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Thank You, For Thinking About a Special Day

Originally posted 2020-04-09 08:00:58.

Thank you so much, for thinking about me, my dear! First of all, I want to appreciate your attention and share some of the beauty of Bali, with the latest pictures from my Duch friend Willem.

Thank You, For Thinking About me

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My last year started in Germany

  • Searching a new Building for Rooms4Music
    In March 2019 the winds have turned again. After the confirmation that we can execute the rental contract until the end of 2020, our landlord wanted the building already by June 2019 back. So we intensified our search for alternative locations.
  • Based on decision-making meditations which I already did in March in Lovina, Bali, I had identified two options:
    • Move to a new building
    • Close the business and help our tenants to find new rehearsal studios
  • Since the first option did not work out, due to the situation on the real estate market. The prices we would have to pay for other buildings where above the prices we where charging our tenants currently.
  • So from April, I stayed in Germany, selling Rooms4Music's most fundamental asset to my landlord: the lease contract for the building in which we were operating the rehearsal studios.
  • Consequently, I had to prepare the closing of the business, to clear the rented space, find alternatives for the bands and musicians, and help them to get their equipment moved into their new studios.
  • I went on a trip to Thailand along the Bay of Bangkok and worked on the Purpose of Life, where I learned and understood that bringing gratitude to the (western) world is the primary reason I am here for.
  • Being back to Bali in July was like coming home. And the training for the Bali Marathon started. But at the same time, not having an operating business anymore, life felt empty.
  • In October the Bali Marathon took place and I finished it within 5:08 h.
  • In November I experienced at one of the Udara Sunday Events the Wim Hof Method (WHM). A powerful breathing method that leads to deep relaxation and meditative states. And I learned about its scientifically proven health benefits.
  • My friend Jenny invited me to join the Abundance Challenge, and I ended up running my own one.
  • And it turned out into the still ongoing development of a Gratitude Challenge
  • End of November I went to Germany again to participate in a seminar about taxes and to get a foundation started. But German rules and regulations and the German square head mentality drove me almost crazy and made it impossible to make it work the way I wanted.
  • But I was able to spend a week with my son and we worked together through a program called the courage to be happy. And we found that his vision is to become the owner of a space travel enterprise, like Rocket X or Virgin Galactics.
  • In January I went on a 3 week Visa Run to the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand.
  • In February my friend Thomas from Germany came to Bali and we went on a 3-week road trip around the island. During this time I launched the Mental Strength Training program.
  • And End of February I developed my own, and probably special view on the situation with the virus. I do not know if I am right, but I don't care, there is anyway no right nor wrong, but only helpful or not. This point of view helps me to stay pretty calm, while the rest of the world seems to turn crazy about it.
  • Further, I moved to Rumah Lebih in Gianya enjoying the peaceful quietness living between locals. Enjoying my thinking time during the lockdown and having my own opinion about it. I do not know if this is the truth, but thinking this way helps to stay calm during these days, where the majority of the world's population seems to go crazy. Thanks for the mental strength!
  • In March I did the decision-making meditations again, developing an investment strategy to finish the crisis as a winner.
  • On April 8, I got my passport back from Imigrasi with an emergency visa. This was my biggest birthday present. Now, I can stay in Indonesia until the situation is getting normal and may apply for the retirement visa during this period.

I am grateful for everything that made me learn and grow.  Because it gives me more strength for the current challenges.

Yes, I assume that was the best year of my life ... so far ... thank you, thank you, thank you!

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