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Working Habits Survey – Understand And Utilize Your Strengths / Talents

From this Working Habits Survey, you will receive

  • Individual feedback on your current working habits,
  • and a description of your outstanding talents.
  • Useful facts aboutΒ your strengths, and
  • RecommendationsΒ for your working style
  • Furthermore, utilize your natural capabilities immediately better.

Use this test, to gain a better understanding of your working habits. And you will receive individual feedback based on your personality, in order to optimize your working style. It takes less than 6 minutes.

Instructions for your Working Habits Survey

The quality of the result depends on how honest you are with yourself. Firstly, to keep it simple, take the answer that comes into your mind first. It is NOT about a politically correct answer. Instead, we want an authentic result.

Quick Choice: SelectΒ right away an answer

without thinking about it for a long time. That makes the result more accurate, and it saves you valuable time!

    1. I rather learn new things because ...
    a) I want to do it to open up new possibilities to meb) It is a necessity, I want to avoid, to miss out something, and to be able to solve problemsc) For both reasons

    2. How do you know, whether you did your job well?
    a) I know it myself because my own judgment is most importantb) I know it only if someone gave me feedbackc) Both

    3. Are you rather focussed on your own needs or the needs of other people? What is more important to you: That you help your partner or that you receive help?
    a) My own needsb) Needs of other peoplec) My own needs and those of other people are equally essential for me

    4. What are the most suitable criteria, if you buy a company car?
    a) I compare the features of the car with the requirements, and I am willing to pay a little more for thatb) The decisive factor is that the car fulfills its purpose, I do not pay more than necessary, the sales process is important to mec) A mix between the two possibilities

    5. How would you best describe your studying habits?
    a) I am reading several books, often some books in parallel, and I do not read every book until its endb) Only a book at a time, and almost always to the endc) I evaluate some books to decide which one I will read, then I am reading that book to the end

    6. Under what conditions do you achieve the best results in your job?
    a) I like to work independently, and only receive instructions as long as it is necessary for getting startedb) I appreciate the responsibility for a project, but I enjoy working with othersc) I like to be a part of a group, and I want to contribute to the team

    7. How do you know best, whether someone is sympathetic?
    a) I'm watching himb) I listen to what he saysc) I have a gut feeling
    For this question two answers are possible. In this case, please choose the two answers that fit best.

    8. If you observe a painting, what do you see first?
    a) The overall impressionb) The details in itc) Both equally

    9. How do you decide about your investments?
    a) Hard facts, such as chances, risks, and cost, so that I have no stress with itb) It was more of a gut decision, sometimes it makes me uncertainc) A mixture of both

    10. How often would you like to see a house, before you buy it?
    a) Only onceb) Several timesc) I like to live in it for a monthd) Every now and then, more often at the beginning, later less frequentlye) I'm never completely convinced and I keep a healthy skepticism

    11. Which seminar would you rather book?
    a) A seminar in the field of my existing competenceb) Preferably an innovative seminar, to learn something newc) Both aspects are essential

    12. How do you normally start a new task?
    a) I immediately start itb) I analyze the new task carefullyc) I do the necessary action

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