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Longevity App Download

Installation Guide

System requirements

An ANDROID phone or tablet, version 7.x or above, and a minimum of 50 MB free memory are required, to execute the Longevity App Installation.

Download Longevity Mindfulness App for Android



If you get this message:

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Keep Download Anyway

Click OK to keep the download

After the download has finished

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan App Open Download

Click on Open

Due to the beta version, it is required to legitimize the Longevity App Installation.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Install Unknown Apps Settings

Click on SETTINGS to adjust the Install Unknown Apps Settings.

Depending on the brand of your android device and version, the setting might look a little bit different. But it is in principle the same.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Install Apps From External Sources

Click on the switch to enable Allow app installs in the Install apps from external sources settings.

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan Allow App Installs

To Allow App Installs and click on the back <- arrow

LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan App Start Installation

Click on INSTALL to start the installation

Enjoy your vitality and longevity (not only the app:-)!

Uninstalling the app

Find the LONGEVITY icon on the desktop of your ANDROID device. Tap and hold on to it for 2 to 3 seconds, until the Uninstall context menu pops up.


Click on Uninstall to remove the app, done!

About the LONGEVITY app


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