Frugal meaning

Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 6 – Frugal Meaning

Frugal meaning: To live a Frugal life means to live on less than you can effort. And that you are using fewer resources, such as energy, or money than are available to you. But how does that affect your happiness in life?

A life reduced to people’s physical basic needs

This sounds like a real pain in the ass to most people, because they rather want to have more than they need, because they think they really need it. The first problem is, most people do not know nor make a difference between what they want and what they need. But in fact, living a frugal life can be very liberating.

Consum bitches are not born as such,
but raised and educated to become ones!

How comes, that people think they need more and more?

Advertisements and the permanent presence of status symbols are probably the strongest influencers for the desire to compete with others. So, people want a bigger car, house, a shiny boat at the yacht harbor, expensive perfume, and makeup, pumped up lips and boobs, or an extraordinary loud “knalpot” as a status symbols. (Knalpot is the Dutch word for the exhaust pipe, which is also used in the Indonesian language.)

Frugal meaning: What people really need?

So, let’s go back to the physical basic needs. All you really need, are only the physical things, that would kill you after a short time if you would not get hold of them. Those are in this priority:

  1. Breath – without breathing you are only able to survive for minutes until unrepairable damage is done to your brain or you will even pass away
  2. Drink – without drinking it will be a question of days
  3. Disposal – without piing and booing you will probably get around a little longer than without drinking until the body poisons itself
  4. Eat – you are able to get around without food for a few months

Those are the basic physical needs of humans, mammals, animals, and plants. Anything else is for your convenience. There is nothing wrong with convenience. But all of that, what you might think you need is, in fact, only something you want. Why would you want to live a frugal life?

What might be the reason to live a frugal life below your financial possibilities?

Not spending all the money you earn gives you the possibility to save some money. If this saved money covers your basic needs for 3 to 6 months, it is called financial protection.

Financial Protection

This saved money can be invested and over time it can create a passive income for you. So the real reason behind it is to be able at one day to live just from the dividend of your invested assets.  As soon as this last for your basic needs, it is called financial protection. Which is the level, everybody should reach, because it is the basis for spiritual growth. Because, no one ever got enlightened, when he could not afford to eat anymore after he lost his job. To reach that, you have to move more money from consuming to investing. This is also described in the above-mentioned article about financial protection.

But how does this work?

First of all, one needs to go through the mental process to give money a higher value than material assets.
And one needs to learn the difference between what you need and what you want.
This might be:

  • Not having a car,
  • Staying at basic accommodation,
  • Living in a smaller flat then you can afford,
  • Drinking tap water, if it is clean enough, instead of expensive lolly drinks. Actually, this will have an additional health benefit, because of the reduced sugar intake.

Does Frugal Money Management Violate Happiness?

For me, frugality means that I hate to waste resources, such as time, energy, money, health, and happiness.

Frugal meaning: Stop wasting time

Wasting time is the biggest sin of all for me. For example, a waste of time for me is a day without love. Because time is our most valuable asset. Any second which is gone is gone forever, and it will never come back.

Frugal meaning: Stop wasting energy

Wasting energy is another big one for me. In fact:

Everything is energy,
And energy is all there is!

And due to that, there is an abundance of energy available. On the one hand, the energy never gets lost, it only gets changed into a different kind of energy. But on the other hand, effectiveness is a principle of nature. So, due to my respect for nature, I am a big fan to use any kind of energy as effectively as possible. For example not running the air condition or the heater if a window or the door is open. Rather using passive heating or cooling system instead of electrical ones. This also saves some money on the electricity bill.

Frugal meaning: Stop wasting money

Frugal meaningThat brings me to another kind of energy, which is money. Apart from being a conveniently exchangeable asset, money is also a wonderful communication tool for the value of something. It describes the energy of goods, services, and results. That’s why I’m having a hard time paying for something which I don’t need or to pay more than necessary. So I keep choosing goods and services which are as fancy as necessary, and as basic as possible.

Once I was traveling together with my sister to Cape Town, I booked the cheapest Airbnb place next to the place where I wanted to go to. That was near to the starting point of the Two Oceans Marathon.

When my sister saw our basic accommodation she asked me: “How much do you value yourself?”
The low price of the accommodation and the convenient location was essential for me. But she would have loved to have a big pool and a fancy apartment.
On the one hand, I believe that I only can save money, which I don’t spend. On the other hand, my sister believes that anything she spends will come back to her a thousand times. Actually that’s a pretty clever method. And curiously, it seems to work for her! Unfortunately, I have not understood yet, how she does it. If someone is able to explain it to me, I’d be more than happy to listen and learn!

Frugal meaning: Stop wasting resources

Not wasting resources means to me also, to protect the environment, by creating as little trash as possible. I do that by buying the most simple things that are just being able to fulfill their purpose. And to avoid buying expensive branded clothes. Or to walk or to choose the smallest possible vehicle, that can bring me to my destination.

Frugal meaning: Stop wasting your health

Even eating healthy is not violating my frugalism. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the cheapest food you can buy. Walking instead of driving or jogging instead of going to the gym improves my fitness and still saves money for transport and the gym.

How Frugal Money Management Violates Happiness?

And finally, don’t save on your fun and pleasure. Most people consider happiness with spending money. I consider this as complete nonsense. Because being happy is a choice. And This choice is completely free of charge!

And whoever believes that a new pair of shoes, jewelry or a Ferrari makes you happy, is wrong, at least in the long-run. All of those status symbols serve your happiness only for a short time. Being happy comes from continuous growth.

Continuous and never lasting growth is the best method I have found so far. This means:

  1. learning,
  2. exercising,
  3. sweating,
  4. implementing,
  5. finally, to embody it!
  6. And then repeat and go for the next you want to grow into!

Here are some pretty good thoughts from Cherry Tung about being happy while spending less.

Source: Youtube

Even if I don’t agree with her, that one should not care about the money one spends on security, apart from financial security. Because security is only an emotion, which you can train, e.i. by training your mental strength to increase your comfort zone. And this will rather transform you, than any life insurance or any other products that promise you safety and security.

Master Fears And Worries – Master The Crisis to Finish as a Winner

Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Share gratitude by distributing this link to the members of your challenge:

Write down five things you are grateful for:

1. I am grateful for …, because …
2. Further, I am grateful for …, because …

5. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

And here comes your present for the participation in the gratitude challenge:

A Gratitude Meditation from Dr. Deepak Chopra

Confirm that you finished your task of today - Click HERE

Confirm that you finished your task of today – Click HERE

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Law of Intention and Desire

How to Make or Take a Decision?

‘We can not solve our problems
with the same level of thinking that created them’

Albert Einstein

From time to time people experience hard times to make or take a decision. Why? Whenever you got a hard time to make or take a decision, it is for some reason. Psychologists usually say: It is due to some kind of depression as the underlying cause. Then they want to treat the depression, which can take years. I am rather looking for a solution. Due to the fact, that all unanswered questions are called problems, my approach is: Follow your values to make or take a decision.

Problems can only be solved
on a higher level than they appear

Imagine you see the urge to save somebody’s life. Because someone fell into the pool and can’t swim. You don’t need to think twice about it to make or take a decision. If you are a good swimmer, you will jump into the water as well. If not you might hold out for something that swims, e. g. a rescue ring or an inflatable rubber duck. Sitting down, being depressed about it, and having a cigarette, while you are thinking what to do, is no option. Your basic need for contribution is so strong, that it hardly feels like a decision at all.

How to make or take a decision

Some people keep sitting for more than 10 minutes in a restaurant reading the menu. Not because it is such an exciting book. They are just not clear about what they should eat. Not being clear about, shall I save some money and choose the cheapest. Or shall I spoil myself with the most delicious food on the menu? Not even being clear if you prefer healthy food or junk food makes it almost impossible to decide. Also, no clarity about the value of money or health leads to this situation.

Time to treat the underlying depression.
Come on, this is complete bullshit!

Clarify what your basic needs, your values, your dreams are. And what your mission, and vision are.

Identify them participating in a business retreat.

Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

Someone who is on a special diet, and got due to this a limited variety of food to choose from, has a much easier time to decide. There are some constraints guiding him through the menu. Just choosing what fits the best, and then maybe asking the waiter: “Is it free of gluten or lactose?” Done! It shows that he knows his values and that health is valued higher than (saving) money.

Do you have clarity about your targets, mission, vision, and dreams? If I am having trouble to decide, I know that I am having no clarity about some of my values. Let’s have a look into some examples:

Example 1: Make or take a decision

Should I still add musicians to my Facebook contacts, or only female entrepreneurs? This means I am not focussed on one of my business Rooms4Music or Vitality4Happiness. Due to that, I understand, that serving both are pulling me in different directions. This requires a strategic question. Which can be solved on a higher level.

Time to think about my mission and take a decision! It is an easy decision after thinking about this for a short time. My mission is: I am vitality for happiness. Some of my highest values are health, love, happiness – which is caused by growth – and contribution. Plus I love women and entrepreneurship! My customers from Rooms4Music are musicians, mostly male, no entrepreneurs. Most of them play their music for pleasure and don’t really want to grow with it. And finally, health is often completely outside of their focus. They are more after sex, and drugs, and Rock’n’Roll.

Example 2: Make or take a decision

Shall I organize business retreats or just invest in some business and then mentor the entrepreneurs I am invested in?
It makes me aware, that I am not clear on the strategy, how to grow the business.

I need to clarify the next higher level, my mission. My mission doesn’t help at this point. So let’s go one level further up. My vision is to see the hunger in the world disappear. And I want to contribute to it. The quicker I invest the more I can contribute. The business retreats might delay this process. So I should rather invest first, and then do the business retreats for those who I am already invested in. Helping them to run their business more efficiently, so that we jointly can contribute more. Thinking it that way, it becomes rather clear how I have to tune the strategy.

Example 3: Make or take a decision

Do I want to stay in Bali or keep on traveling around the world? Here I can see, something is conflicting within my basic needs. So this can (only) be solved, by looking into my values.

I learned something new about my values in a mastermind group, in which all of the participants guessed the primary value of the other members. Most of the guesses where pretty accurate. And the guesses where in accordance with what the other participants thought about themselves. With the exception of me! Everybody said, that my first value is freedom. Freedom didn’t even appear on my own list! So I realized, that I am already living this value, that I don’t see it anymore as my value. And yes, I got aware that it is my most essential value. So please don’t ask me for an everlasting monogamous relationship! Being aware of that, it becomes easy to say bye-bye to Bali. At least from time to time for a trip around the world. And then return to the island of the gods.

What is so special about Bali? – Why You Will Love Bali?

The hierarchical order of these levels

  • Vision, dream, purpose in life (highest level): Holistic contribution to make this world or universe a better place
  • Mission or targets: Love and contribution to those around you
  • Strategy or plan: Individual needs, power, success, adventure
  • Basic needs and values (lowest level): Security, survival, and basic connections

Your Thinking Time For Today:

Your make or take a decision exercise

I want you to have an easier time, to make or take a decision in the future. To get there, I am asking you to understand and practice the mechanism behind this. Here comes my thinking time for you. Analyze this question:

“Which of my products should I do the most intense marketing for?”

Have a look at these products


Then come back to this page and answer the following questions:

  • On which level does the question
    “Which of my products should I do the most intense marketing for?”
    show, that I am not clear?
  • What is the level above?
  • What needs to be clarified?
  • How would you recommend to solve it?

Please write your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. You can show your expertise. And if you thought all the way through it, that you can write down the answer in a few sentences, you have learned the most. Plus you are earning a backlink to your webpage, which even increases your web page ranking on google. Btw. here you can learn more about SEO.

And keep solving your problems by answering your questions on a higher level than they appear!


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Day 12 for Your Abundance Challenge – Law of Intention and Desire

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster


Hopeless Plan of Financial Independence

Most people think money is the reason, which makes it impossible to make their dreams come true

And I did so as well:

After I finished studying in 1988 I traveled for 4 months to Australia to escape the winter in Germany, because I hate it. To do so I got a job for half a year and saved every penny. The complete trip did cost me about 12,000 DM (German Marks, which was the currency in Germany in those days). And I got the idea of financial independence. This means I have so much money in the bank, that I can live and travel from the interest. I had no idea how to get there, but a dream was born. It turned out in my hopeless plan of financial independence.

My initial financial independence calculations

  • travelling and financial independenceBased on that I calculated that I needed about 3,000,000 DM for my financial independence, to life on interest and travel in that style without working, based on a 4-5 % interest rate.
  • 10 years later I got married and expected that I will need 4,500,000 DM for my financial independence.
  • One year later my daughter turned up. And I expected, that 6,000,000 DM would be necessary.
  • Additionally, the interest rates dropped and I calculated that I needed 10,000,000 DM to become financially free.
  • Additionally, the Euro replaced the DM. And I thought I only needed 5,000,000 € now.
  • But prices rose, at the same time and interest rates dropped further. And now I needed 10,000,000 € for the financial independence for the whole family.
  • And nowadays interest rates are 0% in Germany. So it seems like it got impossible to live on the interest.

Source: Thank you, Leo, I couldn’t express it any better!

So my hopeless plan of financial independence became a bit more realistic

Meanwhile, I learned how to get earnings of 8-10% (on a long-term average) by investing money smarter than in a savings account. And only half a million € lasts to be financially independent at a low level to pay for my kids and my basic needs. Prices of flight tickets dropped. Then I fell in love with Bali. And the cost of living is much lower there, so it lasts even further than I expected.

Turning financial independence into financial freedom

I own a company, which I built up in 8 years and turned it into a self-learning enterprise. This pays me for those basic needs. I structured it in a way that it works almost without me. So I can stay away for months. So, I can pay my bills from the dividend. And I can see my assets growing with the market. Because I am invested in ETFs of major indices. This kind of long-term investment is easy to understand, low on costs and maintenance, and performs better than most of the managed fonts. So my assets keep growing, while I can enjoy traveling.

travelling based on financial independence

Now Return to Day 4 of Your Abundance Challenge – Pure Consciousness

Day 4 for Your Abundance Challenge – Pure Consciousness

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

are you Jealous? Jealousy comes from within

Are You Jealous – The Fear of Not Being Loved

Between all fears, being Jealous or feeling the Fear of Not Being Loved is one of the two strongest ones. The other one is the fear of not being good enough. Jealousy kills your relationship, your life, and your self-confidence … Or is it the lack of self-confidence, that makes jealousy possible?

Are you Jealous? Watch this!

Source: Youtube, thank you, Julian, for sharing this video!


Your Gratitude Challenge:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for:

1. I am grateful for …, because …
2. Further, I am grateful for …, because …

3. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

And use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you to deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training - 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

PS: Julian tells in the animated video above a story, that will help you become far from average!

Imagine it is your boyfriend’s birthday

You just pulled up and surprise him with a trip to his favorite restaurant. Finally, you get there and get seated. Everything is going great and it feels like this is going to go down as one of the best birthdays ever. Then this glamour lady appears out of nowhere. Her clothes and everything about her seems to highlight your every weakness.

You’re not self-conscious about your body, because you’re skinny and weak. And the other woman is built like a lotus flower. Your clothes look ridiculous because nobody ever taught you how to buy clothes that fit. the other woman clothes fit perfectly and they’re like a spotlight highlight. She is the female and she presents it, almost as if this was designed in a secret lab to be the polar opposite of your every weakness. You try not to show any signs of weakness, but deep down you’re praying that she doesn’t sit right across from you and your boyfriend.

Are you Jealous? The competition of achievements

Are you jealous?The woman passes by you, but then she doubles back and sits directly across from you. Was this woman sent by someone who hates you? To make you look terrible? Maybe she was sent, to ruin what should have been a perfect night. The woman looks over at you, almost as if she can read your mind. And within seconds your hands begin to shake and you start having trouble putting sentences together. And the lady is watching you, every move. Just waiting for you to mess up thing up so he can swoop in and take your boyfriend.

Before the day is over the lady strikes up some casual conversation with your boyfriend. It just makes you feel terrible inside. Because she is the polar opposite of your every weakness. She’s like the perfect glamorous lady. She’s self-confident, charming, sexy, assertive. Your boyfriend is one of those men, who’s really nice and he replies to the ladies’ casual jokes. You feel something begins to stir inside of you:

You are jealous

Jealousy is feelings of anger, fear, and insecurity. And since you feel all of these things at the same time it’s absolutely not a fun experience. If another woman is flirting with your boyfriend you feel jealous. When someone else achieves something, that you always wanted to achieve, but gave up on. Imagine how jealous you would be if your best girlfriend just got a new boyfriend. The guy you wanted for the last decade. We’ve all experienced jealousy. When we saw someone we hate succeeding in life. They say success is the greatest revenge and it’s true.

With the creation of Facebook and social media. these days everything is instant. If someone you hate just got a new house and you’re still living in your mom’s basement, you’re going to know about it, instantly! If your childhood friend just bought this Lamborghini, and you barely have enough money to buy food. Guess what? You’re going to know about it, right away. We even experience jealousy when someone gets something, that we don’t think they deserve. Right now. You can probably think I’m at least a few people that you know that received something they didn’t deserve.

How the devil of jealousy abuses social media

Those feelings you had her jealousy. The crazy thing is, that most people get it wrong. When they try to figure out why they were jealous. In the restaurant, you think you were jealous because some attractive woman was cracking jokes with your lover. And because of the way he was smiling at her. The truth is, that like many similar emotions, jealousy comes from within. The problem is within you and not the other person! But don’t worry, because it is easy in every situation where you feel jealous. It’s coming from one or several root causes. Then when the other lady was cracking jokes with your boyfriend you were doubting your own skills and abilities. If you were confident and knew how much you were really worth, you wouldn’t have felt jealous.

Jealousy might also be caused by fear or poor self-image. For example: If you think you’re ugly, even if you’re not, then this can make you jealous. She fears of losing your boyfriend to another woman. Or being rejected can also cause you to feel jealous. Maybe you’ve had problems with an ex-boyfriend. A shape with new insecurity would be the cause of jealousy. Anything else is just a message from your brain. Contrary to what most people think, the feeling of jealousy does it mean you have some sort of disease. Your brain is just sending you messages and is saying: Hey sweety, you need to change something. The intensity of the jealousy that you experience can vary according to how you feel inside. If you got no confidence and don’t know what you’re worth, you might get jealous of anything and everything.

Jealous about material things

Even things that aren’t a threat to your relationship or the quality of life. Most hopefully you understand the psychology behind it when you look at psychology. You can see that jealousy is like a competition. And you are in direct competition with the person you’re jealous of. And to you, it looks like they’re going to win! In your mind, the glamours lady in the restaurant is going to win the competition and take your lover. Your best girlfriend, who got a well-paid job is one step closer to having all the materialistic things, you’ve always wanted, before you could get them. Your best friend who just got married to the perfect guy, but you’re still on boyfriend number 6. She is going to have a better life than you. And then you feel jealous, like you’re losing the competition, and have nothing to offer.

In the animal kingdom, if another male gorilla tries to sweep up on one of the girls from the pack, the alpha male of the group just beat him into submission until he runs away. Problem solved. For humans, it doesn’t quite work like that. So, with that said, how do you overcome jealousy if a sexy woman starts talking to your boyfriend?

Stop competing stops you feeling jealous

With a simple psychological trick, you can instantly stop being jealous. this is something that I used to do back when I used to get jealous. the trick is simple. and all that you that you’re not in direct competition with whoever is making you jealous. Let me ask you a question: If jealousy is caused by feeling insecure and unsure of your abilities during a competition with someone else. Then how can you feel jealous if you’re not competing with them? By telling yourself, that you’re not competing with them. you are removing the huge spotlight that shines down on all of your weaknesses in the long-term.

Self-confidence distinguishes jealousy

A Rock Solid fix for overcoming jealousy is, to developing skills, gaining knowledge, and developing your confidence. Once you’re sure of yourself, you’ll be glad to take on and crush the competition. But in the meantime, while you are building confidence just tell yourself that you’re not in direct competition with the other person. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with jealousy. It’s how you react to it, that gives it the power to ruin your relationship or makes you feel bad when someone else is succeeding and you’re not.

Feeling jealous is nothing more in messages from your brain telling you, that you need to improve certain areas, where you’re feeling insecure or unconfident. If you improve your ability to charm people until you feel confident enough to handle any situation. The same goes on. If your brain is saying you need to work on you. Said that you’re not directly competing with the other one. I’ll be back it’s.  Improving your weaknesses can happen so much faster than you think, and it doesn’t have to take years. With enough effort and courage, you can improve any weakness, especially social skills. Just in a few months. And the temporary pain is a small price to pay, to never feel jealous again. In just 2 months you will get rid of the fear of not being loved by using the

Mental Strength 8-week training

to build your self-confidence and stop you feeling jealous – forever!


Your Thinking Time:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for. – Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, you fight your helplessness and your fears.

Use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training - 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

fear creates scarcity

How Fear Creates Scarcity

To participate in a seminar, I went with my friend Ana from Lovina for one week to Singapore. And we learned there how Fear Creates Scarcity. She is a warmhearted and always happy Indonesian, who never left her home country before. She was pretty impressed by how clean and organized it is, as well as the skyscrapers and the price level. Having a look at it from a western perspective Singapore offers pretty good value for money. From an Indonesian perspective, the cost of accommodation and food for one day is more than what most Indonesians spend in one week.

fear creates scarcity

In Singapore, you might get shot in for climbing the wrong fence …

We stayed in an apartment, which I booked on Airbnb. The owner was on a trip. To get inside the apartment, he asked us to take a taxi, that brings us inside the protected and fenced aria around the building complex. By entering it this way, we could avoid the security check. To get on the second floor, where the apartment was located, we needed a key card for operating the elevator. He placed the key card in a hideaway for us. Then we were able to open the door with a number code. On each floor several cameras. So, no one can get into or out of the building without being recorded. It all was very beautiful, but due to the fence around it with signs that reminded me of the former inner-German border and the many security levels, I felt a bit like in prison.

Attract Abundance and get out of the negativity of scarcity

fear creates scarcity

This could become the most expensive mineral water of your life

One of the evenings we went to a lake near to Marina Bay, to watch the sunset behind the skyline. And we found a jetty to get out of the busy streets. Unfortunately, there was a gate, not even 1 m high. So we decided to hop over it and sit on the jetty to watch the sunset next to the water. It looked spectacular. After dark, the beam of a torch spotted us. And some minutes later two security guards equipped with weapons turned up to explain to us, that this is an offense. So we had to leave the jetty. They took pictures of our passports and did some phone calls. My friend was pretty scared. After about half an hour, they got the OK, that we are allowed to go on our own way again.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. But the number of rules and their enforcement, did not let me feel comfortable. Especially if I cannot understand what those rules are good for. Like a fine of 500 S$ for drinking in the MRT (subway). This can become the most expensive mineral water in your life!

21 Days of Abundance Tasks on WhatsApp, Email, YouTube

Does this level of security make people happy?

You might expect yes. Because certainty is one of our basic needs. But, watching the people there, most of them are looking pretty stressed, sad and only half alive.

No, Fear Creates Scarcity!

Especially after coming from Bali. Where most people are friendly and trying to make eye contact. And if you reply to it, you get the brightest smile you can imagine. If you make eye contact with the people in Singapore and smile at them, they look away and seem to be offended. Certainty is a bitch, the more you try to get it, the more scared you feel. Is this the price of living in this highly protected place? Does it turn it into a scarcity? People obviously like the rules. And this is typical for the spiral dynamics blue meme.

The Blue Meme of Spiral Dynamics

Searching for Certainty creates fear – fear creates scarcity!

Learn more about spiral dynamics blue meme in this video:

Source: Thank you, Leo, for sharing these insides.

The intention is, to make them feel secure and serve their need for certainty. But the end of the story is, they die inside. Security is not a source of happiness. Rather the opposite. Having rules for everything is just a sign for a society that is on the blue level of spiral dynamics. And this creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear. Yes, that’s how people look like. Hardly anyone smiles. If I tried to make eye-contact, people look away, which made me feel like I did something wrong.

Fear Creates Scarcity

fear creates scarcityDue to some issues that needed to be clarified for my business in Germany, I had to change my travel plan. Instead of flying back with my girlfriend to Bali, I booked a flight to Frankfurt. So, on the day of our departure, we had to go different ways. It was the first flight for my friend on her own. So, I decided to bring her to the gate for her flight to Denpasar. And then to continue to gate for my flight.

Due to the fact that I did not have my boarding pass for the flight to Frankfurt, I checked in to Denpasar as well. And went through emigration and security control. After the goodbye kiss and some tears, I was on my way to my gate. For this, I had to change the terminal. There was another security control and they informed me: It is an arrestable offense to enter the transit area without the intention to fly. Even if having a valid boarding pass. I did it for love. And I had the intention to fly but on another plane. Which did not make any difference to the civil servants?

Spiral Dynamics Blue Meme Leads Into Scare City

The Thinker Statue Singapore

The Thinker’s Statue Singapore

What followed was a 3-hour interview from the airport police, I do not need to explain, that I meanwhile missed my flight. The took my passport away and told me to stay another 1 or 2 nights in Singapore. I only wanted to get out of this country. But I lost my return flight to Germany, my rental car reservation, another 2 days to clarify the issues with my business. I understand that I made a mistake according to one of their rules. And I accept that I am fully responsible for that. But I do not understand, what this rule is good for. Because I did it for love and I intended to go on a flight.

What is it Good For, to Experience The Spiral Dynamics Blue Meme in Scarcity?

Well, anyway it was a learning experience. And it leads to appreciating the value of freedom even more. It made me aware that my ideal is, to have as little regulation as possible and as much as necessary. As well as having rules that are acceptable, due to having an understandable reason. I don’t mind rules that make sense. Even if it turns out being a bit unorganized or even chaotic, like an intersection during rush hour in Indonesia.

Scarcity Invites You to Train Your Risk Tolerance

Too many rules lead to a situation, where the individual gives up its responsibility. The Americans are the champions in it. They sue the cafe shop if they pour the coffee over their legs and burn their skin. Or killing a cat by putting it into a microwave, because it was wet. And the judge says they are right? Where is the responsibility for themselves? This is like blaming your mother for everything that went wrong in your life. Because she gave birth to you. Without even asking you, if you want to get born.

Everybody lives and acts at their own risk and responsibility! And taking risks consciously leads to bigger risk tolerance and more happiness. So go and train your risk tolerance. Do you want to get some ideas on how to escape scarcity? Here are some ways to increase your comfort zone and to grow your happiness:

Safety Third

Your Thinking Time:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for.

Use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you deal with your specific fears

Mental Strength Training - 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster