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Day 10 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Friday, November 6, 2020: Day 10 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I went early to the morning meditation. And as my warm-up, I did 3 rounds of WHM breathing, followed by 34 push-ups without breathing. I am so far away from my best results now. But, I am here for health and longevity practice, not to win the Olympics.

During this morning's silent meditation, I was able to stay the complete 45 min in the lotus seat for the first time.

Jasmine's Harta yoga class followed. No smile, no eye contact, as I expected: she speaks with a Russian accent.
She plays the Russian game quite well. And I can see, that she mentally has not arrived in Bali, yet. She made me aware, that the way to enlightenment is not a dogmatic one. But, it is along a way of letting go and understanding, that

Life is a game, which one has to play seriously

But not in the spiral dynamics blue manner of taking something seriously, by doing it with a serious face. Putting humor aside, concentrating on facts, and following rules, laws, and regulations. And the only appropriate reaction, in case something gets out of control is, to indulge more perfect rules and regulations. That only creates unfree creatures, that search certainty, while dying inside. They are just poisoning their mind in the belief that the absolute truth can be expressed scientifically, bys equations, laws, rules, and regulations. Thank you for teaching me this lesson.

Jasmine's Joga class

Her yoga class was actually pretty good. It had a lot of exercises from Bikram yoga. It is a kind of hot yoga and my favorite yoga style because the heat takes the stretching pain away. And due to, that I used to do a lot of running with a little stretching, the muscles in my legs are shortened. One can do the moves of cause also without a heated room, and so we did. I really enjoyed the well-known sequence.

After the yoga class, I asked the other participants, if they want to join for a short and happy morning run, but only one participant reacted: "Sorry, I am leaving today."
And then to my big surprise, Jasmine said: "Nice!" And I saw a little smile on her face, while she looked into my eyes. Wow, I cracked her up!

Love is easy to find

Love is easy to findI ran alone and did listen to the translation of my daily reports in Indonesian, to train my vocabulary.
Then I went to the water blessing and took a seat under the cool water. What a pleasure, to have the cool water running over the head and imagine, the water is the cosmic energy, which flows through my crone chakra into my body, nourishing and healing my body. On the way back I found a sign, which surprised me:

Love is hard to find
easy to loose
and hard to forget.

It made me think, one can hardly express this more negatively.

This is only true if you forgot, who you are!

Love is easy to find,
impossible to lose,
and sweet to remember..

If you are living in your higher consciousness, you only need to love yourself. As a result, you love the entire universe, unconditionally! I only can recommend watching the video about the ultimate teaching of self-love from Leo.

The morning I spent in the hammock at the firehouse writing and thinking. I got aware, that already 10 days over. I expected to feel emptiness, meaninglessness, and even boredom, doing this retreat. But none of that happened. Instead of that, my mind felt free, the thoughts that are coming up made complete sense. It felt like getting nearer to the "Truth" - with a capital T, as Leo uses to say. Further, my healing made good progress, I hardly did get to hear my tinnitus anymore, and I did not put on my reading glasses once.


Looking in the mirror, I could see how my face skin got smoother, which made me look younger, and so I felt. It was effortless to walk around all day with a smile on my face. And the staff did reflect it, even if some of the other guests and one yoga teacher weren't there ... yet.
And after lunch, I continued writing at the History House until it was time for dinner. I wrote a review for the retreat on google maps, to express my gratitude for the blessings I am receiving here. I checked for the design of the incense sticks and placed another change request.

After dinner, I went for a bike ride to find a warung with wifi, but I could not find one. At Warung Nasi Kuning I had a drink, and the owner Made told me, that he used to work in a hotel in Kuta. I made it back just in time to settle down in the hammock in the firehouse.

My thoughts were drifting around the consequences of the US election, which still did not have a final result.

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