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Day 20 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Monday, October 16, 2020: Day 20 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I participated in the silent morning Silent Meditation with Jasmine, as the only participant.
After I sat there for about 15 minutes I got some skin reactions my neck started scratching like crazy. I took off the poncho and realizing, that had to get out of there to take a shower. I left the meditation, took a shower, which cured the itching a little so far. Then I went to the kitchen to get some aloe vera to put on my skin, which finally helped. On the way to breakfast, I saw Jasmine talking with the gardeners. A good chance to apologize and explain to her why I left the meditation and did not come back for the yoga class. She assumed, maybe you are allergic to the synthetics from the poncho.

Since I finished the audiobook "The Healing Code" last night, I was curious about the test. So I logged in on the page


and went through the questions. I was not too surprised about the result. My weak issue was patience with a rating of -1 (on a scale from -10 to +10. I was a little more surprised about the second weakest point: Humiliation with a rating of +2. Because I did not have that on my radar at all. And the next ones with ratings of +3 self-control and harmful actions. Now I had a task: Learning about it, understanding, acting, embodying. Maybe this will also lead me to the solution for my skin reactions problem at its source.
The recommendation to heal it was to do 3 times a day, a specific prayer, starting with the one, which has the worst rating. So, I downloaded the document, which contained the Truth Focus Statements for the 12 Healing Code Categories. It was quite colored with Christianity, which I did not really like. Am I judging again? Reading it made me feel a bit better, due to the sentence: "Feel free to reword these to fit your own situation." Yes, that's what I wanted to do. Because I can do better than this dogmatic Christian, the author Alexander Loyd. And I could not wait to get it started. Does this sound like a lack of patience and humiliation? There is obviously some work awaiting me, on both major issues.

The plan for today was, that Komang picked me up and we wanted to go to Singaraja to sign the investment agreement at a notary.

So after breakfast, I gave myself another treatment with aloe vera, which made it a little better. Then I packed my little bag for the ride to Singaraja, packed all of my other clothes in the laundry bag, and went to the reception. I asked for room service and replace all the textiles, to make sure to get rid, of whatever is in there that triggers my skin reaction. And I requested to wash all of my clothes. Krishna already knew, about my skin reactions and gave me a liquid to put on it. And that really helped. Well, her happy smile and positive attitude supported it definitely as well. So, I took a seat upstairs, overlooking the ricefields, and started writing while I was awaiting Komang. And bout at 11 a.m. she arrived with a familiar sound. I came with my scooter. I finished my last sentence, packed my stuff. Meanwhile, she came upstairs and we gave each other a long hug, and it felt so good.

Then we got together on the scooter, realizing that the front wheel got too little air. So we went for a benkel motor untuk press barn.

On the way to Singaraja, I kept listening to Kurt Tepperwein, the power of creative imagination.

Many thoughts went through my head. About the meaning of the skin reactions, and what it wants to tell me? Why am I getting so thin-skinned? What do I need to change, to eliminate the cause and get rid of the symptoms? Apart from the skin reactions, I also felt sometimes pain in my teths, in my chest, and when swallowing.

When we passed through Bedugul, it was time for a lunch break and we rested at a restaurant. Komang told me about her daughter Indah, and how she is preparing the jamu und juice and sells it. Then we continued on to Singaraja. We had a short look around for accommodation and found 1000 Dreams Bungalows right at the waterfront. The bungalows were newly renovated, clean, and smelled good. It was nicely located at the calm clear shore. We booked it for two days.

I took a swim in the ocean, a shower, enjoyed a beer, writing, and checking the stock in the depot. It turned out to become another pleasant day at the stock market for me. The value of my assets almost touched 1,000,000 Euros.

Then it was time to relax, so I took a sleep until Komang told me that her parents are already around to meet us for dinner. So, we hopped on the cooter, picked up some money from the ATM, and went to the beach, to have dinner with her parents. It was a nice evening, with a beautiful sunset.

After her parents went back home, we finished the drinks and also were heading home. With Komang on my side, I could not remain calm, and we started massaging each other, which ended up in very pleasant sex, and soon after we came together, we both fell asleep.