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Reset Challenge: How To Resume On Day X?

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Reset challenge: How to resume the abundance challenge and restart with your individual start day?

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Reset Challenge Video Transcript:

How To Resume The Creating Abundance Challenge? And chose Your Individual Start Day

How to resume the abundance challenge?

Well, maybe you started the challenge and you were very enthusiastic,

and doing all the tasks and the meditations.

But then, at a certain time, you got stuck.

Maybe your cat got pregnant,
or something else serious happened.

Or maybe you participated in a challenge from some other host,
and he stopped the challenge.

And now, you're stuck somewhere in between.

I will show you later how to sign up for a certain start date.

But first, if you joined my challenge,
you need to unsubscribe from the current one.

So, you go down here in one of my emails.
And go down to the bottom and you hit this unsubscribe link.

And it says:
Unsubscribe from a list.

You choose

Abundance challenge.
And tap on: Unsubscribe me.

And you're done!

Now, let's go back to the home page:

You can either get to the home page by tapping here:
on the Vitality4Happiness icon

or you just use the link in one of my emails.

Which you find here:
and you tap on open.

And then you go for example to the page:
Creating Abundance

And here you find:
Start The Challenge

So you tap on that one.

And you enter your name.

And you enter your email address.

And then you go here and chose:
I want to start with the task ...

Let's say, for example, task number 5.

You scroll down and tap on:


Then you get the reminder that you shall receive an email, that looks like that:

And it says:
Please verify your email for the Vitality4Happiness program!

And then you click on that verification link in that email.

So, let's go to the email inbox.

And there you will find this email, saying:

Verify your email to start the vitality for happiness program.

You scroll down to the verification link.

And you open the verification link.

And it says:
Your subscription was successful.

So, soon you will receive the email with the task of the day which you chose.

And you can continue with the meditations where you got stopped last time.

Continue your Abundance Challenge and enjoy the meditations!

Start the 21 Days of Abundance With Your Individual Start Day, For FREE on:

Welcome to the 21 Days of Abundance Challenge With Meditations from Dr. Deepak Chopra

The intention of this 21 Days of Abundance is to:

- Create a mindset for charity
- Contribute to the world with your business
- Attract abundance for you and your business
- Experience a mindset of gratitude
- Create WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you, your customers, and the entire universe

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Reset Challenge: Start the 21 Days of Abundance Challenge with day X

Reset Challenge: How To Resume The Challenge?

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Reset Challenge: How To Resume The Challenge?
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