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Traveling to Bali FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Bali

What is a business retreat?

Traveling to Bali FAQ

A business retreat is a combination of work and vacation because traveling to Bali also includes some holiday pleasure. So, unlike normal office conditions, we will enjoy the distance from home in a beautiful resort in Bali to work. If this is not yet said, we do not want to work IN the day-to-day business, but we will focus ON the development of your entrepreneurial personality. It is relaxing and keeps you happy and satisfied throughout the time of the business retreat. Imagine working efficiently and productively in a relaxing and exciting environment. It will feel almost or just like a vacation because you will enjoy it.

What do you have to bring to the business retreat?

Traveling to Bali FAQAs much as necessary, as little as possible: Fly with carry-on luggage only! Only the things you need for holidays and work because minimalism is very liberating. Computer, mobile phone, bathing clothes, light clothes. Most things are much cheaper in Indonesia than at home, so bath slippers, sun cream, and insect repellant are some of the items you may prefer to buy in Indonesia. Surfboards, diving goggles, and fins are available at cheap prices to rent or buy. Anything that you would eventually won't need is not worth carrying.

However, you should bring needed things like special medication and your work equipment, because the purchase of an HDMI cable in Bali can keep you busy for 2 days. Uninstalling the "Spider App" from the mobile phone (cracks in the display, which are looking like a spider net:-) may be much easier as back home. The service technician comes to the hotel and repairs the display in your presence, at half price as in Europe. If you bring several electrical devices, a small multi-faceted socket is quite handy. The sockets are the same as in Germany, thanks for being a Dutch colony!

Is there Wi-Fi? How good is the internet connection?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available free of charge on every corner, even in the airport and each snack bar, also our accommodation provides Wi-Fi. The quality of the data connection fluctuates depending on the weather, occasionally it even has dropouts. It usually got a speed of a 2-10 MBit connection. Data connections via UMTS, 3G or 4G are very good. That's why a Sim card with a 4 GB data volume is included in the package. You can hardly exhaust this data volume in 2 weeks. So you are online with your mobile phone practically everywhere during your visit and you may use it as a hotspot for your laptop.

How good is the telephone connection?

Good, but phone calls with German SIM-cards are extremely expensive. You have been warned: E. g. on Vodafone, you make your first conversation at a rate of 30 €, which is due every day, on which you establish a connection (Internet, SMS or telephone call). The first choice is, to talk on Skype, WhatsApp or for calls to your country, or using a VOIP number is recommended. For instance, from Sipgate or EasyBell. Using that, you can do calls to your home country on domestic rates because the number gets routed over the internet into the home telephone network. Also, you make telephone calls with a local number of your home country, so your customers don't see that you are abroad. Friends who know it may ask, looking confused, but it is ok "to confuse the Russians".

What do you have to think about when preparing for the trip?

Melissa Schumann put this information together in her preparation guide for Indonesia (sorry, automatic Google translation only). Thank you so much, Melissa!

What is your obligation?

You shall be committed to participating in the business retreat completely. And you shall be willing to share your experiences with the other participants. At the end of the business retreat, we will decide jointly whether we will continue along the path of your business development. When an agreement has been reached, we will discuss the terms of the investment and agree on it. If you are not comfortable with it, you are free to make your decision to continue on your own. This is a decision of your own will without obligation nor any costs for you!

 How much does traveling to Bali it cost?

Please see the Prices and Dates page.

Traveling to Bali FAQ: What weather do I have to expect?

We will be out of high season, the December business retreat is during the rainy season (November to February). There may be days when it rains all the time, it usually rains briefly and violently, mostly at night. The temperature is usually between 24-32 degrees. The air conditioning in the bungalows is mainly used as an air dryer, because of the humid climate. If you get used to the waterfall, which constantly runs down along your back. You will find the climate is very pleasant. Do not believe the online weather report for Bali. I have not yet found any other place in the world, for which the weather forecast is so often that wrong!

Traveling to Bali FAQ: What are the conditions of participation?

To participate you need to go through a preselection process. I want to make sure that only participants, who are fully engaged in their idea and want to contribute for the benefit of the other participants, will be at the business retreat. Anyone who is disturbing the group can be excluded, to ensure the success of the other participants.