Your Livelihood

Self-employed must secure their existence,
by making themselves redundant in their business!

The reason for this is, that only you are responsible, that your business performs in your absence.

A Livelihood is your responsibility towards your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and customers, but most of all it is your responsibility towards your family and yourself.

  • You know that you, e. g. as a self-employed personal trainer, have no income anymore while you are recovering from a sports injury at the hospital.
  •  Are you aware of the situation, that the acquisition of new customers depends only on one person which is you? You will not get any new customers anymore, as soon as you are fully booked. Because you do not have time to acquire new customers.
  • And I do not have to remind you, that you do not have time to write any bills when your order book is full. This means you do not receive any money, even though you work well and a lot!

As a result of this, you need to make sure, that your revenue is flowing without your activities, and that your business keeps running in your absence.

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Now you might say: “That’s not true, I got a sick pay insurance”. It may be true, that this issue is it is not as critical in your case. But if your business processes are depending on you, your business is simply worthless if you collapse! In the case of emergency, you leave your loved ones behind. Because your business is an empty skeleton, in case you are leaving this sports field some day.

Now, here and today is the second best time, for the conversion of your self-employment into self-running a business. The best time was at the foundation. Being aware of your responsibility, get the automation of your business started, to change from being self-employment and become a business owner. You’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • You gain the security, that your business continues even if you are away.
  • It increases dramatically the value of your enterprise.
  • In addition, it gives you the freedom to have more time for your loved ones, to pursue your fitness training or to enjoy a holiday.

Go sporty and start right now. Sign up here to find out how your self-employment becomes a self-runner. It is not that far yet. You can even get 10,000 € venture capital to finance this transformation.


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