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Competitive Profile Test Evaluation – Mental Strength Training

Your Competitive Profile Test Evaluation

The characteristics of the competition profile listed on the left naturally have different relevance. Some are particularly important, others not so much. But together they make up the script of a winner. Just like the properties on the right side of a loser's mentality.

We have a choice. We can choose the script, that we want to see implemented in our lives. Isn't that an incredible privilege? We actually have a choice. It may take some effort. But we are really free. We can even choose our script for critical situations. That's why I always say: We are the designers of our lives.


Let's get back to the competition profile: The most important thing is certainly the motivation. Tell me how motivated someone is, and I'll tell you how far she'll go. We can improve all other factors as long as we are motivated to do so. By the way, in my Life Hacks Coaching4Entrepreneurs, we will also talk more about the art of self-motivation.

Life Hacks Coaching4Entrepreneurs

If your rating in terms of your MOTIVATION is below 7, there is an alarming level of RED. Everything else, as I said, we can improve quite quickly, provided we have the motivation to do so. Otherwise, we will not do anything. We would soon use our energy to find excuses. And reasons for why we cannot continue. We have to be clear about this: In critical situations, we use our energy either to find solutions or to make excuses. Which choice we make, simply depends on how motivated we are. Motivation is primarily based on self-confidence and goals. Are you aware that:

Motivation = Self-confidence * Goals

This equation gives you two parameters to work on, in order to improve your motivation: Self-confidence and Goals.

So if you have given yourself a motivation score lower than 7, this is your main construction site. Then please do not set your goals so high for the next time, until we have dealt with the subject of motivation in detail. Because if you try to fix your weaknesses without having a strong motivation of 7 or more on the scale, you are simply going for the impossible. Soon you will give up and after that, your confidence will be even lower. That is why it is smart to take care of your motivation at first, in case it is low.

Confidence = Think Successfully

However, you do not have to wait until you receive the next part of this mental strength training, which is explicitly devoted to confidence. You already have very important materials about it available to you. If necessary, just have a look at the blogs:

How to Build Confidence – Success Journal

Confidence – by Jenny Verano

Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 9 – Backup if Mentally Challenged

They are about our self-confidence.

On the other hand, we need reasons, motives that trigger motivation. For that, we need trust to be able to achieve our goals.

Only those who are confident take responsibility. And only those who take responsibility, will clarify their reasons and set their goals accordingly.

Once again, you do not have to wait until you receive the next part of this mental strength training, those are explicitly devoted to finding, setting and embodying your goals. Here is a very important material about it available to you. If necessary, just have a look at these blogs:

The Right Priorities

How to Make or Take a Decision?

I Dreamed a Dream: Speed vs. Direction

Those articles are about clarification of your goals. So that you can focus on them. And the focus is empowerment. See, everything always interlocks.

That sounds like a lot of stuff. And yes, it is. There is a lot to do along this way. But, on the other hand, if you have mastered things once, this integration will keep you up much easier. Everything then interlocks positively for you. That means: It is definitely worth the effort.

Note about recovery phases:

Every now and then a lack of motivation is not necessarily harmful. It can be a healthy signal, that our body and mind need to recover. Perhaps some of your other needs, that you may have neglected recently, have to be met. For a limited period of time, low motivation is not necessarily bad. It can be a very healthy condition to recover. Because your growth takes place in the recovery phases. This is a protective function, a corrective mechanism. But, persistent low motivation keeps us below our options!

In the next part of this training, we will evaluate the entire result. Then we will consider a smart way of how you can handle your weaknesses. Because when it comes to competitive behavior, we cannot afford the weaknesses described. They would prevent us from achieving our goals.

Your Thinking Time For Week 4

About Your Competitive Profile:

Do your thinking time in a mind storming manner. That means you write a list of ideas for each question. For 1 week, think every day about the following questions and find for each of them at least one new answer or an example per day. Write the answers down in your journal.

To do:

  • In this part of the training, you have the opportunity to evaluate your competition profile. If you have not already done so, please do it now.
  • Find a situation in your life in which you were highly concerned. A situation in which you had to activate your competitive behavior. What was your competition profile like in this case? Of course, you can always recall such a profile again and again, if you need to utilize it in a competitive situation. Just reuse your competitive behavior in it.
  • Competitive ProfileAbove all, evaluate your motivation. If it is below 4 on a scale from 10 to 1, please listen to the audiobook Mentally Tough from Dr. John Loehr.
  • Note: If you have been writing your gratitude journal for at least six months, your motivation value cannot possibly be below 7. But please acknowledge, that a temporary motivation low can be a good corrective signal, as described above in the note about recovery phases.
  • And finally, write down five things you are grateful for.

On the 7th day analyze your results:

  • What strengths have you identified in your competition profile?
  • Do they come into effect periodically?
  • How can you expand the utilization of them?
  • How can you use them more often - systematically?
  • What is the point which would give you the highest leverage?
  • What action will you take, to making a little progress in that direction?

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster