How much does a good consultant cost? 100-500 € / hour

How much costs the participation in the 9 mentoring days during the 14-day business retreat? Nothing – except your time!

Yes, participation is free. But your strong will to escape the treadmill of your self-employment is a must. As well as being ready to contribute for the benefit of other participants. And you need to pay your travel expenses, accommodation, and food yourself.

How much is the accommodation, services and travel costs?

  • The accommodation in an apartment with a queen size bed
  • including breakfast
  • for 14 nights
  • a scooter that is available to you all the time
  • a local SIM card for your phone and
  • an airport pickup service

only 1,357 €

Two for One Offer: If you bring your business partner, she will stay for free sharing your apartment!

Flights from Germany to Denpasar and back are available from about 550 €, flights with only one short stopover cost about 700 €. Here you can search for flights:

If you are flexible with the travel date, there are even cheaper deals. Verify the prices directly on the website of the airline, which executes the flight, sometimes it is still a few euros cheaper than the prices on the travel portals. From the saved money you can add a few extra days, it’s worth exploring Bali!

If you wish to stay longer in our accommodation, I can reserve you additional nights for 97, – € each, depending on availability. Therefore, please inquire as soon as possible. Booking flights early is usually cheaper than last minute.

You can book your own accommodation for your extension in Bali. If you use this Airbnb link, you will also receive a starting balance of 30 € from Airbnb (as a new customer only).

What other costs should you consider?

The price level of commodities in Bali are extremely favorable. The locals live from 350 € a month! For us, most things of daily necessities are incredibly cheap. Eating out in the restaurants of the locals costs less than the food we need to cook at home. When you arrive, you will still need money for:

  • Lunch, for example, at the Yess-Takeaway 2-3 €, dinner with a drink 7 € (in the tourist restaurant with good hygienic standard) on the night market only a fraction of it with hygienic standards … well, you better don’t ask!
  • Gasoline for the scooter 0, 50 € per liter
  • Excursions, e. g. 40 € for the sunrise trip to the volcano Batur
  • 2-day excursion to Nusa Lembongan, about 80 € with one simple overnight stay
  • Additional accommodation from 20 € in the simplest accommodation, at our accommodation 97 € per night
  • 1-hour traditional Balinese massage 7 €
  • Individual, like shopping for souvenirs, which depends entirely on your personal taste.

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