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Day 01 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Text to Speech
Wednesday, October 28, 2020: Day 1 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

It was a long night, almost full moon. That means I did not sleep too well. And even if the total amount of sleep I got was not much, it felt like a long night, because there were many times when I woke up and each time it took quite a while to fall asleep again. But anyway, a quarter past 5 my alarm rang. Well, an alarm is a funny word for it.

The alarm of my phone plays an audio track from the internal memory from the phone. And I did set it up to play the let healing happen meditation or a letting go meditation. This way, I make sure to start the day meditating and connecting to the universal field of energy and information. This is my word, for what other people call God. And starting into the day like that, hardly anything can bother you anymore.

Handling anger

Well, I am not completely there, that nothing can bother me, but I made some good progress. For example, I used to get so angry about my phone, if it did not do what it should do - what I wanted it to do - that I kept throwing it across the room, car, office, universe, ... And by doing so, I already killed quite a few of my gadgets in the past. Nowadays, I need to honor that the quality of the apps, got better. But until now, there is still plenty of room for improvement. And I do not expect, that this room will be filled with fulfilling solutions. For example, some designers keep rearranging the layout of the on-screen keyboard from version to version. For no fucking reasons, no improvement in usability or gain in typing speed.

A heavens sake for a physical keyboard, which layout cannot be changed by a software update. Plus, it is possible to write blindly on it. Bad enough that every model of a laptop has a slightly different layout, without making things better. Actually, Lenovo did the worst: Once, I got a Lenovo laptop at work, so I thought I buy for private use a Lenovo also well ... Shit! the bloody idiots switched the ALT and CRTL Key positions. So, each time you want to copy a text with CRTL C you press accidentally ALT C. Which just overwrites the marked text with the character C. And the text you wrote before is gone!

Wake up meditation timer

But coming back to the phone, and how to configure it for a wake-up meditation.

  • Firstly, you open your alarm clock app. Most smartphones have one installed initially. If not, go to the app store or play store and find one, that offers the feature to play a locally stored sound file as the tone for the alarm.
  • Secondly, get the sound files of your favorite meditations, that give you the most abundance, gratitude, energy, growth, pleasure, love, connection, motivation, calmness, ... or whatever you want to improve in your life. I keep using these two in the morning:
  • You can find thousands of guided meditations available on youtube. And there are online services that extract an audio file from the video. Just have a look for "youtube to mp3".
  • Thirdly, open the alarm clock app.
  • Got to the alarm settings.
  • Create a new alarm.
  • Choose the sound file as the alarm tone.
  • Select the days on which it shall repeat, for example from Monday to Friday.
  • Choose the ring duration, and set it a little longer than the duration of the meditation.
  • Set the snooze time and repetition rate. I found 5 minutes snooze and 3 repetitions worked best for me, just in case I could not start it immediately and wanted a later reminder.

If you want two different kinds of meditations, go through the same process and choose this time the sound file for the second guided meditation audio file. And set the days for that one for example for Saturday and Sunday. That way, you got one to wake up and get you going for your job during the working days and another one for your relaxation phase on the weekend.

Choose a meditation

A well-chosen meditation for those can make a big difference, with which conscious you start into your working or leisure days. That will greatly enhance the fulfillment you get out of your working week and your weekend.

I just keep meditating alternating between the let healing happen meditation and letting-go meditation. And Saturday is the day off from this routine. The Saturday used to be my "Junk Food Day" where everything was allowed, on which I consciously broke my beneficial habits. So, no sports, not meditations, but instead go heavy partying, drinking, smoking, overeating, eating junk food, having an abundance of sex, ... Anything that my ego and dirty mind was asking for during the week before. I did that for quite a while like this, and it gave me an easy time to stick to my healthy habits.

Wellness day

Until I realized, that just the name of it is brainfuck! So I changed "Junk Food Day" into "Wellness Day"! But the rules remained the same: Everything is allowed, and I keep consciously breaking my beneficial habits. Even more flexible, I choose any day of the week, on which my ego asks for satisfaction. Because I found, that my ego doesn't care for when it is Saturday. At times, I hear it already after 5 days, and then I deserve it with its pleasure and cheep satisfaction. Sometimes, it remains quiet for two weeks, but then it is time to party again. The party is the honor of staying to a healthy and conscious lifestyle for the rest of the time.

Isn't a guided meditation, that's used as a tool to achieve something abuse of meditation in a spiral dynamics orange manner, or the best case a green way? Well, yes and no. Hardcore yogis consider the reason for meditation to stop the thinking process consciously. What we do here, is actually the opposite: It is leading our mind into a direction that we consider beneficial for us.

But in fact, it is not possible to stop the thinking process. Your mind will always be busy rearranging the information stored in your brain. Like a defragmentation routine on your computer rearranges the storage location of the files for better access speed and a better structure of the stored information. Why would you like to stop that? The attempt, to stop thinking is a rather dogmatic one, which rather comes from a Sprial-Dynamics blue meme. Or in the best case green, and it is a rather dogmatic way of thinking. Those people usually do not look very happy, nor very healthy! Because they are so angry about those, who do not share their dogmatism. But this is a problem of all of the first tier levels of spiral dynamics. People on those levels of consciousness are hardly able to understand those who are on a different level.

