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Welcome to the Mindfulness App Download to Extend YOUR Lifespan. Improve your vitality with this free Meditation App Download for YOUR longevity.

It is all about

  • your fitness,
  • health,
  • nutrition,
  • mindfulness,
  • healing,
  • and meditations.

Why should you use this Mindfulness Application?

Because it does not matter, how old you get. But it matters, how you get old! Further, by improving your physical and mental health and fitness, you enhance the quality of your life. And at the same time, your life expectancy increases.


This LIFESPAN Application provides you with daily updates about

  • Fitness training tips, tailored for your longevity and vitality
  • Healthy nutrition recommendations to extend your lifespan
  • Healing Meditations to practice mindfulness, for example
    • The 21-Day of Abundance
    • A 30-Day Gratitude Meditation Challenge
  • And an 8-Week Mental Strength Training (optional)


Mindfulness App Download and Installation FREE Meditation App For Longevity LONGEVITY - Mindfulness App Download FREE Meditation App Mindfulness App Download FREE Meditation App: 21 Days of Abundance Challenge Tasks and Meditations Mindfulness App Download FREE Meditation App: Gratitude Meditation Challenge Mindfulness App Download FREE Meditation NEWS

More info

blank Download Longevity Mindfulness App for Android

Application info: System Requirements, Price

Systems Requirements: Android 7.0 or above
Memory: minimum of 50 MByte
Version: 1.017Beta
Updated on: 15.12.2020
Mindfulness App Download size: 32.9 MB
In-app purchases: US$ 3.99 - US$ 17.77 per item
Offered by: Vitality4Happiness
Released on: 14.12.2020
Application permissions: Storage, Internet Access

Price: $ 0,00 - and advertising FREE!

Category: Health & Fitness


Description | Installation | Reviews | FAQ | Support

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Description | Installation | Reviews | FAQ | Support

Free Mindfulness-App Download: Extend YOUR Lifespan 

including the

  • Abundance Challenge
  • Gratitude Challenge

How to Install, Update, or Uninstall The LIFESPAN Application


System requirements

An ANDROID phone or tablet, version 7.x or above, and a minimum of 50 MB free memory are required, to execute the LIFESPAN Application Installation.

INSTALL or UPDATE the Mindfulness Application:

Download Longevity Mindfulness App for AndroidAnd click on download. The download of the APK file will start. You need to confirm that you want to download it. And only in case of an update may have to confirm again that you want to download it again. (In case you already have a former version stored locally). Then, it's going to override it. As soon as the download has finished you can choose to install by hitting okay.

INSTALLATION of the BETA version of the Mindfulness app:

Some people are looking into this problem because this is a Beta version. You need to confirm that you are allowing your system to install the beta version. On the install page, I have shown all of the steps.

Here it shows the extra mile you have to go in case you haven't installed it before: To confirm to allow installations of apps from external sources, you have to choose that "allow app installs bottom so that this becomes blue. Then you should be able to continue with the installation as shown before. So, enjoy your app! Actually, you will find the app icon on your desktop after installation. From there you can start extending your lifespan to enjoy your abundance and Gratitude, meditations, and LONGEVITY.

If you get this message:

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Keep Download Anyway

Click OK to keep the download

After the download has finished

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan App Open Download

Click on Open

Due to the beta version, it is required to legitimize the Mindfulness App Installation.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Install Unknown Apps Settings

Click on SETTINGS to adjust the Install Unknown Apps Settings.

Depending on the brand of your android device and version, the setting might look a little bit different. But it is in principle the same.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Install Apps From External Sources

Click on the switch to enable Allo installs in the Install Application from external sources settings.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Allow App Installs

To Allow Installs and click on the back <- arrow

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan App Start Installation

Click on INSTALL to start the installation

Description | Installation | Reviews | FAQ | Support

How to uninstall the Mindfulness Application?

If you want to update the app you do not have to uninstall it first. But if you prefer to do so, this is how to do it: For uninstalling an android app, find the app icon on the desktop of your ANDROID device. Tap and hold on to it for 2 to 3 seconds, until the Uninstall context menu pops up.


Click on Uninstall to remove the app, done!


Description | Installation | Reviews | FAQ | Support

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Description | Installation | Reviews | FAQ | Support

Developer Contact

Website: https://vitality4happiness.com/

Email: klaus@vitality4happiness.com

Address: 4ster Holding GmbH, Rotenburger Str. 19, 36251 Ludwigsau, Germany

Privacy policy: https://vitality4happiness.com/datenschutzerklaerung/

Download Longevity Mindfulness App for Android

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