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Day 23 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Text to Speech
Thursday, October 19, 2020: Day 23 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Morning meditation, and once again, I could not finish it, because it started itching on my neck. I kept scratching, and after a few minutes, I left for a shower. I put some oil on my skin and did a skin healing meditation instead.
I did not feel like physical exercise, but I was hungry. So I got some fruits from the buffet and heading on towards the history house. Where I kept on writing until it was time for breakfast. Then I continued reading a chapter about storytelling, learning how to train techniques to become a better writer, by taking notes from a text from a good writer. And a few days later try to rephrase the sentence. Then compare, how he wrote, to what I wrote. So, one learns to adapt his writing style.

Apart from the lunch break, I spent all day in the hammock writing, until I got an email from Komang: "I need to talk to you. When can I call you?"
So, I went to the history-house to call her. She wanted to transfer the down payment for the property. So I transferred about 460 € for it and the money for the notary into her account.

Since I did not receive an answer from the lawyer for my request about the trademark infringement and violation of the Unfair Competition Act, I resent it to the main email address of the law firm. But still, even till late in the evening, I got no response.

In the evening, Sang Tu held another Balinese Culture Discussion. And I wanted to join it, but once again, I was the only one. So, I had the chance to ask him something off-topic: "Do you have a recommendation for me, how to treat the skin reactions?"
After thinking short about it, he said: "Go to the hot springs and use the yellow oil. And we have a herb in our garden that you can eat. Start with just 3 leaves. But it tastes very bitter, you may want to mix it with some sweet fruits. It has a similar function as antibiotics, just completely natural."
He showed me the plants and I tried. It was not as bitter as I expected. But the Balinese have a very sweet taste, so even a beer or a wine tastes bitter for them. And the local wine called "Angur Merah Orang Tua", is a mixture of red grapes and rise wine, and it turns out very sweet. Its name actually means "Red wine for old people".


What does my skin want to tell me?

My immune system is bored, due to too much healty food.
What is the meaning of the vertebra disc pain between the 5 and 6 vertebrae?
My lack of patience and humiliation.
Don't move so fast with the development of your mind, I (the body) cant follow.
I dislike dogmatism because I am dogmatic about it myself.
I am detoxing too fast.
My body does not keep up with the speed of my mental growth. Or, is this thought only an ego backlash?
Not being able to be flexible enough to tolerate Spiral Dynamics blue and fundamentalistic green meme.
Not even being able to enjoy the positive side of them.
The feeling, that my stress pulls me down to orange.
My dislike of the Russian game: No eye contact, who smiles first loses. And the rejection of the people who play it.
My overwhelmingly positive thinking about the Balinese, ignoring the corruption in the Banjar.
I got too sensitive because I have opened my crone chakra too far.
Being afraid, after buying the property, against my belief, that property creates too much effort and cost.
Risk getting ripped off, and never see the money again.
Fear getting too close with Komang.
Not living my (sexual) freedom anymore, because I committed to monogamy with Komang.
I felt once the fear to get malaria or dengue fever, due to mosquito bites.
The conflict between my financial targets and the mental growth towards spiral dynamics turquoise meme.
Becoming even less understood by others, when approaching turquoise.
Growth pain.

Concentration on mindfulness work, and still feeling stressed.
Feeling disbalance between relaxation, mindfulness, and physical exercise.
Getting to alkaline, due to the most vegan food, which my body is not used to, and weakening my immune system.
The conflict between my left and right brain thinking, rational and emotional.
The fear I could be wrong with my investment decisions and losing money again.

How do I want it to be?
My skin is healthy, smooth, and beautiful.
It is moisture, flexible, and clean.
It feels good to touch it.
It is sensitive to the sensual body to body contacts.
My skin is strong and resistant to protect my body.
It heals quickly from injuries, but it hardly ever gets some.
And it has a healthy soft taint.
My skin gets younger every day.
All rimples disappear, apart from ... when I smile.
Feeling strong, free, and pain-free.

Why do I want it to be that way?
That my skin protects me.
To absorb the energy from the sunlight.
to be attractive
being able to concentrate
living my freedom
feeling strong
having all the choices
choosing wisely
getting everything I chose to receive
being curious, how life creates it
clean skin, a clear mind


The skin irritations appeared around my
on the inside of my upper ties
under my armpits
on my writs
on the front of my throat
around my ears
on my back head
almost symmetric on both sides of my body
the itchiness made it difficult to fall asleep
The itching got worse during the hottest time of the day. But they were the most annoying when I tried to meditate or sleep.

Other symptoms, I experienced during that time:
Swollen upper eyelids
Pain below my lower teath
ain in the center of my chest
pain from the backbone, since I did extreme rounding my back exercises to get in shoulder stand, probably due to an overstretched intervertebral discs.
pain when swallowing, it felt like a bag in my throat.
backpain from a werderba disc

Guesses for the initiator:
hairs from the caterpillar
allergic reaction to the synthetics from the poncho
flee in my bed
flee on the yoga cushion
bug bites
werdrabra disc injury from shoulder stand, due to a lack of strength training

The time when it appeared:
laying in bed, basically on the back of my head and throat
after sitting on the yoga cushion, the inside of my thighs got strong itching irritations

Treatments I tried:
- taking a shower and washing my hair helped to reduce itching on my head
- coconut oil cured it a little bit
- aloe vera cured a little longer
- cream in a little red pot
- yellow herb oil
- oil from Dian
- baby powder
- Yellow stick, with cool-aid, made the skin num and feel cold, it seemed to cover the itching with a pleasant fresh feeling for a quite long time.
intense scrub irritated skin with soap to remove the caterpillar hairs

All of the treatments helped somehow to suppress the itching, and sometimes even the pink, and red irritations disappeared for a while. But none of this is a solution, because it always came back. Anyway, it helps to avoid scratching, falling asleep, and to relax.