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Day 11 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Saturday, November 7, 2020: Day 11 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I went for morning Meditation with Carmen. She made my day with her beautiful smile and good energy. She started with some sharing, so I told her how happy I am to be here, that I enjoy the energy of the place, to experience my healing process. And also, that I can see, how other guests making good process.

In the end, she shared, and she had some big concerns that she might not be able to see her parents for a long time, about the development in her home country Spain, and the world. That surprised me because due to her charisma, I considered her as an optimist. But what I got to hear was, that she lives in fear.

Then the yoga class followed and she asked, what do you want to work on? That was easy to decide: Stretching my legs, especially my hemp strings, which are shortened from running. So, she put some Yin Yoga exercises in her program, which served me well. That was exactly, what I needed.

After the class, I asked her if she wants to talk about her concerns. And we agreed to talk at the History House after breakfast.
When we arrived there, we had a chat with Eric, who had a smoke. Then she told me about her worries about an evil force, that has planned the current development for a long time. That Biden is even worse than Trump because he has communistic tendencies.And that the entire world will be ruled by a single force, that wants to reduce the world population, make the majority of the people poorer, to gain more money for themself.

On one hand, she was happy about life, she got here in Bali. But on the other one, she worried about having no job anymore. And that she wants to have all of the information so that she is prepared for action, in case it is needed. She even was afraid, that Spain would become communistic and will be closed due to that. Because her father says, that the current president is worse than Franco. And he experienced already Franco.

Spiral Dynamics

Oh my god, I thought you were on spiral dynamics tier 2. And now you tell me, that you are a dogmatic wannabe green under stress so that you behave blue!
I swallowed my surprise. And let her go on talking until she gave me a look, which told me, that she was waiting for my response.

I did listen inside of me, and after a while, I started: "See, the assumptions, we come up with is basically driven by the news. And the journalists only report extraordinary things. If you construct the picture of the world based on the news, you get a very extreme perspective, which has nothing to do with the average situation. Where do you get your information from?

β€œFrom social media, I keep checking channels with are not the mainstream news. Because I am aware of how bad the journalists are reporting.β€œ

β€œWell, I did think about journalists also like that. Until I asked, why are the journalists writing what they write? The simple answer is: Because it sells well! Unfortunately, it is the extreme bac news that sells best. So, the average intelligence and consciousness are represented in the quality of the news. This is not a compliment for the majority of the people, but the Bildzeitung in Germany and the daily mirror in the UK are representing the development level of the average mind in those two countries, being the most sold newspapers. And I bet, there is a newspaper like this in Spain as well!"
She smiled and whispered: "yes, ...".

I continued, "There is not a conspirative force, that selects what gets published and whatnot. It is just a question of what the majority of the people are willing to put money on the table for. That's what you get to see most frequently. And that is what one can call bad news. But in fact, there is no bad news. This is only a judgment in our minds.

All news, all information, all events, people, things, and all the money in the world are neutral. It is our mind, or our ego, that decides, if we consider it as good or bad. A more neutral way to look about it would be: Is it helpful for? And most news we consume is not helpful. By helpful I mean, it makes me take action or make a decision. And if you reflect honestly, more than 95% of the information you gather does neither result in any action, nor into a decision. So it is just waiting for your time, memory, and energy.

Do you have a good relationship with your father?"

She hesitated, and slowly responded: "Yes, the distance helps, but it was not always like that."
"Did you forgive him?"
"I try to see the good side of it, that he created my life, what I am grateful for."
"You are a good meditation teacher, you know all the tools, utilize some forgiveness or letting go meditations."

On the way back, I gripped two of my favorite cookies from coconut and cacao. Prepared a coffee in my room, and enjoyed it with the sweet snack. I took a rest on the bed, checking the latest news about the US election. No result yet, but the likelihood that Bidan won increased. I also checked the status of the Fiverr order, reviewed the design, and placed a change request.

Then it already was time for lunch where I met Carmen again. After thinking about her story, and her desire to get all the information to be prepared to act, I asked her if she is willing to take action. And she agreed that she needs to. So I offered her to participate in the mental strength training after I promised her that hardly anything will be able to shatter her after she went through this training. I went to the firehouse and started writing for about one hour until my alarm reminding me of the massage, which I ordered for 1 p.m.

I went to the little massage house and Bu Sri started to give me a relaxing Balinese oil massage. It felt so good, especially on my legs.

Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue

After that, I went back to the firehouse and continued writing until I heard the gong for the evening meditation. I was not sure if I should join. Because I saw when passing by that Jasmin did the Yoga class. But then I thought, that is exactly what I need now to get out of my comfort zone: Spending time with Spiral Dynamics Blue people, and practice not judging them! And by thinking that, I got aware, that I already caught myself by doing so again. Anyway, along the way to the class, I thought: let's crack her up, and make her smile. So, I tried my best to say nice hello to her, as I approached. And I was able to see for a fraction of a second a little smile in her eyes before she quickly looked away and came back to her serious facial expression.

The class contained Shi Gong moves, Pranah breathing, and a meditation which should lead to a deeper experience, due to the preparation. I don't know if it worked that way. I was too biased from judgment about the way she taught the class, without eye contact nor smiling. And then, I reminded myself: You should not judge! And I thought: Korintenkacker, or the Swabian version: Dipfeleschisser! Freely translated: Bloody dogmatic idiots!

Time for dinner. And in the library, I found a book about Bikram Yoga. I read for a while about the benefits of some of the postures, and the thoughts of Bikram, the inventor of the sequence, why it is designed as it is. Basically, I learned, that it covers all parts of the body, That the heat supports the change the body structure for the better. Similar to a smith is forging hot metal, instead of a cold one. And that the sequence of the postures is designed to create synergies, to open you continuously up. Further, he considers the entire sequence as a meditation.

Then I was heading back to the firehouse and continued writing, watched the flames until the fire almost went off. Then I felt like enjoying my wellness day. So I hopped on my bike, which I equipped with a lap so that I can use it at night, and went to a warung about 2 km down the road. I enjoyed a portion of Nasi Kampung (yellow rice), a beer, and a Sampoerrna cigarette while having a chat with the owner Made.