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MAISON » Comment apprendre le plus dans les cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?

Comment apprendre le plus dans les cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?

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How to learn the most in English Duolingo Online Classes?

Word-by-word translation from English = How, to, learn, the, most, in, English, Duolingo, Online, Classes?

How you can have fun, have ease of speaking, and learn the fastest possible in English Duolingo Online Classes? Here are the most helpful tips, tricks, and tools that help you to improve your conversation skills faster and with ease. The most comfortable and helpful ones for you are the translations of the working material into German, Indonesian, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Learn the most comfortable in English Duolingo Classes

If you tap on the flags at the top of this page, it translates the page into your chosen language blank↔️blank!

  • Cela vous fait gagner beaucoup de temps à rechercher du nouveau vocabulaire dans le dictionnaire.
  • Even if the translations are not perfect, they will give you quickly a clear understanding of what the text is about.
  • Les traductions vous feront gagner beaucoup de temps dans la recherche de nouveau vocabulaire.
  • Et après avoir lu ou écouté le texte dans votre langue maternelle, vous pourrez facilement repérer et comprendre le nouveau vocabulaire utilisé dans le texte original en anglais.

👉🏽 To do: Test this translation function right now:

  1. Choisissez votre langue préférée.
  2. Just by clicking on one of the flags, which you always find at the top of the pages. 🔝

🇩🇪German 🇬🇧English 🇫🇷French 🇪🇸Spanish 🇮🇩Indonesian 🇳🇱Dutch

Redémarrez la lecture de la vidéo une fois que la page traduite apparaît sur votre écran.

Votre hôte Duolingo anglais Klaus Forster

Bali Sunrise Beach Mentor

Before I tell you more about "How to learn the most in Duolingo Online Classes", let me introduce myself. Then I do not have to do it in each class again and again. So we make the best use of your valuable time: And it gives you more practice time during the class!

I am Klaus Forster, a telecommunication engineer born in 1965 in Germany, who worked for software companies, that are providing the automotive industry with software development tools. In 2019 I started a music business, serving bands, and musicians with a license to be loud: Providing them with practice and recording studios. Since 2016, I am living the dream of my life in Bali, Indonesia, the beautiful island of the gods, as an investor, and donating to charity.

Vitality4Happiness est ma passion, apprendre aux gens à profiter d'une vie satisfaisante, saine et riche.

English is not my mother tongue. Still, you can benefit from the English skills I gained in more than 30 years of working and speaking English. I am traveling and living for over 10 years. Even if I still couldn't get rid of this funny German way of speaking, yet. I am still working on it! For your questions, we can use the German or Indonesian language. Further, I can understand a little Spanish, French, and Dutch. Let's come back to the subject:

Comment apprendre le plus dans les cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?

Most people start learning something without ever thinking about how to study most effectively. That you made it until here, shows, that you are an exception. Congratulations on your wider way of seeing things and looking over the fence. Here are the best hacks, tips, tricks, and tools for you, to learn a new language with fun, ease, effective, and fast:

TRADUCTIONS blank↔️blank

All working and preparation materials are given with translations from Anglais into the languages 🇩🇪German,🇫🇷French, 🇪🇸Spanish, 🇮🇩Indonesian, and 🇳🇱DutchThat makes it quick and easy for you to understand the content to prepare for the class. Have a look at the scheduled classes. All of the announcements contain links to the preparation material.

[🔊 Ecoutez] fonction

Also, you may listen to the course material. ↖️ At the top left of this page touchez le bleu [🔊 Ecoutez] symbol. That improves your skill to understand the language you are learning. By reading the text and listening to it at the same time, you are using two learning senses: Seeing and hearing, which increases your learning speed. Even if the synthetic voices sound a bit robotic, they probably pronounce the words even more precisely, than most of us. This podcast read functionality is also available for translations, 🚫 apart from Indonesian.

