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Shop: MentoringBusiness Tactics Mentoring

The Business Tactics Mentoring remains free of charge for the business I am investing in. They will help you to increase your learning speed, will support you to choose and implement the currently best tactics for your financial success, growth and for the development of the value of your business. You can be sure that I am supporting you to your best benefit because I will be investing in your company so that it will turn out into our joint success.

free of charge


Entrepreneurs Mastermind to inspire your business mind

I have created an entrepreneurs Mastermind group with my most curious girlfriends who want to learn, grow and contribute. In this group, I am sharing coaching letters in the group and everyone can post their answers to inspire other group members. I am sending one or two topics per week to inspire your thinking time, by sharing short headlines with a link to the according blog. The participation in the Entrepreneurs Mastermind is

free of charge


Shop: Netzwerken an Traumständen, die Freiheit des Digitalen-Nomaden-Lebens - Autor Klaus ForsterNetworking at Dream Beaches – E-Book and Audiobook

In this book, Klaus Forster describes how he has embraced the life philosophy, of the digital nomads. How he optimized and digitized processes so, that he is able to enjoy life in harmony with his work. This book is an homage and invitation for the self-employed, to go with him on a trip to Bali. Get inspired by his experiences, to create your own entrepreneurial life of freedom and happiness.

€ 9.99


Shop: EKS Strategy Development Video SeminarStrategy-Development video seminar to develop your business

Currently only available in the German language:

  • Lerne wie Du Deine Selbständigkeit in ein Unternehmen verwandeln kannst
  • Wie Dein Unternehmen Kunden anzieht, die Du magst
  • Wie Du Dein Unternehmen unabhängig von Deiner Arbeitskraft machst
  • 7 klare Schritte zur Entwicklung einer langfristig erfolgreichen Strategie
  • In der Premium Version sind zusätzlich 2 Stunden Coaching enthalten, in der Du alle Fragen zur EKS im persönlichen Videoanruf mit mir klären kannst

 from € 79.00

Shop: Business RetreatFascination Bali – 2 weeks for your business success

The Business Retreat will enable you to live and work almost all the time in a flow. To reach this, you will get guided to reinvent your enterprise, so that it will serve your personal values. Based on that, your business will attract customers that you really wish to serve. You will develop a strategy, tailored to your personality, to provide products and services for the kind of customers you really want to have.

Furthermore, you will learn how to market it focused on your target audience. Additionally, you will receive an offer for an investment of venture capital to get out of your treadmill of a self-employed, who operates his company. It will transform you into an entrepreneur, who owns his business. As an ongoing benefit, you will receive mentoring to improve your financial situation continuously.

 3.997 €

Fascination Bali – heaven in the India Ocean

This mentoring will enable you, to apply the right tactics accordingly to your strategy for the current situation, for the increase of profits, growth, and value of your enterprise. This is something, business operators usually can’t analyze and apply, while they are trapped in their daily work. Remember, mentoring is coaching free of charge! As long as you are the product of your company, your enterprise has no value to a potential buyer. Because he will have to do the work, you are currently doing. No one puts money on the table, to buy himself a job! Making your company working without you being a part of the production, makes it become valuable.

Fascination Bali – the island of the gods

You don’t have to sell your business, but having the choice to do so, gives you unpayable entrepreneurial freedom and certainty because:

  • You will receive 10,000 Euro Venture Capital for your business expansion – including an annual exempt from trade tax of 24,500 euros (according to German tax regulations)
  • The fourfold success probability for your business idea and twice as fast growth
  • Competent practice mentoring by Klaus Forster, who has made his own company a self-runner
  • 14 days intensive mastermind and exchange with twelve independent entrepreneurs, who work together on their individual business development
  • 2 weeks of Bali to fully concentrate on your vision – and to enjoy Bali


Shop: Life Hacks Coaching4EntrepreneursLife Hacks Coaching4Entrepreneurs individual consulting exclusively for female entrepreneurs

Life Hacks Coaching is a private 1 on 1 Consulting and Business Advice. It is designed to work on a short-term solution for critical business situations. It is an exceptionally powerful way to leverage your time and your results. This is the right thing for you if you know that there is a gap between what you want and what you currently achieve, desire, and deserve. If you are looking for answers you shall contact me.

2,000 per day / 8,000 € per week

Self-employed keep running into burnout and go bankrupt!

To avoid this, we will analyze your business strategy, the current bottleneck for your business development and develop adequate business tactics for the current situation. We will define targets for its outcome. I am convinced that I can help you. And due to that, I am happily sharing the risk with you, 50% of the cost of my coaching will be based on the results. This will support you, to choose and implement the currently best tactics for your financial success, growth and the development of the value of your business.

Here comes your guidance to become a wealthy business owner:

  • Life Hacks Coaching is exclusive for female entrepreneurs in the field of health and fitness.
  • Instead of remaining a self-employed in the treadmill, become a rich business owner: In 3 years your business is running on its own.
  • You get all the knowledge you need to restructure your self-employment. I share anything, how I made it happen with my own enterprise Rooms4Music.