performing very slowly on PageSpeed Insights on mobile devices.
    On the homepage, some of the resources are getting loaded 2 or 3 times as shown in the Lighthouse Treemap. Even with the caching Plugin enabled.

    4. SEO (low priority)

    An analysis, of which kind of changes on the page would improve the search engine ranking of the page best possible. And a proposal for the implementation of the most effective ones.


    Postponed to "How children learn speaking"-project

    1. iSpeech WordPress Plug-in modifications

    • A [STOP] - button shall be added that resumes reading from the beginning when tapping [ =< LISTEN] again.
    • ⏪ ◀️ [Back] and ▶️ ⏩ [Forward] buttons should be added to reread the last chapter/sentence or skip to the next sentence/chapter.
    • So that it looks like the buttons of an MP3/Podcast player's operation buttons:
      ⏪ ◀️ ⏯️ ⏹️ ▶️ ⏩
    • The ⏯️ [Play] button should toggle between ▶️ (when paused) and ⏸️ (while playing).
    • The MP3/Podcast player's operation button GUI should show commonly used and easy-to-understand ICONS according to their functions (not as text anymore).
    • The MP3/Podcast player's operation button GUI should remain visible on the screen, even if scrolling down the page, e.g. as a floating popup widget.






    I have added the test results on top of this document:


    2. Auto Wrap Youtube Embeds with Prisna Translate plug-in enhancements

    1. Use of start time codes:

    The second video: Abundance Mentality Examples on the homepage the video is shown below and uses the time code option:


    so that it should start playing at 231 seconds. It looks like this

    But it starts to play at 0 seconds. It is implemented from a Youtube playlist with this code:

    So it should start playing at this point, which you may experience by clicking on this link:

    Plus, it shall show the previous and following videos from the playlist on backward and forward buttons. Which get automatically displayed for embedded videos from a playlist.

    Is it possible to implement that feature so that the start time option ?t=231 works?

    This Webpage uses two plug-ins:

    • Text to Speech Web Reader by iSpeech, which creates the [ =< LISTEN]-button and the TTS (text to speech) web reader function, which shall be modified. It can be downloaded from:
    • Prisna WP Translate Plug-in which translates the pages from EN to DE, ES, FR, ID, and NL.
    • Currently, the speech plug-in always uses the English TTS voice independent of the chosen language.

    Functional extensions and modifications

    Please prioritize this feature request:

    • If a translation in another language than EN (English) is chosen, the voice of the TTS (text to speech ) language DE, ES, FR, ID, NL (German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Dutch) shall be switched accordingly. The iSpeech plug-in needs to query the chosen language from the Prisna WP Translate Plug-in and use the TTS voice of the chosen language.



    6. iSpeech WordPress Plug-in modifications

    1. If an audio file is embedded (for example on this page:, it reads the URL of the file. Skip reading URLs on the page and embedded URLs when reading.
    2. The text and link (e.g. "Text to Speech Demo" that appears below the [ =< LISTEN]-button shall be removed.
    • The [ =< LISTEN]-button should not appear if the language is not supported
    • The button shows [PAUSE] while playing, but in fact, it is a stop function. If starting again, it reads from the beginning. So it should be renamed to [STOP]

    4. Google Website Translator Compatibility

    Switching video captions language shall work also if the SEO settings on the configuration page: SEO
    in the Menu and change the settings for: Direct links
    are set to: Yes, use direct links for cache translations only

    6. iSpeech suppress [LISTEN]-button

    • as a fallback option, if it is too difficult or impossible to implement, the [ =< LISTEN]-button shall only be displayed on EN pages (English) and it should not be displayed on non-English pages (DE, ES, FR, ID, NL).

    An initial quick solution for this issue would be to suppress the [🔊Listen] button if the language is not set to English. that should simply switch this setting


    to disable for non-English pages. This quick fix is a bit time-critical, I would like to see that implemented by Tuesday. is that possible?

    Update bug fix

    The WP Fastest Cache Premium Update to 1.6.4 does not install. It creates the error message:

    • Update failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10): Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature
    Choose Your Video Subtitles Language, Captions [CC]