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Day 06 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Monday, November 2, 2020: Day 6 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I joined the morning meditation with a yoga teacher who looked like she was suffering from deep depression or PMS. After class, I left the yoga meditation octagon bale, because I did not want to see her face any longer. Especially not for a 90-minute yoga class. I did not like her energy, which was a big contrast to Carmen's warm-hearted energy from yesterday morning.

It felt like she was on Spiral Dynamics' blue meme. And so, I realized, I do not master the skill of not judging. Because those dogmatic people still bring me out of my comfort zone. But there is no must. If the energy of the event does not suit me, I do not have to participate. So, I left and went to the History-House to write. With fully charged devices, I did head back to my room.

Bike ride to Backyard House

Backyard House TabananSoon later, I prepared for my trip to Tabanan, went for breakfast. Subsequently, I hopped on my bike for the pleasant 20 km downhill ride. The destination was the accommodation I booked in Tababanan, the Backyard House. Along the way, I stopped for a bike repair, to fix a loose screw and adjust the breaks. They asked for 2.000 IDR. Which I considered as too little, so I gave them a tip, all of my small change.

Warung Ambigu

Shortly after, I passed by at warung Ambigy, where I enjoyed a Kopi Bali and water. And the owner Bagus told me that he built the warung with a swiss partner. I shared my fascination with him, about the optimism in Bali, which I see in the construction activities, which is going on everywhere. Then, I told him that Germany recently opened a new airport in Berlin. The 3rd in my life, within 55 years, after Munich MUC, and Frankfurt/Hahn HAN. Actually, HAN is not a new one, but a former US military airbase, which got changed into a civil aviation hub. The new one in Berlin got opened with a 15 years delay, after the initial scheduled opening date in 2005! And it over exceeded 3 times the budget. Due to that, Berlin's 'new' airport became a memorial for wastefulness, incompetence, and corruption. Can you believe, that they did not even make an opening celebration? Something absolutely impossible, here in Bali. Every start of a business is worth a ceremony here.

Komang sent me an email, that she will arrive around 12 noon at Backyard House. So, I knew, that I do not have to hurry. At 11:30 am, after another hour of the ride towards Tabanan, I arrived at Backyard House. The owner told me the room is ready in 5 minutes. To my surprise, I heard a familiar mantra out of one of the other rooms. My sweetheart used to play that song, too. Then the door of that room opened, and Komang stepped out. Another sweet surprise, she was already there. Some big hugs and kisses followed!

It was lunchtime, and we decided to get a snack. But the quite popular, and well-rated restaurant nearby, did not suit Komangs standards, too many flies! So, we walked back to get the scooter. But we got caught in the rain. So, we spent some time in Bed instead, with Bali cake and coffee. We enjoyed good sex and rest.

The Fat Hog

Dinner at The Fat Hog RestaurantThen we did head off to The Fat Hog restaurant, which is located west of Tabanan, next to Pantai Kedungu. The owner Tom and his wife were happy to see us again. We enjoyed dinner. But, after I got spoiled at Bali Silent Retreat with their fresh from the garden food. To my surprise, I did not consider it as good as I used to. And once again, we got caught in the rain again. Tom got under some stress, closing all the jalousies as rain protection. Which made me think, real estate is just a pain in the ass. As it always keeps you busy with maintenance work. Due to the availability of good WiFi, I kept checking the stock market during these volatile times. While it was raining we had another drink, and as soon as it stopped, we made our way back.

Back at the Backyard House, we had some good, intense, and long sex. But the bed made so much noise. We probably woke up all neighbors at the Backyard House! After it, we fell asleep, holding each other tight. In the middle of the night, I woke up. It was quite hot in the upstairs room. I thought about the question: What to do with this story? I went downstairs to cool down. Further, and take some notes about my thoughts about Komangs level of consciousness. I thought about what to do with the notes I am taking here. And finally, I came to the point, that I will publish the story day by day.



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