Conscious Female Entrenepreneurs – Last Possibility Today

Only today you have the opportunity to apply for the business retreat for conscious female entrepreneurs for free. Your last possibility today until midnight!

Conscious Female

Apply now for the exclusive Confeneurs Bali Online Launch Event for free. And experience what awaits you within an exclusive group of Conscious Female Entrepreneurs at the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat.

Conscious Female EntrepreneursSummarized in a nutshell, what the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat is about:

“Confeneur” is the combination of

  • CONscious
  • FEmale
  • EntrepreNEUR

and it means:

“Consciously operating your business,
according to your purpose of life”.

And that’s why, this is such a unique, limited, and exclusive  Conscious Female Entrepreneurs Business Retreat!

Vitality4Happiness will give a small, exclusive group of exactly 12 participants the opportunity to work exclusively and individually with Klaus Forster and other selected experts and capacity for entrepreneurship and consciousness.

Klaus Forster Coaches Conscious Female EntrepreneursFor 14 days Klaus Forster and his experts are mentoring you in person! In these 14 days are about achieving breakthroughs for you:

  • For your purpose!
  • For your business career!
  • And for your well being!
  • For your income!
  • For your health!
  • As well as for more prosperity!
  • For your fitness!
  • For your relationships!
  • Finally, for your vitality and happiness!

Tailored For Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

Klaus and his team will use all the funds to develop your potential and reach these goals! But notice: This club is not for beginners or average people. The Confeneurs Bali brings an elite circle of max. 12 highly motivated, successful and brilliant people together.

Because tomorrow, the application phase starts and you will have the option to apply for free! Tomorrow you will learn more.

Important is only, that you are checking your messages in time, so you do not miss the application process. I wish you a lot of success with your application and look forward to seeing you soon.

PS: There are really only 12 Conscious Female Entrepreneurs. So, not everyone gets the chance to be there! The number of participants is limited!

Klaus Forster

PS: After having received so many applications, I soon can not accept any further applications for the time being.

Female Entrepreneurs

Faszination Bali

Business Retreat in Bali, September 23 to October 7, 2018

Business Retreat in Bali Especially for female entrepreneurs

Today I would like to invite you to the next Business Retreat in Bali. Please let me know on the FB page if you are interested:

Business Retreat in Bali

Results of your participation in the Business Retreat in Bali:

Five reasons, why the Vitality 4 Happiness business retreat is your business booster:     

  1. Live your dream with Vitality 4 HappinessYou will receive 10,000 Euro Venture Capital for your business expansion – including an annual exempt from trade tax of 24,500 euros (according to German tax regulations)
  2. The fourfold success probability for your business idea and twice as fast growth
  3. Competent practice mentoring by Klaus Forster, who has made his own company a self-runner
  4. 14 days intensive mastermind and exchange with twelve independent entrepreneurs who work together on their individual business development
  5. On top, enjoy two weeks of Bali to fully concentrate on your vision – and to enjoy Bali!

Take the next step for you and your business. Get out of your treadmill, and become a business owner of a business, which is running on its own and works for you.

Your Expectations for the Business Retreat in Bali

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Apply here for the Business Retreat in Bali

Vital and happy regards