📽️ Preparation Videos With Translated or Subtitles or Closed Captions [CC]

The English preparation videos explain the subject and the preparation tasks. Surely, you already understood, that the videos show Captions [CC]. And if you switch on top of the page to the translation in your native language, translated captions will be displayed. Now, you can listen to the English text, while reading its translation in your mother tongue language. That makes it very easy for you to spot and understand new vocabulary immediately. If your mother tongue is different than English, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, or Dutch language, this video shows, how to switch the captions to one of 133 different languages.

Vitesse de lecture YouTube

Pour une meilleure compréhension, vous pouvez ralentir la vitesse de lecture de la vidéo.

  1. Appuyez simplement sur le symbole des paramètres : ☸️
  2. Choisissez "Vitesse de lecture"
  3. Et sélectionnez "0,75" ou "0,5".

🗣️ Then you can easily read and speak along with the spoken text in the video. Now you are using already 3 learning senses:

  1. 🧏 Hearing,
  2. 👀 Seeing,
  3. 🗣️ Doing, by speaking along the text of the video.

And doing something is another big booster for the speed of learning! That's why we are saying:

Apprentissage par la pratique!

Read the written version of spoken words

During the classes, Google Translate shows the written versions of spoken words. With those transcriptions, you can read the spoken text on the screen. Now, you already use 2 learning senses to speed up your learning speed, with no extra effort. And if a wrong word appears on the screen, you'll know: This word was spoken wrongly. With this information, you can practice, and repeat it until you speak it correctly!

How you can improve the English Duolingo Class experience for yourself and the others?

Especially in conversation classes, a clear sound of the ZOOM meetings is very important. It improves your understanding, and you build your pronunciation skills on that.

  1. 🎤 The nearer your microphone is located to your mouth, the clearer the other people can hear you. And background noises are less disturbing.
  2. Les casques Bluetooth peuvent fonctionner, mais certains d'entre eux n'ont pas de microphone intégré ou ne l'utilisent pas pour les appels ZOOM.
  3. 📳 So the microphone of the computer or mobile phone will be used. Because it is usually further away from your mouth and records more background noise.
  4. 🚫 And the Bluetooth connection adds a delay. The other people hear your voice a little later than your mouth movement. Which can be confusing for them. Because they see the movement of your mouth, but do not hear your voice at the same time.
  5. 🎧 CLe casque compatible place automatiquement le microphone dans une bonne position près de votre bouche. Il ne crée pas de retard et aucune grande capacité technique pour le connecter n'est nécessaire. Vous pouvez entendre très clairement. Parce qu'il transmet le son directement dans vos oreilles.

☝🏼 Recommendation: Use a cabled headset with a microphone for Zoom meetings

Réglage du son ZOOM pour la classe Duolingo

Some people have a loud voice, others have a weak one. That may cause a big difference in the volume when different people speak. But the ZOOM app offers helpful function for that. This is how you can activate it:

  1. Either tap on the settings symbol ☸️ (at the top right corner of the ZOOM screen). And select "Audio".
    Ou appuyez (en bas à gauche de l'écran ZOOM) sur le 🔼 up-arrow next to the "Mute" microphone symbol, and select "Audio settings...", as shown in this screenshot.

    Paramètres ZOOM pour les cours en ligne Duolingo
    Activez "Ajuster automatiquement le volume du microphone" (ceci n'est pas disponible en mode navigateur)

  2. Les réglages ZOOM s'afficheront. Et vous trouvez l'option "Ajuster automatiquement le volume du microphone".
  3. ☑️ Activez "Ajuster automatiquement le niveau du microphone".

Si tout le monde a activé "Ajuster le niveau du microphone automatiquement", les voix auront presque le même volume.

Comment apprendre encore plus vite dans un cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?

🗣️ By speaking along with what is spoken in the class, you gain more practicing time. Because in a one-hour class with 6 people, each one probably has only 5 minutes of talking time. But if you keep talking along with the others, while your microphone is on Mute, you can speak actively for 30 minutes or more. As a result, you multiply your training time by more than a factor of 6! Plus, you use 3 learning senses: Hearing, seeing, and doing (speaking).

