You are aware of this situation?

You are pretty busy with your current project, and you do not have time to acquire the next one?

At the end of each project you don’t feel too comfortable: Where should your next project order come from? I don’t have to remind you, that sometimes the flu did send you to bed. In this situation, every day hurts financially until your sickness allowance insurance starts paying (if you got one at all), because you are not able to create billable results for your customer, and you need to pick up all of the work later. Not to mention the delay of your project and the annoyed customer. That’s why you need to Participate in the Business Retreat.

When searching for a way to avoid this, it is important that you create an automatism that works independently from your personal workforce. It works even if you are working on something else or to enjoy the additional more free time. In addition, it is important that it doesn’t permanently cost extra money. The gained free time should not be traded in by reduced earnings. Now you got a second reason to participate in the Business Retreat.

At the Vitality for Happiness Business Retreat, you will learn how it works. And you will immediately experience it during your time in Bali. This is the third reason to participate in the Business Retreat.  So apply right here!

Venture Capital

Participate in the Business RetreatYou might worry, that the participation of the business retreat will be expensive and leads to a loss of productive working time. This is not the case, because you have to pay only for the travel expenses and accommodation costs. Plus after 3 days of learning and working on your enterprise, you got 2 days off. Which you can spend in your business or enjoy Bali. The Mentoring during the Business Retreat is free of charge!

In addition, at the end of the Business Retreat, you might receive an offer of € 10,000 to finance the conversion of your self-employment into profitable entrepreneurship, to expand your business into an independent and enduring company. And all mentoring is financed exclusively by the return on equity capital.

What are you waiting for?

Apply to participate in the Business Retreat