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Order 12 Gratitude Meditations – Podcast MP3 Audio-Download

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Order 12 Gratitude Meditations - Podcast MP3 Audio-Download

Get the complete set with

12 Individual Meditations:

  • Gratitude MeditationTantric Energy Gratitude Meditation
  • Consciousness Gratitude Meditation
  • Wealth Gratitude Meditation
  • Love Gratitude Meditation
  • Clean Water And Healthy Food Gratitude Meditation
  • Honest Words Gratitude Meditation
  • Breathing Oxygen Gratitude Meditation
  • Eyesight Gratitude Meditation
  • Sense of Hearing Gratitude Meditation
  • Intelligence Gratitude Meditation
  • Holistic Gratitude Meditation
  • Healing Gratitude Meditation

PLUS BONUS - you get in addition:

✔️ Pelvic Floor Training for better sex

✔️ Learn how to boost your Tantric Energy to become an even better lover!

✔️ How to locate and activate your pelvic floor muscle

✔️ Correction of your Lotus seating position

✔️ Positive mood booster

Meditation is essential to manifesting your heart desires. This is when you can quiet your mind and fine-tune your vibration in a way the universe can match it. You will enter a state of gratitude that can potentially activate the law of attraction. Why 12? Because it is all about consistency. You think about it, see it, feel it, and repeat.

Order 12 Gratitude Meditations - Weekend Special: $ 5.99

instead of: $ 9.99 $

You receive immediate access to:

  • 12 meditations (8-10 minutes each)
  • Online access password
  • Invoice sent to your email address
  • 14 days money back, if you are not happy with it for any reason!

14 days money back guaranty:
To withdraw this order, you need to send a mail with the Subject:
"Order Cancellation: With this Email, I confirm, that I have deleted all downloaded files, any copies of them, as well as the access data of this product."
to the Email address:

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