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Day 08 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Wednesday, November 4, 2020: Day 8 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

After our morning meditation, Komang and I went for a beach walk. And I took a dip in the warm pool, while she practiced some prana breathing and yoga. Then we were ready for the ride back to Tabanan. Komang had to go to Udara Bali, where she had to do a healing session. It was only a 1.5 h ride to get there.

I took it really easy with her on the backseat on her scooter, enjoying the touch of her body on my back and her hugs. Sometimes she whispered in my ear: "I love you". Each time I keep responding: "Keep on loving!" And then both of us laugh. As we arrived in Tabanan, we had some fried bananas and coffee at a little warung next to Backyard Homestay. There I wanted to pick up my bicycle. In that warung they sold incense sticks. And one of the wrappings looked really nice and inspired me.

Life Meditation incense sticks wrapping front

"How about making a wrapping for your incense sticks similar to this?" I asked her. She looked at it and agreed, that this would be great.Β  Then, I said to Komang: "You should be in 40 minutes at Udara from here." But Komang responded: "I need to go home first, to get my healing equipment." I was almost shocked: "Oh my god, that's a too-tight schedule. Ask your daughter Indah to bring your stuff to Udara!" Anyway, she went to pick it up herself. "Hati-hati, sayang!"

Bike ride to Penebel

I started my bike ride up the hill towards Penebel. And I felt so tired. Was this due to the junk food I ate yesterday? Finally, I realized that I was dehydrated because I drank very little during the morning. So, I stopped for a Kelapa Mudah at warung delicious. Dewa and Nyiman running the warung of their daughter, while having no other jobs. Dewa told me, that he used to be a driver for a hotel in Seminyak, now helping out in the family's little business.

Bagus' Warung

Then I continued my ride to warung Bagus' Warung, to pay my open bill. When I arrived, the little stereo played Sweet child o mine from Guns and Roses. No one was around. Followed by Have you ever seen the rain in Mowtown sound, by Rod Steward. While thinking about the late 80ths when those songs came out, I laid down for a rest. After a while, Bagus's nephew came and called Bagus to tell him that I was there. We talked about investments in the stock market, and he was very interested in investing and we talked about ETFs.

Bagus turned up and served me well with water, coffee, Sosis Bakar, Kentang Goreng, and finally Pisang Goreng. He told me more about his plans to extend the warung with some accommodation. To provide his Swiss partner a place to stay, when he comes back to Bali again. And finally, I was able to pay for my coffee and water, which I couldn't two days ago. He was not able to give my change, due to the lack of small money. Well, the word "small money" is funny. Because the biggest bill in Indonesia is 100,00 IDR, which has a value of 10 AU$, 6 EUR, 5 GBP, or 7 US$. So in the west, we would consider it little money. Then, I continued my bike ride to Bali Silent Retreat.

Wearing masks

I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere, everybody smiles and says hello here in Penebel. Which has already different energy than in Tabanan. People here are wearing masks consequently. But police did not stop me, for not wearing one. But as soon, as they sit together, no one wears a mask anymore. And at the party, everyone drinks the arak out of the same glass. Used like that, the masks can't help. But their Balinese believe in karma heals them. And I got told, that even the president said: "Arak is good against the virus". I neither know if the president is aware that they all drink it from the same glass, nor if the story is true. But it is a very funny, and typical Indonesian one!

I arrived at 2:45 p.m. My laundry was ready and the room was made up well by the room service, which I ordered before I left. All went perfectly. I prepared a coffee and after that went to the afternoon meditation. I checked Emails and election results. Biden was ahead, but still far away from being sure that he will win. And I received an email from my girlfriend, that she has no job anymore. Soham Center, the gym where she used to work was about to close down. Guess why: The fucking virus. That was the kick in the ass to get her own business going. At the historic house, landing page for prana healing, QR code for the incense packaging for Komang.

How journalists lie about the fucking virus

I also read the stock market news. It was all about one issue: The fucking virus. And even if the subject did not mention it, each news article was somehow related to it.Β  The "noise" of the journalists' lies is ridiculous. Well, they do their job., by creating the news. So they write something, even if there is nothing worthwhile publishing. And the journalists lie making irrelevant information interesting by suppressing essential data.

Examples of how the journalists lies are fooling us

  • How journalists lie about the fucking virusWhen publishing the number of deaths from Corona without information about how many people died a natural death at the same time. Because 1.000 people died today due to the fucking virus, creates more attention. Other than 1,3% of deaths were caused by Corona. Compared to almost 25% of deaths in the US caused by heart disease. That means the likelihood to die from heart disease is 20 times higher! This information would make the fucking virus deaths pretty dull news.
    Any heart problems are caused by rational thinking while suppressing emotions. So, the easy and free of charge therapy would be, learning to listen to the inner voice.
  • Or the number of new infections without mentioning the number of tests. I assume that the second wave is basically based on a higher number of test cases. During the first wave, tests were rarely available, and due to that, only a few people were tested.
    Nowadays, people can get tested in almost every pharmacy, at least by every doctor. If testing gets done only twice as much, as during the first wave, identifying 10% more new infections means, the infection rate is 45% down!
  • Further, no information about the death rate gets published. We get to see only the number of identified corona infections.
    Due to more treating experiences and improved methods, the death rate is meanwhile down to the one of a "normal flu". But such news is no sensation, so no one has an interest in publishing nor reading that.

Journalists lie by leaving away relevant information

One may say, they do not know better. And unfortunately, that is probably true for a lot of them. But if they do not know, what they are talking about, they rather should shut up! Unfortunately, those who have the least competence are screaming the loudest, and due to the low consciousness of the average society, people spend the most attention on this nonsense. Yes, I love to judge the journalists for the way they report. But meanwhile, I can see the other side as well. Every society gets the journalist they deserve. Which means those who address the level of consciousness of the best. And for example in the US, where the majority is still on the red Spiral Dynamics meme, completely overdrawn and simplified sensation news sell the best. And that's what they got. But this poisons the mind and the body reflects it with pain, sickness, and illness.

Then I had to calm down and destruct my mind, from the way journalists lie. I joined the meditation and went for dinner. And I continued to read in the brilliant book Quantum Healing about quantum mechanics. In this chapter Deepak Chopra explains, how the law of cause and effect works in the quantum field theory. This is very interesting because that cannot be described with Newton's linear physical laws. But still, the causality principle applies.

Trump: "Destroy your enemy"

Then I spent some time in the hammock at the firehouse. While watching the flames, I thought about Trump, and what I learned about him in his book: Think Big - Kick Ass! In one chapter, he describes his strategy to destroy his enemy. I wondered, what he will do to fight Biden after his defeat.


Even Richard Branson shared a story about him in his latest biography "Finding my virginity". He got asked by Trump, to support him before his initial presidential election in 2016. During that conversation, Trump explained to him, that those who are denied to support him, when he asked them for help, are on his personal blacklist. He will do anything possible to destroy them. Branson had the balls, to share his opinion about this approach. That this is a waste of time, energy, and money. It would be much better to forgive them. He did not explicitly mention, what kind of support Trump was asking for. But he expects that he is also blacklisted meanwhile, too. Finally, I went to bed and did a chakra meditation.

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