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Day 07 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020: Day 7 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Sayang took a morning ride, so we started the day well fucked and energized into the new day. While doing so, we did listen to our morning meditation, took a shower together, and had a coffee. During breakfast, we talked about her Spiral Dynamics level and the mastery of the first tier levels. I need to admit, that she masters the blue level better than me. Blue people are still bringing me out of my comfort zone. Even if I manage to laugh about them more frequently.

Pondok Pitaya Surfing and Yoga Hotel

We checked out and took a scooter ride to Soka Indah Restaurant, where we had a second breakfast. There we looked at the booked tent, had a walk around the run-down premises, and a beach walk. Then we went to Pondok Pitaya Surfing and Yoga Hotel. This was much nicer. So we changed plans, booked a room there, and spent the afternoon at the beach.

It was the day before the US presidential election of 2020. And so I used the WiFi access to frequently look at the news and the stock market development. I expected some bigger movements, due to the increasing nervously of the investors.

Prana Healing Retreat

While I was doing so, Komang talked for a long time with the owner about running yoga teacher training there. He offered there to use the facilities for free if she brings in some bookings from the participants. Currently is a great time to negotiate good deals. Then she came up with the idea of a prana healing retreat. And she asked me if I would be willing to contribute with some meditations for the participants. Of course, I would love to do so and support her Prana Healing Retreat.

Prana Healing means Energy healing. Komang is an energy healer. And first of all, she healed herself. Due to that, she is always full of energy, bliss, and joy. Even if I do not understand, how prana healing works, I experienced her healing as quite effective. She heals without medicaments, just by focussing her mind, acupressure, massage, and some sentences in Suncrit.

Understanding Prana Healing

I am still having a hard time understanding, how this opens up the mind of the patient, to let healing happen. A guided meditation directly influences the brain and creates new connections between neurons. And the biochemical processes change the physics of the body, which causes a different environment. But, I keep searching for an answer based on the causality in Newton's physics. I suppose, that I need to consider a metaphysical or quantum physical way to understand it.

In the afternoon I had a double paddy hamburger and a Bintang beer. The first alcohol after 10 days. And the first meat since I arrived at Bali Silent retreat. I did not really miss it. But I thought, sometimes it is wise to feed your ego before it rebels and becomes uncontrollable. Probably, my ego fooled me and whispered this explanation in my ear, which actually is only an excuse.

Enphase Stock

We took a sunset walk along the beach. And I kept checking the stock market development. I encountered, that Enphase stock was dropping fast at the Frankfurt stock exchange. Enphase is a supplier of rechargeable batteries for vehicles, for which I expect a great future. The stock was already next to the lower edge of the volatility band. That looked like the result of nervous investors. Probably due to some noise from the election, which will be forgotten in a few days! A great chance to play my favorite inventing strategy, which I call the volatility game.

Unfortunately, NYSE was not open yet. And I assumed, that by the time the Yankees wake up, the current overswing would be already over. So, even if trading costs are about 5 times higher at the Frankfurt stock exchange, I bought it there. Frankfurt is the only exchange, on which it is listed by my broker. So even with the higher cost, I decided to go for a bunch of shares in Frankfurt. Trading it in Germany had the benefit of a better tax situation and no currency exchange fees. I expected, that it will go up about 10% within the next month or earlier. In the evening we sat in front of the room writing a draft of the program for the prana healing retreat. As a result, the first draft of the program for the retreat looked like that:

7 Day Prana Healing Retreat Program:

  • 4 pranayama breathing exercise
  • 2 Healing Sessions per participant
  • 4 Yoga classes
  • 4 Meditation classes
  • 1 Silence Day - we pretend it is Nyepi: Learn to listen to your inner voice
  • 1 Temple, blessings-and Waterfall all-day tour
  • One day on your own

Included in price:

  • 7 nights accommodation at the beachfront resort at Pondok Pitaya Surf + Yoga Hotel
  • In Twin, Double or Single room
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Pool

Optional (extra cost)

  • 3h Massage basics class
  • Surfboard hire
  • Surf lesson
  • Massage
  • Airport pick up and drop off at Denpasar Airport, DPS

from: TBD
to: TBD

Price: TBD

We went to bed, had long sex with multiple orgasms. While listening to a guided meditation we fell asleep, holding each other. What a lovely end, of a lovely day!

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