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Competitive Profile – Mental Strength Training Week 4

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In the second and third parts of this mental strength training, we talked about your competitive behavior and that it is important for everyone who really wants to be free. I encouraged you to evaluate your competitive profile.

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  • How strong and reliable is it?
  • How confidently do you react in stressful situations?
  • Are you able to access 100 percent of your skills?

Since we had not yet dealt with the more precise parameters, your evaluation was only a first rough assessment. That's why you receive a test for your competitive profile today. Now, let's have a look at this assessment.

First of all: It takes courage to admit your weaknesses. Those who have not been trained to judge themselves from a certain distance, like to escape by searching for excuses. These excuses can look very different. From my experience, the following occur particularly often:

  • "I like harmony or I am a harmonious person"
  • β€œI need my peace of mind in order to function optimally.”

But excuses and justifications only show your fears and visualize your limits that need to be expanded.

Another excuse: β€œI don't really need competition like that. Since I'm not a competitive athlete.” Maybe you don't think like this. But if you observe such thoughts within yourself, be sure to re-read the first three parts of this training.

The script

In the first three parts, I mentioned the need for a script. A script that shows how we should behave in difficult situations. In the following, I selected a few points from a script written by James Loehr, who calls it the competitive profile.

The two poles of a personality are facing each other, from the two ends of one line. The strength is on the left end and the corresponding weakness is on the right end of this line. Please give yourself a rating between 10 and 1. A value of 7 and higher means a strength. Therefore, 10 indicates an extraordinary strength. A value of 4 or less indicates a weakness.Β Therefore, a rating of 1 is a pronounced weakness.

Competitive Profile Test

    Balanced 10987654321 Moody

    Imperturbable (quick emotional recovery) 10987654321 Irritable (slow emotional recovery)

    Dominant 10987654321 Submissive

    Self Confident 10987654321 Dependent

    Purposeful 10987654321 Fluctuating

    Active 10987654321 Passive

    Confident 10987654321 Uncertain

    Patiently 10987654321 Impatient

    Disciplined 10987654321 Undisciplined

    Optimistic 10987654321 Pessimistic

    Responsibly 10987654321 Irresponsible

    Realistic 10987654321 Unrealistic

    Stable 10987654321 Scared

    Concentrated 10987654321 Unfocused

    Mellow 10987654321 Immature

    Motivated 10987654321 Unmotivated

    Factual 10987654321 Emotional

    Flexible 10987654321 Motionless

    Good at problem-solving 10987654321 Bad at problem-solving

    Team awareness 10987654321 Selfish

    Risk-tolerant 10987654321 Unwilling to take risks

    Acting mature 10987654321 Acting unsophisticated

    Pronounced body language 10987654321 Poor body language

    Relaxed 10987654321 Worried

    Energetic 10987654321 Shiftless

    Physically fit 10987654321 Physically unfit

    Please, take your time for YOUR competitive profile test!

    I study a lot, which brought me across all kinds of tests every now and then. Usually, I tend to ignore them. I want to read on. Because I don't want to work, but to continue learning, and I want more information instead. Indeed, some tests are simply nonsense. Sometimes I even suspect that they should only fill up space.

    But I've had the experience: If I like an author, and I have the feeling that I can learn from him, then I should do these tests. So far, these tests have given me important insights into myself and into life. What I read later was much more meaningful to myself and my living environment. I was also able to learn a lot more. So please do this test. Otherwise, this important topic would probably remain theory for you.

    You Get Instant Access To

    Your Competitive Profile Test Evaluation

    After Finishing This Test!

    As well as to Your Thinking Time Questions For Week 4.

    Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
    GratitudeΒ TurnsΒ FearΒ IntoΒ Abundance!

    Vital and happy regards
    Klaus Forster