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Day 04 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Sunday, October 31, 2020: Day 4 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I woke up somehow after midnight, due to the full moon, and went to the


Wellness Day at the History HouseThe History-House provides a working space above the reception of the Bali Silent Retreat. A decent 4G mobile network connection is available there so that I can work online. It is called History-House because it used to be like a little museum with the memories of the building and extending activities of the retreat.

At the History-House, I prepared and published two blogs about the prognosis of the stock market. One English version and a German teaser for it, which linked to the automatic translation of the English blog. The blog described the expected stock market development. I wrote about my thoughts about the dependency on the

  • US presidential election,
  • Brexit,
  • vaccine availability,
  • and the second German lockdown.

This morning I slept in. Saturday used to be my "Junk Food Day", but I already mentioned before, that I changed it into my "Wellness Day. Which still has the same rules:

Wellness Day = Anything is allowed!

Actually, it has only one rule. That makes things even easier! It does not even have to be on a certain day anymore. After sticking to my "healthy habits" on Saturday, I shifted my wellness day to Sunday.

I skipped the morning meditation and the yoga class. Instead, I checked the email marketing tool, and this morning the email autoresponder sent all of the messages. And also the newsletter went through. Even if it sent some messages twice. Sorry for spamming. But, at least this seems to be solved for now.

The delicious breakfast was followed by a bike ride to Dian Homestay. It is a place where I stayed before, located near the Bura Luhur Batukaru Temple. This was a nice 15 km round trip with about 300 m altitude. Unfortunately, no one was at home. Due to that, I could not talk to the owner and make an arrangement for a stay there. After coming back, it was time for lunch, followed by a shower, coffee, eyesight meditation, and a little nap.

Then, I went to the History-House to make arrangements for my girlfriend's visit. She was going to come over from Monday to Wednesday. The double rooms at the Bali Silent Retreat were booked, so I had to find another place. I found a nice homestay in Tabanan. I booked that for Monday night, and she booked a hotel for Tuesday a bit further north in Negril. She wanted to go, to keep in contact with the owner, and arrange some Yoga classes there. Further, I did some search engine optimizations for my web page and wrote my journal.

This night was the

Full Moon

A full moon or new moon is always a reason for a ceremony in Bali. But, I went into my room after dinner at about 5:30 p.m. and settled down on my bed. By the time the ceremony started, I always was about to sleep. And that's what I finally did and missed out on the full moon ceremony. Well, the 3 nights before, in which I found very little sleep asked for a tribute. And I slept like a baby, almost all night through.

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