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Day 16 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Thursday, October 12, 2020: Day 16 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Before the morning meditation, I did some WHM Breathing and 44 push-ups on empty lungs without breathing.
Then the Harta yoga with Carmen started, she looked a little sad. It was her last day here.

After I went for breakfast, I started learning Bahasa Indonesia, while enjoying a coffee. I fell asleep and kept on sleeping until 11 a.m.
After a wake-up shower, I started editing Komangs web page the history house. It was a pain in the ass, due to the slow server speed, which got dragged down by the Elementor editor, which I hate to work with.
A short lunch break, and back to the historic house, analyzing the stock market.

I felt, that it was time to putting some take profit orders and buying bargains. I had a chat with Eric, he told me about the violent procedure of my bike repair. It actually looked good, but the left pedal was fucked up. They obviously did not know the winding of the screw is left hand on this one.

Then I saw Carmen how she was packing her luggage on her scooter and preparing to leave. She was pretty busy and so it was a short goodbye. I started journaling the last 3 days. When I walked to the firehouse, I thought: It does not matter, what my prognosis is. It happens anyway! This means that it is fucking essential, what I think because I am creating all of that at the same time!

I wanted to keep on writing in the hammock while having tea. But after I turned the food from the buffet into my dinner, the mosquitoes decided to turn me into their dinner. So, I got out of the firehouse and settled down in my bed to do so. Soon, I fell asleep.

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