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Day 28 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Tuesday, October 24, 2020: Day 28 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

The morning meditation with the healing codes for patience and humiliation woke us up.
Then we had a slow and sensual morning fuck and we came together.
After a shower, we enjoyed a big fruit plate with the coffee we bought on the way to Singaraja.

Komang went to the tax office to show the contract and pay the taxes.
Now it was time to take care of the payment, so, I went to the BNI bank to get the money transferred. To my big surprise, Komang was at the BNI bank as well. She was about to open an account at BNI as well. We waited for almost 2 hours until we got served. Then I explained to the man behind the counter, that I want to transfer 145,000,000 into another account, and asked him, how I can do so.

The first option was to go to the cashier and do it there. But that failed because I did not bring my savings book, which is required for legitimation. The night before, I installed 3 BNI apps, and I asked him: "Which one could be used to do it? I tried already all of them, but I cannot activate any of them."
He said: "Use the internet BNI banking app. I can activate it for you." But that failed as well because one needs an email address that is hosted by Gmail. I provided him all of my email addresses but the system did not accept any of them. I had no understanding of this limitation, and I felt how I got more and more impatient.

Then he said: "Let's activate the SMS BNI banking app." And he did so. But when we tried to do the money transfer with it, it failed because I had no prepaid pulsar for SMS. Komang came and helped by sending me some pulsar from her phone. then it worked, but the daily limit was 15,000,000 IDR. That means, that I need to go through this procedure for 10 days to get the amount transferred. I was quite pissed off!
Then he said, that I can transfer up to 100,000,000 at the ATM if it is to another BNI account. Komang's BNI account was activated meanwhile. So, I went to the ATM with her account number to make it happen.

I tried about 5 times with different amounts, starting with 100,000,000 IDR and reducing the amount step by step because the machine did tell me, that the amount is too high. But it did not tell, which amount would be the maximum. I was boiling inside!

Komang came and calmed me down a little. TheΒ BNI bank seems to do everything to get rid of me as a customer. Bank National Indonesia, is the state bank, and only civil servants are working there. Everybody knows how civil servants work, this is no different in Indonesia. Doing service according to the rules, even if the rules make no sense at all, and questioning or changing any rules is forbidden, actually, it means disloyalty to the system. There is only one reason for those rules and regulations for them: It is for your security! This is complete bullshit, it is only to my inconvenience. But being a customer focussed is a completely unknown foreign vocabulary. I hate those bastards, and they keep bringing me again and again far out of my comfort zone! Thank you for triggering my growth impulse, you bloody fucking assholes.

After that annoying and disappointing BNI bank experience, we went back to the 1,000 dreams bungalows. I asked Komang to drive, because I was so angry, that I did not feel comfortable doing so.
Diane gave us a nice welcome when we arrived, and I just responded, I need a beer ... or two.
And so I started drinking early in the morning, to flush down this frustration. After that, I went for a sleep to recover from stress and alcohol.

In the afternoon strong winds came up and the sky and the sea looked gray like a storm is coming up. But it did not start to rain and cleared up again. so, we went for a walk along the esplanade on the western side of our accommodation, passing some nice waterfront, restaurants, villas, and bungalows. All of them were closed. and some of them obviously already since quite a while, because those looked pretty run down. And I got a bit of a worry, about the property I bought, thinking about the permanent maintenance real estate requires. but anyway, I kept thinking about the Villa Kuntabunt I already was thinking about building on it. And I got some ideas: How to make the best use of the given space? How to design the top floor to make it airy, bright, cool, and flexible for multi-purpose usage? How to structure the roof to use it for solar water heating, being able to open it, and make it look pretty? I was thinking about around the wall in the basement for the bathroom, restroom, open-air shower, and providing a projection screen for watching videos? How to place the whirlpool in front of it? What kind of infrastructure may be hidden behind it, like a sewage treatment plant, gardening tools, water pump, and a drinking water filter?

On the way back, we decided to walk the other way to the beach with all of the restaurants. There we settled down for dinner, listening to the band, and enjoying a bottle of Anggur Merah Orang Tua. Around 10 p.m. we made our way back home, in a quiet elevated mood, and went to bed.