Rescheduled Trip to Germany November 2021

Travelling Route

The new travel plan looks like this:

202111 Trip Germany

(View Part 1 from Frankfurt to Tübingem on Map), (Part 2 from Tübingen to Frankfurt)

  • Sunday Nov 29 to Dec 2 Ludwigsau Rohrbach, visiting parents

Thursday, Dec 02 to 03 Flight from Frankfurt to Denpasar

10:35, 02 Dec Frankfurt (Intl. Apt.), FRA, Germany
– 06h 00m Qatar Airways QR70
18:35, 02 Dec Doha, DOH, Qatar

Layover 00h 50m

19:25, 02 Dec Doha, DOH, Qatar
– 08h 30m Qatar Airways QR956
07:55, 03 Dec Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Apt.), CGK, Indonesia

Layover 03h 45m

11:40, 03 Dec Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Apt.), CGK, Indonesia
– 01h 55m Garuda Indonesia GA408
Friday 14:35, 03 Dec Bali (Denpasar), DPS, Indonesia


blankOct 19

Finally, we got the approval of Komang’s visa. Which made her quite happy! So we started to schedule the trip to Germany for November 2021.

Oct 20

We booked the flights and a rental car.

On the way to the airport

On the way to the airport

Oct 2

On the way to the airport. But the airline didn’t let us go on board …

C …. shit!

What happened?

We expected easy traveling after being vaccinated twice and with a quick test at the airport. But the rules to avoid the little bugger’s brain disease got enforced. Even if we have proof of concept, that they don’t work for almost 2 years. Which is a clear sign of insanity! Lord, 🙏 please help me to forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.

We were shocked and unable to decide for two days what to do now: Feeling ashamed of not taking care of the requirements.

Nov 4

But meanwhile, we calmed down and decided to go before Komang’s visa expires. Because we have been waiting for that for almost half a year. And due to that, we had to reschedule the trip over and over again. We bought new flight tickets and we received a funny 15-page long email from GARUDA airline, explaining the rules and regulations.

Confidential GARUDA Email With Travel Instructions

So this time nothing can go wrong.

Nov 7

  • PCR Test, which turned out negative for both of us, so we were ready to travel. Then I informed MHplus insurance, that I will visit Germany and asked them to activate my health insurance for the duration of the visit, which was in standby mode. They sent a formula in which they asked for data they already had. So I gave them a call, and they confirmed that I have to sign it, even if my name, insurance number, date of birth, address, and so on have not changed! What a bullshit procedure! Because it was not possible to edit the PDF. I don’t carry a printer when traveling. So, I decided to cancel the insurance because they are just a pain in the ass.

Monday, Nov 08 to 09  Flight from Denpasar to Frankfurt

13:30, 08 Nov Bali (Denpasar), DPS, Indonesia
– 02h 05m Garuda Indonesia GA409
14:35, 08 Nov Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Apt.), CGK, Indonesia

Layover 03h 45m

18:20, 08 Nov Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Apt.), CGK, Indonesia
– 08h 50m Qatar Airways QR957
23:10, 08 Nov Doha, DOH, Qatar

Layover 02h 40m

01:50, 09 Nov Doha, DOH, Qatar
– 06h 50m Qatar Airways QR69
06:40, 09 Nov Frankfurt (Intl. Apt.), FRA, Germany

Nov 09

  • After the early arrival in Frankfurt, we picked up the rental car. First of all, I had to go to an Aldi Supermarket, to get all the delicious bites that are not available in Bali, which I missed so much, and I wanted Komang to try. And we got a SIM card for Komang’s mobile phone Then, after 2 hours ride, we arrived at my parents’ home in Ludwigsau Rohrbach. It was a wonderful sunny autumn day, and the scenery was very colorful due to the warm morning light just after sunrise. We found my parents in good health, a positive mood, and great energy. Of cause, we got spoiled with German food. Then I tried to activate the SIM card, which was a nightmare. The AldiTalk or Eplus activation is so complicated, and almost every step in this procedure ended with an error message and did not work. After 2 hours I gave up. In the late afternoon, we went for a walk on the Rotland, from where we enjoyed the sunset.

Nov 10

  • My mother invited us for lunch at the Stadthotel in Bad Hersfeld. She wanted Komang to try their special meal: Tafelspitz. We enjoyed the food, but the mood and atmosphere in the Restaurant were rather strange.
  • After lunch we went to Checkpoint Alpha, to show Komang the former East-/West-German border and tell her a bit about German history.
  • From there we continued to mount Kreuzberg in the Röhn mountain range to visit the Klosterschänke. The monks are brewing and selling the Kreuzberg-Beer, which is very delicious.
  • So after a sunset walk on top of the mountain, we enjoyed some Schweishaxen with locally brewed beer – delicious!
  • The service at the Klosterschänke is another thing, one needs to experience to be able to believe it: They are so unfriendly and full of mistrust: One has to pay a deposit for the steins. Well, every business attracts the kind of customers, which they imagine that they will have. I think they have a lack of belief!

Nov 11

  • For the blood tests at DZIP Hannover, we took a ride on the A7. It is 3 years since I went on this Autobahn the last time. And it is still the same 100 km long road construction site, as it was 3 years ago. What the fuck have the damn construction done in the meanwhile? In Hannover, the energy of people shocked me. Almost everybody looked depressed. After the blood test, we went for a snack and drove back, when we experienced this traffic light disaster: In Hannover, they installed traffic lights at every intersection. And they are switched that you have to stop at each of them, tho ey turn red right at the time when you arrive.
  • So far I need to say: Germany overregulates itself to death. I never saw so many mad people in one place, as on this trip to Germany! For example, if accessing German webpages, almost every time Cookie and Corona warnings pop up. What the fuck is this bloody shit good for? It is time to let it all go.
  • The security madness goes around in Germany and it seems that it has already corrupted most of the brains in this country. The fear created by that will cause many more cancer deaths than those from flu infections! I have a hard time understanding, that Germans are accepting this, and that there is no protest movement against this nonsense! Where are all the encouraged people gone, who made the revolution and peaceful reunification in Germany possible?

