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Stress Management and its link with breast cancer?

Originally posted 2021-03-30 07:31:49.

Does stress cause breast cancer to develop, recur, or spread? Stress happens when push comes to shove. If you experience some force, pressure, or demand on your body, mind, or emotions that causes tension or distress, you will respond or react in some way. For some, stress is a powerful motivator, and for others, it may cause emotional, mental, and even physical symptoms. Let's take a look at stress and see whether it may be a risk factor for breast cancer.

What is Stress?

Life is full of opportunities for stress. Since stressors are so varied, you might like to keep in mind this shortlist of common life events that trigger stress responses, keeping in mind that stressful events can be both good and bad:

  • Loss of a close relative, friend, or pet
  • Loss of a spouse to death or divorce
  • Marriage
  • Divorce of one's parents
  • Job loss
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Economic crisis
  • Severe illness: your own or that of a close relative
  • Family and personal relationships

Breast cancer diagnosis, emotional stress can paralyze patient | Bca |

Can Stress Cause Breast Cancer?

In 2008, a group of Israeli scientists studied a group of women under 45 years old. They found that young women who had endured two or more traumatic life events had a higher than average rate of depression and greater vulnerability to breast cancer. The younger a woman was when a crisis hit, the greater their risk for cancer.

Likewise, a Scandinavian study found an increased risk of breast cancer among women who perceived their lives to be more stressful.

The Scandinavian study brought to light an important point to consider when discussing stress. The presence of stress (for example, if you added up points for divorce, conflict, etc), and the perception of stress (how stressed a person feels) are separate issues. Some people feel very stressed (perceive stress) with relatively minor concerns, whereas others appear to whether major objective stressors without feeling as "stressed out."

Stress hormones promote breast cancer metastasis | University of Basel


Stress, Your Immune System, and Stress Hormones

It is thought that stress may affect your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Chronic stress may weaken your immune system, leaving you with less resistance to disease. In the Israeli study, women who responded to stress with optimism and a fighting spirit seemed to have a protective emotional armor that raised their defenses against breast cancer.

It's important to understand that stress rarely happens in isolation, and perhaps some of the things people do when stressed play a role. For example, some people eat more or drink more, or smoke when stressed.

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