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Wander Into The Distance

Wander Into the Distance

A Business Retreat in Bali

Your Journey during the Business RetreatYou might think:

    • That's very far away.
    • That's very far away.
    • And isn't it too expensive?
    • And isn't it too expensive?
    • And the long-haul flight …
    • And the long-haul flight …

Stop: Here are already the reasons why you should participate in the Vitality4Happiness Business Retreat in Bali because you got to increase your comfort zone if you want to become successful. That includes facing your fear and get yourself into action to overcome it. Only those who take a risk can win, e. g. if you are afraid of flying, a long-haul flight is the best medicine.

How valuable this trip is, you will already realize when getting away from the stress of your daily business. And after the business retreat in Bali, you will appreciate how fast you are getting things done, you procrastinated before.

2016 I started with one week of remote work each month and by doing so I got proof of concept: I've gained time to think about my business, and my work became much more effective after returning back home.

The Vitality4Happiness Business Retreat in Bali will combine vacation and fun, with your personal development and the chance to move your business forward tremendously.

You can find the Dates of the Vitality4Happiness Business Retreats in Bali on the Prices and Dates-Page

Welcome at the Business Retreat Relaxing during the Business Retreat Working at the Business Retreat Accommodation at the Business Retreat

Accommodation in Canggu, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

You are still not sure …

… why should you deny this crazy idea?

Then you have to read this: 19 reasons why you should never travel to Indonesia (sorry, this is an automatic translation, because this blog is only available in German!)

In the beginning, I laughed my head off about this blog by Melissa Schumacher. I do not have to say that I love irony. But I ended up with tears of pleasure in my eyes, as soon as I realized that I fell head over heels in love with Bali. That's why I visited the island 5 times in 2017 and I'm looking forward to meeting you there soon …

In addition, you will find anything on the Indojunkies-webpage you need to know to prepare for your trip to Bali.

Business Retreat Blueprint

Wireless Life Workation in Bali, October 2016

We will practice a 3-day week

3 days of intensive work and learning followed by 2 days of leisure time!

This will give you plenty of freedom to enjoy the sun, ocean and the relaxed Balinese atmosphere. You will find your time to do sports, explore the area and dedicate yourself to your relaxation and health. In this time you will grow mentally and physically, of course only if you have challenged yourself before!

Your freedom, your decision

If the Business Retreat in Bali proves that your business idea is worth the investment of 10,000 euros in your company, you will receive an investment offer. You got the freedom of choice, whether you accept it or want to continue on your own.

Reasons to Participate in the Business Retreat in Bali …