If you practice like that, please Mute your microphone, especially if it is noisy where you are. Tap on the screen, to make the Microphone Mute Switch Icon visible on the bottom left. Then you can tap it on the microphone symbol to Mute it.

☝🏼 Rappel : N'oubliez pas d'allumer le microphone lorsque vous voulez dire quelque chose.

Chose classes with interesting content. Nothing is more boring than learning about a subject you are not interested in.

  • Imagine you hate bookkeeping, and you join class about it: How will you feel during the class? That's a way to fail twice: Hardly learning anything, and most likely giving up learning it!
  • But if you love rocket science, and you find a language class about the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Apollo Mission, Elon Musk's, Richard Brandson, or Jeff Besos space travel, you found a gold bug! Because, if you are learning during the language class something about your favorite subject, remembering the related vocabulary is very easy and keeps you motivated.

N'essayez jamais d'apprendre à un cochon de chanter;
Cela vous fait perdre votre temps et agace le cochon !

That's why you only should participate in my classes if you are self-employed, run your own company, are a business owner, or if you want to start one!

Comment ajouter de la valeur au cours en ligne Duolingo ?

  • You should help the other students by sharing
    • astuces d'apprentissage,
    • corrections,
    • des astuces,
    • recommandations,
    • aides à l'apprentissage, et
    • mémoriser des astuces.
  • For example by sharing new vocabulary in the Zoom chat.
  • Faites des erreurs joyeusement, elles ne sont pas une honte, mais des étapes d'apprentissage !
  • Appréciez les corrections heureusement!
  • Be funny 🤣, crack jokes, and 🙈 don't take it too seriously! Because the stronger the emotions are, that you feel during the class, the faster you learn. Neuroscientists found out, that learning without emotions is not possible! And it is quite obvious: Joy, 🥳 fun, and laughter 😂 are the most pleasant ones, to memorize new information. Even if most people only learn through pain and fear! The approach in this class is to change that for the better. So let's laugh together about funny answers. We laugh together with the ones, who have invented those new funny ideas, but not about them! And by doing so, we easily memorize the correct vocabulary or grammar happily! In addition to 👀 seeing, 🧏 listening, and 🗣️ faire, cela ajoute des sentiments comme quatrième sens d'apprentissage :

❣️Les sentiments sont nécessaires pour une meilleure vitesse d'apprentissage❣️

Pouvez-vous imaginer comment la combinaison d'entendre, de voir, de faire et de ressentir augmente votre vitesse d'apprentissage ? Je peux comprendre, si vous ne pouvez pas encore me croire.

👉🏽 To do: Anyway, sign up for your first class now,
and let me convince you❣️

Comment apprendre le plus dans les cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?

Ces cours en ligne Duolingo sont-ils faits pour vous ?

  • These classes are designed for self-employed, who run their own company, own a business, or if you want to start one!
  • Ces cours conviennent mieux aux locuteurs natifs allemands, indonésiens, espagnols, français ou néerlandais.
  • If you are speaking other languages, you are welcome to participate as well if your English is advanced. You may test yourself, just check if you know the majority of the 100 most often spoken and written words.

    100 mots les plus fréquemment utilisés

  • De plus, en tant que locuteur natif anglais, vous êtes plus que bienvenu si vous êtes intéressé par le sujet du cours. Et nous apprécions vos conseils de prononciation.
    Peut-être que je peux me débarrasser de cette façon particulière de parler allemand grâce à votre soutien !

Structure des cours en ligne Duolingo

Au début de votre premier cours, vous êtes invité à vous présenter :

  • Mon nom est ...
  • Mon pays d'origine est...
  • Et je vis dans...
  • Mon entreprise ou mon travail est...
  • The most important product or service is ...
  • Et le principal avantage client de ce produit ou service est ...

👉🏽 To do: Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à votre premier cours !

Comment apprendre le plus dans les cours en ligne Duolingo d'anglais ?


Salutations vitales et heureuses
Klaus Forster

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