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Day 17 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Speech Synthesis
Friday, October 13, 2020: Day 17 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

After my wake-up meditation was over, I checked the stock market, and none of my take profit orders got executed. The value of my depot dropped about 1.5%, due to a correction of the hausse during this week.
With a cup of tea in my hand, I went to morning meditation, but when I saw Jasmine, my energy dropped. I thought you should not judge. But it was already too late.

I started with WHM breathing, and after two rounds, I went into a blank posture to train my stomach muscles. Because I realized the day before on the scale, that I gained another kg. It was quite obvious, where I gained the additional pounds: At my stomach. I could blame the delicious food for it. But to be honest, it is my little discipline to stop eating before I am full. It is so delicious.

Jasmine started the meditation 5 minutes early when I still was doing my blanks. So, I thought, if you are not taking care of me, I don't take care of you. Finally, I did sit up in a lotus seat and tried to meditate, but the energy did not suit me. I could not calm down my mind. After 20 minutes I had enough, and as quite possible I left the bale. Taking a walk along the jungle path, I read all the signs they put up to label the plants and encourage you to turn the jungle path into a walking meditation. That resonated much better with me. I watched the cows and their calf. But my mind was confused, I could not focus on and stick to any thought. After 2 weeks, in which I felt so highly concentrated, my mind obviously asked for a rest. Or is it just an ego backlash? I even could not make up my mind on this question. Actually, the answer is pretty obvious: My ego is a smart ass!

On the way back, I heard the gong for the yoga class. And I decided to skip that, too. Watching her desperate face and hearing her unpleasant voice, would have been too much. So, I removed my yoga mat and went back to my room. I took off my clothes and took a seat on the chair in the sun on the balcony, with the head in the shade. The sun gave me some glorious energy, and I looked at my skin. I had two stretches, which are almost 4 weeks old, and not healed completely, yet. Why does it take that long?

Then I looked at my dick, which obviously was enjoying the warm sunlight. And I asked myself: Why don't I have control over you? Is it you, who is controlling me? You are directly connected to the center of my energy. And I cannot control it? Why can't I tell you to get an erection, to grow, to become aroused whenever I want? Ok, that works most of the time with some manual action. And even with a woman, mostly it workes fine, but sometimes it doesn't. But why can't I do it consciously, just by the power of my mind and thoughts? Watching it for a while, I came to the conclusion, it is only because I do believe so! So, how can make myself believe, that I can create an erection any time I want? What is the required emotion, that I need to create consciously?

Then, I went to the lodge and prepared tea. It still was half an hour to go until breakfast. I sat down upstairs. And again my thoughts were wandering around, without being able to focus on anything specifically. As soon as breakfast was available, I kept taking one little snack after another, for almost one hour. It was so delicious, that I overeat again.

I started thinking about the 200 square meter property in Lovina, located about 600 meters from the beach. Komang found it when we visited Lovina. And it is located next to Ana's house. She sent me a proposal for a contract between us, which made her my nominee. And I would be the investor. She was willing to go through all of the administrative work. I only pay the price for the plot in Lovina, and as soon as we sell, we share the profit. The price was 75,000,000 IDR per ar, which is about 45 € per square meter. It already has a building permit.

We expect the price to double within one or two years, and there is another factor, that might make it real fun: By 2025 the planned airport in Singaraja is scheduled to be opened. That will bring a lot of additional visitors to the north coast of Bali. It is planned to serve a capacity of 4 times of Denpasar. I expect this to make the price go up by factor 4. The plot in Lovina was 10 times 20 meters and is covered by grass, some banana trees, and one palm tree.

Access was only through an unpaved road, but that was only about 40 meters. I estimated, that one can get that covered with concrete for about 200 Euros for labor, and expected about the same amount for the material. This would make it much easier to sell. And it should be possible to get it done within one week. But, let's wait with it until it is time to sell. And then dress the bride pretty, harvest the wilderness. Only let the healthiest trees and a nice lawn remain, to make it look like a little park. In my mind the web page appeared with the offer to sell it:

200 square meters construction plot in Lovina, 10*20m
quiet location
easy accessible
some pretty pictures of the plot in Lovina
600 m from Lovina Beach
showing the map location
the architectural drawing of the property
a model of a building that can be created
And the price: 215,000,000 IDR / are

So, after negotiation, we might end up with a sales price of 380,000,000 IDR. Which would make 230.000.000 IDR profit to share. Let's say, after IDR 30.000.000 for the administrative cost, taxes, and the effort to make it look nice, 100.000.000 IDR earnings each.

But at the same time, I thought about building a house on the plot in Lovina:
Villa Kuntabunt
Square shaped, downstairs parking space, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms. Upstairs 8 small rooms with access through the center of the house by a circular staircase. And above, the third floor with office space, and one Penthouse room. This also could be used as a yoga shala, to relax in hammocks, and it shall be covered by a tent roof, to protect it against sun and rain.

The construction, that came up in my mind, had a metal staircase in the center and all the rest built from bamboo. Maybe some metal construction, covered by bamboo. The rooms themselves are only separated by thin wood walls and open to the outside. The construction should allow putting 2 hammocks in each room or one queen size bed. The blinders on the outside protect against the sun and rain. But principally, it is all open. There will be very little privacy. But this is intended. Further, the construction will be so flexible, if someone has a shack, the entire house will feel and share the good vibrations. And I wanted to have a lot of shacking going on there!

Since I saw the development in Pererenan during the last 4 years, and also the construction of the new road in Bedugul, I am deeply impressed, how fast the Balinese can make progress. I still do not understand, how they do it. If watching a construction site, you get to see most of the workers sitting in the shade and smoking. But, if you go away for a while, and come back after 4 weeks, it is already finished and the new business is up and running.

Since I had the week with the biggest earning in my life, I had the feeling, it was time to celebrate with a bottle of wine. With the bicycle, I held out for a warung, where I could buy a bottle of Angur Merah Orang Tua. I got stopped at a little warung by Nikki, asking me where I want to go. "I want to buy a bottle of Angur Merah, do you have one?"- "No," she said. "Where can I get one?" Her answer was not very precise.

As always, if the Balinese do not know the answer. Instead of saying, "I don't know", which would make them lose their face, they rather respond: "Larus-Larus". Which means straight ahead. But, everybody knows, that this answer is not helpful, and means as much as: "Sorry, I can't tell you." Anyway, I moved on, and I found it in another warung. When I came back, Nikki asked: "Did you get one?"- "Sure, do you want to share it with me?"- Yes."

That's how I ended up sitting in the little warung, sharing some glasses of wine and some cigarettes with the girls, and having a nice chat. Then Nikki asked: "Do you like to try some palm wine on Sunday? I am going to visit a friend who makes his own palm wine."

Well, actually fresh fermented palm wine tastes like sauerkraut juice. But, I liked her initiative, and so I said yes! We arranged to meet at 1 p.m. on Sunday, exchanged WhatsApp numbers. Then I was on the way to the firehouse to hang out for the rest of the evening at the fire.