Morning routine

After the meditation and my morning routine in the bathroom, the gong rang. So I knew, in 15 minutes the morning meditation will start. So I joined it and also the subsequent Asanah yoga class. It included some very welcome stretching exercises to recover from the bike ride the day before. Then it was time for breakfast, and right after that I hopped on my bicycle again and went for a one hour ride through the rice fields up the mountain. While listening to week 4 of the mental strength training to improve my Bahasa Indonesia understanding skills. I have used Google Translate to convert the English mental strength lessons into Indonesian. language

Then I use a Text To Speach engine TTS to read it back to me. The TTS engine is also able to create an MP3 sound file. And I have created another alarm on my mobile phone, that plays that back to me in the morning. So, the learning phase is scheduled during my day, like the meditation to wake up. Every three days, I switch to the next chapter, before it becomes boring. Due to the fact, that being bored is the least effective way to learn.

Everybody remembers, being bored at times in school, but no one can remember what he learned that day. One needs emotions to learn. And emotion comes from motion. That's why my favorite learning time is during physical motion. So, I put on my headset, start the Bahasa Indonesia lesson or any audiobook I want to learn from. With this setup I go for a walk, a beach run, a bike ride, to the gym, .... Anything the creates motion, creates emotions, strong feelings. This is the best state to be in, to make you remember what you experience. Actually, I realized when listening to an audiobook for the second time, the pictures come up in my mind, which I saw, when I was listening to the passages for the first time.

So, if I want to revisit Yokohama, I only need to listen to the chapter from Richard Branson Losing my Virginity, in which he describes the methods of British Airways, how they tried to get Virgin Atlantic out of business. Because that is where I did listen to this audiobook the first time. And by listening to it again, the pictures of the streets I walked through appear in my mind with impressive clarity. Anyhow, after listening or reading this biography, it is unlikely that you ever will fly with British Airways anymore.

After my language learning bike ride, I was ready for a shower and a short nap. So, after the shower, I prepared a coffee, drank it, and laid down for about 20 minutes. In a few minutes, I fell asleep. And by the time I woke up again, the coffee did its job. I was right away awake. This is a nice trick for a nap. Sometimes, I experienced that I needed quite a long time to come back to full energy after a short nap. But, if having a coffee before laying down, waking up works almost instantly, and it does not have to be instant coffee for that. Anyway, it shouldn't be instant coffee! But the other challenge remains:

How to fall asleep right away?

This is a skill, that I developed and trained during my sleep experiment. Even if I failed to utilize it in the last full moon night ... But, it really works well, if you utilize that technique. Now guess, who reminds me to do this meditation? An alarm on my phone!

After this relaxation phase, I went again to the firehouse, for my writing time in the hammock, until my next alarm came up: The Gratitude Meditation For Eyesight, in which I am leading the energy from the Muladhara Chakra and my breathing energy into my eyes. Mixed with a portion of gratitude and happiness. And see, now I am writing all of this text on my laptop without glasses. Where focus goes, energy flows. Well, apart from the focus, it also needs the belief that it helps.

In general,
we believe too much in the power of knowledge.

And at the same time,
we know too little about the power of belief!

What is scientifically prove?

That's why we often trust science because we believe that they know. And we do not trust our intuition, because we believe that we don't know. And our strongly science-driven education creates this belief and explains to us that this is scientifically proven.

It is a theory about how something functions. But this is only true until someone finds a better explanation. Just an example of what was considered as scientific proof for the longest time of mankind:

That the world was flat was scientific proof for the majority of the history of mankind. until someone found out that the world was round. Ok, he did not survive that. But his theory did, at least until today. Then the theory that the world was the center of the universe was scientific proof. Until someone found out, that our solar system is rather at the edge of the milky way. He shared the same scenario and had to leave his body before his last hour should have rung to experience a natural death. By the way:

What does natural death mean?

Natural deathI looked it up in some dictionaries. And it is ridiculous how it is defined! Natural death is dying from a disease, sickness, or a health problem that already existed for a while. Other than an unnatural death, which may be caused by an accident, a sudden injury, or violence like getting shot, or the head smashed with a baseball rack. The definition of natural death is based on the scientifically proven knowledge, that it is normal to get sick, weak, and ill as we grow older. How about if we would believe that aging is a disease, which is preventable?

Let's have a look at a tribe in Pakistan. There lives a tribe in the Himalayas called the Hunza. They do not know illness, sickness, and aging. The Hunza live extraordinarily long lives. They work for their entire life. They do neither know health insurance nor medical doctors. For what, the doctors would be unemployed. And they end their lives consciously. If an old Hunza has fulfilled his mission, he knows that his time has come. And then he wants to leave his body.

How the Hunza die

The old person just says to his family member: "Tomorrow I do not join you working on the field." And everybody knows what it means. The old person will stay at home the next day, and he will consciously leave his body. Just by the power of his mind, not a selfish suicide. That is, what I would consider a natural death. And the Hunza community is not a story about a society from a long time ago. They are living like that as of today. That's how I want to live, remain vital, and finally die consciously after I decided my mission is fulfilled.

In the afternoon I joined the meditation session. After that was done, it was time for dinner. Did I mention the food here? No! Well, it is delicious. 3 times a day a buffet with freshly harvested vegetables, fruits, salads, and sometimes duck eggs. Apart from the eggs, it is all vegan. I love it!

After dinner, I took a seat in the hammock at the fire hose and kept on writing. At 8 p.m. I went to bed, not knowing what night was awaiting me. I will share that, in tomorrow's report.

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