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Day 29 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Wednesday, October 25, 2020: Day 29 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

After the morning meditation, we enjoyed our love, and we rocked the bed heavily. Sayang, what a pleasure to fuck you, thank you so much!
Then I went for a morning swim. The sea was so clear and calm that I swam all the way around the 3 light towers about 300 to 400 meters from the shore. Then we had breakfast, Diane served us fresh fruits and baked bananas. It is so hard to enjoy life in Bali, we looked at each other and laughed out loud!

It was time to check out, I paid for the accommodation and drinks, and soon we were at the scooter heading towards Penebel. The plan for today was to pick up the savings book and go to the bank in Tabanan to get the money transfer processed. Along the way, we had some stops to observe the beautiful scenery on this beautiful clear day. I kept listening to my longevity podcasts along the way, and my thoughts turned around a longevity retreat at villa Kuntabunt. The idea was a 7-day program. Each day should focus on one aspect of the most crucial factors to extend life expectancy. I was thinking about a program, that offers "Extend your vital and happy life expectancy by at least one year within 7 days".
The subjects I had in my mind were:

- Peace of mind
- Breathing
- Hydration
- Detox - food, digestion, pee, and poo
- Healing yourself
- Purpose in life
- Wellness day: Sex, and drugs, and Rock'n'Roll

Having 6 rooms on the second floor, and a penthouse on the third, we could host up to 14 people. And we will have some kind of practice for each of the subjects each day. So that the participants can build a habit, to make the best use out of it. And on each day we will have 2 selected (video-) lessons to learn about the background of the subject of the day, to increase the motivation to stick to it.

At lunchtime, we arrived at the Bali Silent retreat, and so we joined the buffet. Then we laid down in my room on the bed, hugging each other, and relaxing. Until Komang started to play my dick. A short time later we both were naked and fingering each other. Komang was hot, and I slowly started penetrating her wet pussy with my erected cock. We stared fucking slowly, but progressively. And finally, in the doggy style, I banged her hard and harder until she came, and soon after me, too.

After a sensual shower, I packed everything I did not need anymore for the last two days. This time I did not forget the savings book. Then we went back to the scooter, and on the way to the BNI bank in Tabanan, which we reached in half an hour. We got our cueing number and went to the cashier. There we had to wait only for a few minutes. The servant understood what to do, and minutes later, everything was processed.

We decided to celebrate and go to warung Ambiguous to have Pisang Goreng and a coffee. When we arrived, the karaoke was already going on. Bagus was happy to see me again and gave us a warm welcome. I told him that we have something to celebrate and that I want an Arak to do so. No, Arak today, but I have Vodka. Ok, fine with me. But nothing happens. But he asked me if I want to sing? Yes, after the Vodka. But nothing happens. Well, at least we got the coffee and a little later a portion of Pisang Goren. Then I told him again, that I want a Vodka, but it took him ages to put it in the glass. Finally, he turned up with two glasses. Obviously, he wanted to celebrate with us. "Bursulang" which means cheers - and we had the drinks together. Komang tried also one sip, but she was almost about to spit it onto the floor. She only can drink sweet drinks. Anything else tastes disgusting for her. But I always enjoy seeing her face, it is so funny.

Then I checked the stock market, and I had the feeling, today the tide is changing. We observed a tremendous increase in the stock prices a drop in the gold price during the last two weeks since the availability of vaccines got announced. I wanted to talk to my sister because she showed a good sense of the best time to switch between assets. In a video call, she told me about her project with two friends to rent a 3 bedroom flat together. I asked her, how about a 10 bedroom flat, and you subcontract the other ones?
Let's say, you pay 1200 for 3 bedrooms a month, but only twice the amount for 10. Let's make it 9 bedrooms, so it is easier to calculate.
Each of you rents now 3 bedrooms for 800 a month. If you are able to subcontract one for 400 you still pay the same. If you got 2 tenants, you stay for free. And soon, tourism will pick up. and then you might be able to get 60 a night for short-term rental on Airbnb.
My sister started laughing, in this location, the short day rental is usually rather in a price range of 200 per night!
Even better! But let's calculate with the 60. If you manage to get your two rooms booked 50%, You got 1800 a month. And in peak season, if you are fully booked, it would be 3.600. At least in peak season, you might also be able to get a higher price.
My sister was struggling, and she kept saying: "I should not put down this idea before I understood it completely. It makes sense, but I need to discuss it with my friends."
Finally, we came back to the stock investments: I explained to her, that it was running so well with her energy ETF investment, that we have to expect a reset. And that the gold mine ETF is down, which I expect to recover soon. So the question is, shall we shift half of your investment into goldmines, all of it, or do nothing?"
She said, that she doesn't know, but that she will send me a Whatsapp message, as soon she can hear her intuition, what is the best way to go. Until the end of the day, I did not hear from her again. So, I let her invested in the energy ETF. But in my father's depot, as well as the one of my son, I did the shift and switched half of the invested amount from the energy ETF into the goldmines ETF.