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Congratulations For Finishing Your Mental Strength Training – Week 9
Congratulations On Finishing Your Mental Strength Training. You have been working well until this point. For this, you deserve congratulations and a big honor! Now it is time to manifest what you have learned. My present for you is this video with some affirmations to do so:

And if you want to utilize the Affirmation offline, here you can get the Podcast MP3 Audiobook:

Download: Mental Strength Affirmations For Confeneurs.MP3

Congratulations, now it is time to measure your success. And luckily you already did the competitive profile test before. Did you? If so, once again congratulations, because you got a reference to compare with. Go and do it again, so that you can identify, in which fields you made the biggest progress. And then it is time to celebrate your success!

Your Thinking Time For Week 9

To do:

  • Redo the competitive profile test to measure your growth
  • Celebrate it!
  • Chose one or two of your weaknesses to work on them, as you did before
  • Use the affirmation video above to manifest your learnings
  • If you have any suggestions, please let me know, if there is anything I can do to make the training more effective for you

If you are happy with your success, please contribute with your review, either:

Your public review is very essential❣ Because public reviews are building trust for people who are interested to join the next challenge. If you think, more people would benefit from participating, please support them, by helping them to decide if this will support their growth.
Certainly, you are aware, that the whole universe is just one holistic organism. So, if one part of it grows, everything grows 🙌 . And as you know, growth is the source for happiness😁 You may share in your review what your outstanding experience during your 8-week mental strength training was:

  • Your feelings 🥳
  • Observations 🤓
  • What has changed 🙃
  • Or a description of your learnings 🤔

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster



To quantify your results, do the competitive profile test once again:

    Balanced 10987654321 Moody

    Imperturbable (quick emotional recovery) 10987654321 Irritable (slow emotional recovery)

    Dominant 10987654321 Submissive

    Self Confident 10987654321 Dependent

    Purposeful 10987654321 Fluctuating

    Active 10987654321 Passive

    Confident 10987654321 Uncertain

    Patiently 10987654321 Impatient

    Disciplined 10987654321 Undisciplined

    Optimistic 10987654321 Pessimistic

    Responsibly 10987654321 Irresponsible

    Realistic 10987654321 Unrealistic

    Stable 10987654321 Scared

    Concentrated 10987654321 Unfocused

    Mellow 10987654321 Immature

    Motivated 10987654321 Unmotivated

    Factual 10987654321 Emotional

    Flexible 10987654321 Motionless

    Good at problem-solving 10987654321 Bad at problem-solving

    Team awareness 10987654321 Selfish

    Risk-tolerant 10987654321 Unwilling to take risks

    Acting mature 10987654321 Acting unsophisticated

    Pronounced body language 10987654321 Poor body language

    Relaxed 10987654321 Worried

    Energetic 10987654321 Shiftless

    Physically fit 10987654321 Physically unfit