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Extend YOUR Lifespan with the LONGEVITY App


the LONGEVITY - Extend YOUR Lifespan App


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About this app

Welcome to the LONGEVITY app, to Extend YOUR Lifespan. Improve your vitality by having the longevity strategies always at your fingertips: It is all about your fitness, health, nutrition, mindfulness, healing, and meditations.

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Why should you use this app?

Because it does not matter, how old you get. But it matters, how you get old! By improving your physical and mental health and fitness, you enhance the quality of your life. And at the same time, your life expectancy increases.

This LONGEVITY App provides you with daily updates about

  • Fitness training tips, tailored for longevity
  • Healthy nutrition recommendations to extend your lifespan
  • Healing Meditations to practice mindfulness, for example
    • The 21-Day of Abundance
    • A 30-Day Gratitude Meditation Challenge
  • And an 8-Week Mental Strength Training (optional)
  • ...


More info

blank Download Longevity Mindfulness App for Android

App info: System Requirements, Price

Systems Requirements: Android 7.0 or above
Memory: minimum of 50 MByte
Version: 1.017Beta
Updated on: 15.12.2020
Download size: 32.9 MB
In-app purchases: US$ 3.99 - US$ 17.77 per item
Offered by: Vitality4Happiness
Released on: 14.12.2020
App permissions: Storage, Internet Access

Price: $ 0,00 - and advertising FREE!

Category: Health & Fitness

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