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Day 24 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Friday, October 20, 2020: Day 24 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I missed out on the morning meditation. Because I was reading for too long on my emails.
The one, that kept me busy was my request to the lawyer about Received a warning for trademark infringement and violation of the Unfair Competition Act. Because I received a message, that she does not work in that field anymore So I had to look for another one.

But finally, I put the phone away and went to the yoga class. Jasmine said: "Good morning" with a nice smile. I asked her: "Do you feel fine again? I heard, that you felt sick." She responded: "Yes, how about your skin problem?"
I smiled: "I found something to treat the symptom, but I believe, that the skin is a projection screen that shows if we have a disharmony between our conscious and subconscious mind, our rational and emotional way of thinking, just being out of balance. I keep searching for my brainfuck, but I cannot identify it."
She agreed: "Yes, there is always something to learn from any kind of sickness."

Her Yin yoga class was great. And she explained well, what the deep tissue stretching exercises are good for. I thought, how negative my initial impression of her was, and how much that has changed by now. After class, I went for breakfast and reading another chapter about Storytelling. Then heading back to my room, to find a mediator to get my problem solved.

I spent the afternoon writing, and while doing so I heard a familiar voice with an American accent. Patricia, the co-founder was back from Ubud. When she saw me, she asked how I am doing, and I told her about my skin problem. She said, that she experienced the same problem before. So she was able to share some thoughts, how to solve it. We talked about the meaning of sickness, the skin problem as a projection screen of our mind, how the body expresses the harmony or disharmony in our thoughts. And that I already assembled a long list, what this wants to tell me, that I cannot make up my mind what it is, but maybe it is written on my forehead, and you can read it. While laughing out loud I assumed. that due to the quietness, peace, and lots of thinking and feeling time, my body cannot cope with the development of my mind. And that it wants to stop me from proceeding so fast.

She replied: "Yes, doing things slowly has a special quality, But today's development is always getting faster. For example, WhatsApp is like no-time communication: Bing message, bing answer, almost in no time. And this speed is increasing, but maybe we only think so, because the rotation speed of the earth is decreasing, and that is the real cause of getting more and more done in a day."

I had to laugh because this morning a story crossed my mind. And so I told her: "Jantu said yesterday evening: "The development here in Bali is so fast, and I am not sure if I should be happy about it.

That made me think about the increasing speed of development. Just imagine an old wise man in the stone age, maybe 30 or 40 years. Scientists tell us that they did not get very old those days. He tells his children and grandchildren that he was young, he had to walk for the entire day to get to the next neighbor. And nowadays, we have neighbors in each direction within one hour of walking time. I do not know where this fast development will lead to. They might overhunt the Mamut hordes and overfish our rivers soon! He felt a big increase in development speed too. But the speed of development is increasing like compounding. And that looks always like an e-function. And if you draw the e-function in a way that the current time is in the middle of the x-axis, it always looks like you are right now at the tipping point of the hockey stick!"We both were laughing. She hugged me and said see you.

I went upstairs to do a phone call with a lawyer. During the call, she came upstairs as well and to tell me:
"The irritating particles from the caterpillars are accumulating under the fingernails. So if you keep scratching with the nails it Is getting worse. But you want to remove them from your skin. Get a scrub and wash the skin problem with soap and rib it all off."

How comes, I was asking myself this morning, why are my fingernails so brown at the end? This is how I keep spreading the shit!
Patricia must have read it on my forehead, and she was able to see, what I couldn't see myself.

The lawyer told me that there are some curious things in the letter from the EKS. And he explained quite well, why I have a good chance to get out of it without paying a fine, but an honorary for him. After about 20 minutes, he offered to take care of it, and that it will take him 4 hours, 250 € plus VAT, per hour I expressed my gratitude, and that I appreciated his competence and asked him to be patient with my response until Monday. Because I have some more requests in the queue. He hurried to get out of the line, which gave me the impression, that he did not expect to hear from me ever again.

Later at dinner, I met Patricia again, and I asked her, how to find answers to my questions myself, which she obviously can read on my forehead?
She responded: "try the labyrinth."

If followed another night with little sleep.
But when I laid awake,