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Day 15 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Wednesday, October 11, 2020: Day 15 - Review of the 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge

We got woken up by the morning meditation alarm of the mobile phone. We hugged and held each other, followed by a quick and dirty morning shaggy. After the shower, we went for a beach walk to warung Kuning. There we took a dip in the warm, calm, and clear water. It was so pleasant, that I decided to swim back, which took about one hour. Komang walked back and took a seat on the jetty for her morning meditation.

When I arrived, I saw, that my flip-flops were gone. I anyway wanted to have some made from leather. I only bought those, because my old ones got too slippery. And I broke my ankle already once, due to worn out flip flops. But I was not able to find any from leather at the shop. Now, I got rid of the plastic, and I got a new chance to buy some leather shoes. After Komang came back, we had breakfast at Seabreeze restaurant.

Since I finally received the login data for her WordPress page, I started working on her web page. Even if the content and its design were quite appealing. The web page was in pretty bad shape in terms of broken links and outdated versions.

Plot for sale

Komang told me about a plot for sale, she wanted to have a look at. And so checked out and the owner picked us up. It was a short ride, located in a region I knew quite well. I used to live there for a while. It was right in the neighborhood from Ana's house. We had a look at the small plot for sale. Komang told me, that she wants to apply for a credit from the bank to buy it. And if they do not give her the money, she would like to recommend the plot to Agung or Budi, who are also searching for good investments.

Property for saleSomehow the location inspired me. I had the feeling that Lovina is a good place to invest. Without thinking for long about it, I offered her to borrow the money, and if we sell it again, we can share the profit. But, I do not want to deal with the administrative stuff.

It was only 9,000 €, and with a Balinese nominee, I had no fear about the investment. Due to their belief in karma, I felt secure, that I won't get cheated. Even if our relationship would not continue forever. I felt, that a consense still would be possible with her. Later that day, she said: "Yes, I want to buy it. But we need to set up an agreement between the two of us, how to do the deal." And so I asked her for a proposal for it. And I expected that this will become a pretty funny one, somehow.


Then Komang had to go to her house, to meet with people who should do the necessary repairs. Her sister already had 3 interested tenants, but all of them complained about the required repairs. And so she could not get a tenant yet. The number of repairs was more than expected. I took her scooter to buy some new shoes, and pick up some money from the ATM. On the way back I bought ice cream. And I started feeding Komang with it, while she was negotiating with the craftsman.

Earnings at the stock market

I started looking into my depot for the development of the stock market. And it seemed to become another pleasant day. So I placed some more take profit orders because I expected a reset soon. Finally, I reduced my credit from my broker from 315.000 to 88.000 Euros. Which increased my available credit range from 398.000 to 454.000 Euros. It looked like a good opportunity, to take some of the earnings to invest it in the plot for sale.

Soon Komang and the craftsmen finished their negotiations. We laid down for a short rest before we hopped on the scooter heading back towards Penebel. It was a pleasant ride up the mountain along the 3 lakes at Bedugul, even if it started drizzling from time to time. We just took a break and continued our ride towards Bali Silent Retreat, as soon as it stopped raining again. There it was time to say goodbye. Komang was heading back home to Denpasar, and I had a short evening snack, watched the fire in the fire-house, and went for an early sleep.