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Day 14 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Tuesday, October 10, 2020: Day 14 - Review of the 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge

After we woke up we sat down on the balcony for quiet morning meditation. Then we went for a walk to find a place for breakfast. And on the main road, we found a warung which was already open.

After breakfast, we were heading back, and Komang went for her meetings, to extend the credit for her house. I wrote for a while, and then I went for a beach walk about 20 minutes along the beach towards the east while learning Bahasa Indonesia: "Pelatihan mental kekuatan, minggu delapan". I took a seat at the beanbags in front of Warung Kuning and had a cacao milkshake, while I continued learning.

At lunchtime, I was, back at Seabreeze bungalows. Soon Komang arrived as well. She was quite happy. So that I thought, she was just happy because she got the credit. But then she announced: "She came!" That meant, her menstruation started. What a change in her mood that caused, not to be pregnant.

My mood also was already well. Because the Asian stock market opened with a decent increase in stock prices. The vaccine announcement turned everything. My depot rose shortly after the market opened by 35.000 Euros! And after I realized, that this euphoria won't last forever. I started estimating, how much further it will go up. So, I placed some take profit orders accordingly, to reduce the credit, which I used from my broker to leverage my investments.

Collecting business ideas

We spent the afternoon drawing a mind map, to sort the business ideas. After she got the news from the gym, where she was working, that it will close for a while, I asked her to find 50 ideas, how to earn money. And so she did. She even modified the question into "50 ideas: What would I love to do, to help other people?" Which was a fabulous idea. Because that is the only way one can make money. The bigger the benefits for your customers are, the more your customers are willing to pay for the service.

Now, only one task was left. We had to find out, what her real passion is. We identified 6 major business fields, and we prioritized her collection of business ideas like this:

  1. Healing
  2. Yoga
  3. Retreats

Komang's business ideas
Then it was time for dinner. She proposed to go to a beach with a lot of restaurants. It looked to me like the Legian of the north. We found one restaurant, where a band was playing some of Komangs favorite songs. such as "Bad Liar". She actually keeps calling the song: "Look me the in eyes" - and we always keep laughing out loud about the funny grammar.

We celebrated her collection of business ideas with a bottle of Angur Merah Orang Tua for dinner. Which is a red wine from grapes mixed with sweet rice wine. While the water was playing around our feet. The table and the chairs, stood so near to the shore, that from time to time the feet got wet from the calm waves. It is hard to believe, that if heading from here in a northeastern direction, there is open water all the way to the arctic circle. But the ocean is so calm, that it did remind me to sit at lake Constance, located at the border between Germany and Switzerland. And once again I realized:

It's so hard to enjoy life in Bali!