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Efficient Learning Speed With MP3 Audiobooks And Podcasts

How to proceed with a more efficient learning speed?

Make the best use of the MP3 Audiobook Podcasts:

I am providing the sound files because your ear is your emotional interface. You will realize that very quickly. At least as soon as you hear that some of them are spoken by a computer voice. Which sounds a bit metallic. Because I reduced the audio files to the lowest resolution, to decrease data volume and download time for you. And if there is an initial dislike of the sound of the voice, this will go away after one or two minutes.

Efficient Learning SpeedIn fact, we are learning with emotions up to 20 times faster, compared to learning dry facts. Listening lets you memorize 4 to 5 times more than reading only. And if you are reading and listening at the same time, you are learning about 7 times faster than reading alone. And if you do something, like taking your thinking time and writing down the answers, making an action plan, participate in a survey, and execute the first step, you can boost it up to learning about 20 times more, compared to reading only! That's where you want to be with your learning speed if you want to make a real difference and get the maximum out of this program.

So, I strongly recommend to Optimize Your Learning Speed and hear and read at the same time AND do the exercises. To make the best use and get the best results out of this program.

Warning: Learning Speed is Efficiency - NOT Effectiveness

You need to learn the right stuff, that serves you. You can learn very efficiently the wrong things and it won't bring you any benefits. But if you learn instead something that serves you, even if you learn it slowly, it is more effective. It is a question of speed versus direction.

I Dreamed a Dream: Speed vs. Direction

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster