21 Days of Abundance Tasks And Meditations

The Abundance Challenge is a 21-day program. It was created by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Chopra Center. Through this program, you’ll receive many of the teachings, including:

  • 21 Abundance Meditations
  • The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, and
  • Synchrodestiny.

The 21 Days of Abundance Tasks on WhatsApp for conscious female entrepreneurs contains:

Week 1

You will understand the promise of your unlimited entrepreneurial potential. During this period, you learn what real abundance is:

  • The infinite energy from which you and your business can grow.
  • How consciousness and the mind affect growth.
  • Finally, you will embody, so tha you can deeply understand how abundance is your divine right.

Week 2

You will see how abundance relates to the 7 spiritual laws of success.

  • First you will understand the law of pure potentiality.
  • What is possible due to it in your business?
  • And by the end of the week the law of karma.
  • Further, you learn how to increase abundance in our life, by serving humanity by making best use of our unique skills and talents.

Week 3

You may contemplate the practical aspects of abundance. Experience living in abundance as your natural state of being.

  • During this time you will explore the depth of synchrodestiny.
  • As well as, consciously manifesting your destinies by harnessing the power of intention meaningful coincidence.
  • As a result, you shall understand the importance of living gratefully.  Gratefulness that leads to continuous customer relationships, which are carefree, with love, and unity. As a result, you create a conscious environment of abundance in your business.

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21 Days of Abundance Audio Download English Spanish German French

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