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Visual – Are You Learning Visually? Improve Your Learning Speed

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Why is Vision Such a Valuable Sense?

Do you know, that 80% of the data our brain receives comes from our eyes?  Visual - Are You Learning Visually? Those two ultra-high-resolution cameras deliver the most information for us about our surroundings. That's why vision is such a valuable sense. But still, some people are more visual, others are more auditive, or kinesthetic. They experience the world around them rather by listening (auditive) or feeling (kinesthetic). This has a major effect on the way you can learn most efficiently. Due to that, it is good to know your individual channel. Because by adjusting your learning behavior you can improve your learning speed.

Visual - Are You Learning Visually?

Find out if you are a visual learner:

  • Visuals often speak loudly, quickly, with a lot of gestures. They talk about visions, pictures.
  • Must see the evidence, even for a service!
  • Paint a picture for them.

Attention: "Visual" does not necessarily mean reading. Visuals are above all pictures (especially colored, moving, large, bright).

  • They are dressing color-coordinated, take a well-thought selection of clothing (belts and shoes fit together - and especially for women, choose the right handbag
  • Need a brochure with pictures - a layout that is as tasteful as possible (possibly video trailer, sample).

Examples for a primarily visual orientation:

  1. Visual people want to see the video while listening to music.
  2. Look at the prospectus - read later.
  3. Parents: "Look what."
  4. Sell seminar: video clip
  5. Sell life insurance: "Imagine what that means for you."
  6. Employee leadership: I'll show you. Show me.

Language of visual people:

I see clearly. I just have to look at someone, I need evidence. May I show you a sample? Perspective, picture, clear, clarify, visualize, introduce yourself, observe, see in action.

The reasoning for a visual-oriented person:

"See.", "Can you see that?" əbe “Can you see what I want to show you? Do you recognize the meaning? "

Can you see, that this becomes clearer for you?

Then you will perceive a faster learning speed if you:

  • Watch a video instead of reading a book or listening to an audiobook
  • If it is only available in a written format, read and listen to the text at the same time. You can utilize a TTS (Text To Speech-engine) to get to listen to it at the same time.
  • Draw a mindmap or a picture of the learnings, instead of writing down bullet points

But keep in mind, fast learning is not the same as more effective learning, see: Speed vs. direction

Now go back to day 19 of your gratitude challenge and take care of your task of today:

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