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Day 21 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Tuesday, October 17, 2020: Day 21 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

The morning meditation woke us up. and soon, we started the day, as we finished the last one. And after a long and slow morning fuck we came together, we kept on holding each other, and soon started massaging each other. So we went for a second round. Komang did cum a couple of times.

Then I went snorkeling, and Komang did her yoga exercises, while I took some pictures of her. My skin kept itching, that I asked our host Dian if she has some aloe vera in her garden, and if I could use some to calm down my irritated skin. If I cannot identify the root cause, I at least wanted to get rid of the symptoms. Of cause, she had some aloe vera and invited me to use it to treat my irritated skin. Further, she gave me some oil and baby powder to treat it.

It was not one of my bigger pleasures, which I found looking in my mailbox. My father forwarded a Registered mail with a warning received due to trademark infringement and violation of the Unfair Competition Act to me. I checked the content and did listen to the text, to understand better what it was about. The text did sound cooperative. They were asking me to sign an agreement and to pay a fine of 4,000 € until December 6th. I put it away to let it settle.

Sweet memories of the cacao ceremony

Komang and I had breakfast together and I looked up some pictures on my phone. Our first trip to the waterfall came into my mind, and the pictures showed the date of July 17, 2020. That made me realize, that we are already since 1/3 of a year together. And it did remind me of the cacao ceremony, where we got to know each other. Then Komang left to check out some notaries, to arrange a date for the investment agreement. She came back with some fruits and we enjoyed a second breakfast with the fruits. She had an Indonesian translation of the agreement, and I double-checked with google translate if the content still was the same. Everything was fine. We laid down to relax, and Komang spoiled me with the oil and powder. I did a meditation for skin problems and fell asleep until it was time to go to the notary.

There we got another version of the contract, with some additional remarks, which I translated and checked again. Some of my personal details were wrong, which we got corrected, but apart from that, it was fine with me.

So, we signed it, and then a long conversation between the notary and Komang started. I only was able to understand very little of it. Then another familiar face turned up. I did not remember where I saw this person before but hearing his french accent, I was sure, that I met him before. Later he introduced himself as Daniel, and that he runs a yoga place in Canggu. I immediately thought about Serenity, and he confirmed. He also was here to agree to buy some land.

After everything was done, Komang asked me what I would like to do. And I thought for a moment, looking at my broken shoulder bag, that we could have a look for a replacement for it. It was ok with her, and so we went for a scooter ride to find a shop, but we couldn't. Then I checked on Google maps, and there was one street which showed a lot of bag shops. Actually, most of them were handbags for women. But, we also found two, that had backpacks. But checking the offers of those shops, I could not find any bag that looked convenient and big enough that my laptop would fit inside. I felt very weak, the healing of my skin seemed to take a lot of energy out of me.

Cacao ceremony dajavu

On the way back we stopped at a restaurant at the waterfront for a late lunch, or an early dinner - however, you want to name it. First of all, I wanted cacao, to remember the cacao ceremony 4 months ago. And yes, they served me cacao, even if it was not on their menu. We shared a nicely grilled whole fish, taken apart in two half, and prepared with different seasonings. The red hot spicy half was for Komang, and the yellow garlic portion went into my stomach.

I felt pretty exhausted, and we got back. I only wanted to relax to recover. After a shower, Komang spoiled my skin again with oil and powder. For some reason, it took her a long time for the treatment around my genitals. By the end, I looked like an Australian aborigine on the warpath!

We kept listening together to the Bikram yoga book's section: Living Yoga. Komang did not know, that the text was out of the book, and she thought that this was a text I wrote, which made me smile. And I thought I would be happy to be able to write like this. She also gave me a prana healing treatment, and with her hands on my body, I fell asleep. And for the first night, for quite a while, I was able to sleep quite well and with very few interruptions.