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Day 18 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Friday, October 14, 2020: Day 18 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Morning meditation and yoga next to Nur, she is so pretty and has a beautiful smile. Watching her slim and pretty body and her outstanding boobs, really made me horny.

After class, we went for breakfast together. And from there I continued to the history-house, where I wanted to write. But Chrisna was explaining the daily giving ceremony and she asked me if I would like to join it. Yes, I have participated in some blessings before, but with very little understanding about it. I was curious to learn more about it. Laura, Chrisna, and Elly went through the complete process of preparing the givings, the meaning of the colored flowers, the procedure, and finally singing a Manta.

Being back from the blessing, I went for warung Wishnu, internet access, pulsar handphone
back for lunch

After lunch, I started scanning the chapter "Living Yoga" from the Bikram Yoga book. This seems to be a boring task, but it is a kind of quick reading exercise. After scanning the pages, and doing a quick check if the scan has a text recognition of good quality, you already know the basics described on the pages you scanned.

Then the next working step is to do the necessary corrections. The Grammarly spell checker plugin for the Chrome browser is a tremendous help to do so. Going through the text again gives even more insights into the content. After finishing the corrections, it is time for the TTS (Text to Speach) to read it back to me. And finally, one even can get the text translated into the mother language and listen to it again. Then one finally finds almost every spelling error. Because the translation contains an English-sounding word, that one is misspelled. Or, if it does not make any sense in the translation, there is something fundamentally wrong with the original text.

After doing so, you went 4 times through the text, by acting, not only reading, and that makes it really stick in your memory. Ultimately, I sometimes have google translate it into Bahasa Indonesia, and listen to it at a very slow pace, while reading it in English. That imprints it even deeper while learning new vocabulary.

Subsequently, I continued scanning the Bikram yoga chapter about living yoga and editing the errors. When I went for dinner, found the book the healing code
ordered the audiobook in the library, and starting reading in it. I had to get the audiobook, which I ordered on google books. Then in the hammock, I was listening to the healing code. I went to bed and kept on listening. Could not sleep until I put on the longevity meditations, I fell asleep late after midnight.

At night my head started itching like crazy. I took a shower and it got better. I suspected flee in my pillow, so I replaced it, and now I was able to fall asleep again. But soon, I woke up again and continued listening to the healing code audiobook.