Let’s practice mental hygiene and ignore the brain disease and all the nonsense that comes with it.

Nov 12

  • Komang started the day with a healing session for my parent, which they enjoyed.
  • Notary Germany deregister GmbHIn the morning I went to the local authority to deregister my business. When I appeared at the office with Komang, they assumed we want to get married, for which one has to register at the same office. We had a good laugh about that because we have no plans to do so. Then I got my international driver’s license extended. And in the afternoon, I had a date with a notary to confirm the liquidation of my GmbH.

Nov 13 to 14

  • Visiting Komang’s girlfriend in Halle.
  • After breakfast, we started our ride to Halle to visit Komangs friend Kadek and her husband, Daniel. This was a very relaxed pleasant ride, due to the great shape of the Autobahn and the low traffic density. Along the way, we kept listening to Joe Dispensa’s audiobook “Breaking the habit of being yourself”. In the early afternoon, we arrived, and for dinner, Kadek served a delicious Indonesian meal.
  • We spent the morning at Kadek and Daniel’s home. And in the afternoon we enjoyed a walk through the center of Halle, a mulled wine, and a dinner at the Kartoffelhaus.

Nov 15 to 17

  • After one week of staying with family and friends, it was time for some me-time. And we found a perfect hideaway for it: Hotel Neue Mühle located in the forest near the town Brandenburg – an island of bliss to practice mental hygiene, without TV, radio, or newspaper. We relaxed at the hotel’s spa.
  • On Tuesday morning we did a warmup in the gym and went after a super delicious breakfast to Potsdam to visit the chateau Sanssouci. Which was rather disappointing due to the depressing atmosphere. In the afternoon we took a wall in the forest and another visit to the sauna.

Nov 17 to 19

  • We drove to Leipzig, picked up my parents from the train station, and checked in at our accommodation. In the evening we went to a Greek restaurant.

Nov 18

  • The next day started sunny so we climbed the viewpoint and had a great view over Leipzig.
  • In the afternoon we walked along the river “Neue Luppe”.
  • During sunset, we took a walk through the pedestrian mall and had a Mulled Wine to keep us warm inside.

Nov 19

  • In the morning we went to the city center to take a walk. We passed by at a test station, and due to my slight symptoms of a cold, I thought it would be a good idea to get tested before I am going to visit other friends along our trip. The staff inside was sitting around and they had nothing to do. So I entered to ask for a test. First of all, they wanted to chaise me back outside because I did set up my mask while entering, to set up the mask outside and then come in again. And then I had to learn that they only severe online registered clients with a date. I was not surprised that they were sitting around and had nothing to do anymore. But actually, my blood was cooking about so much stubbiness of those “Korintenkacker” (= bloody idiots that follow rules that make absolutely no sense)!
  • When we went back, we decided to drive back to my parent’s home, to split the ride to Tübingen over 2 days.
  • In the late afternoon, we arrived in Bad Hersfeld, where we entered a test station and got tested right away and it was even free of charge for the 3 German citizens. All tests were negative.

Nov 20

  • In the morning we started the ride towards Tübingen. Along the way, we had to stop to go to the toilet. Unfortunately, this was in Bavaria, where people and regulations are especially mad! Our masks did not fulfill the specification. I ignored the screaming around the staff at the resthouse and went to the toilet anyway, but I did not realize that they caught Komang and guided her out of the building.
  • Then we had a stop at my favorite bakery called Maxl Bäck in Würzburg-Kist. They have a “Streuselkuchen” which looks and tastes like the one my grandma Gretel made. And each time I pass by there I get one to gratefully remember her. Shopping there also ended up with an unpleasant discussion about the wrong type of mask. This was most likely the last time that I’ll be buying cake here.
  • They must be suffering from some kind of Bavarian Brain Disease!
  • In the afternoon we arrived at Thomas’s place in Tübingen. We enjoyed the cake and a coffee together. Later Kerstin arrived and we went for a walk through the pedestrian mall and tried to get into a restaurant. Most of them were packed with people, but we found the cafe Ranitzky which had space for us. The owner made a big drama until he accepted the Indonesian vaccination certificates. Fortunately, the waitress did a great job, and the food and drinks were delicious. But the atmosphere sucked, especially when he was screaming behind us to use the masks while we left the restaurants. Obviously, he is another brain disease victim.

Nov 21

  •  Together with Thomas, we went for a walk to the Neckar island, where Komang felt a good energy. We continued the walk to a cafe Tangente Jour. The staff did a great job and did not overstretch the rules and regulations. Then we visited the Strifskirche St. Georg for prayer and meditation.

Nov 22

  • Ludwigsburg, banking, walk through the mall,
  • Talheim, wine tasing at Reiner Bauer winery

Nov 24 to 26

  • Cologne, visiting the Köllner Dome
  • late lunch at Maharashtra Indian Restaurant
  • Düsseldorf visiting Jörg Bliesener,  Christmas market

Nov 27 to 29

  • Nijmegen Netherlands visiting Komangs friend Saran and staying at her parents place in a wonderful wooden garden hut