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Payment Instructions

Thank you for your order:

1 copy (license) 

The price is free of VAT (sales tax) according to § 19 UStG (Kleinunternehmerregelung).
To receive your delivery in time, please transfer the amount right now, but the latest within 7 days.

Payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer (inner German/Europe)
  2. transferwise (international)
  3. Paypal

1. Bank transfer (inner German/Europe only, not recommended for international payments)

Direkt bank transfer from your bank account only from German (and some European) banks. International bank transfers are horribly expensive, please check the fees, if you intend to do so! To do the transfer directly from your online banking, use the following bank account details:

Recipient: Klaus Forster
IBAN: DE21120300001064035726
Bank Branch: Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin, Germany
Amount: [As shown in your invoice]
Reference: [As shown in your invoice]

Transferwise (for international payments, low-cost, very quick)

For a low-cost international money-transfer, I recommend transferwise. To get started to use this link:

Log in at transferwise with this link:

If you do not have a transferwise account yet, you need to create one first. Then click on:
Send money.

1. Specify the amount


Switch the currency on You send to your currency (in this example AUD)


Switch the currency on Recipient will get exactly to US$ on the bottom and fill in the amount from your invoice (in this example 7.77)

Then click: Continue 

2. Specify the type of recipient


Click on:

Someone else


3. Enter recipient details

Send to someone else

Their email (optional) 

Full name of the account holder
Klaus Forster

Recipient’s address


Ludwigsau Rohrbach

Rotenburger Str. 19

Postal code

I know their bank details
Bank details

Bank: Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin

Click on: Confirm





4. Review and specify Reference


Review details of your transfer



Enter in the field

Reference for Klaus

the subject of your invoice:
[As shown in your invoice]

Click on: Confirm and continue





3. PayPal Payment

If you have already an account, you can transfer the amount via PayPal (which is more expensive than transferwise). To get started log in at

Only if you already got one. I would not recommend creating one only for this purpose.

Log in at your PayPal account



Click on: Send & Request



then click on:



Send money
Name, email or mobile number

Then click on




Enter the amount

[As shown in your invoice]

and set the currency to


Add a note
The reference of your order:
[As shown in your invoice]

Then click on:


Preferably choose


Sending to a friend or family

(to avoid the fees)





Thank you in advance!


14 days money back guaranty:
To withdraw this order, you need to send a mail with the Subject:
“Order Cancellation: With this Email, I confirm, that I have deleted all downloaded files, any copies of them, as well as the access data of this product.”
to the Email address:


Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster
Rotenburger Str. 19, 36251 Ludwigsau