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Welcome to Vitality4Happiness's FREE Content!

Prana Healing Yoga Bali

Online Power Yoga Class: YOUR Invitation For a FREE Training

Welcome to Prana Yoga Healing in Bali - Which is called ‘the Island of the gods’

Participation in the Online Power Yoga Class is free of charge

Abundance Meditation Challenge

  • Shop: 21 Days of Abundance Tasks - FREE of ChargeBeing a contribution to the world with your business
  • Attract Abundance for you and your business
  • Create a mindset of gratitude and abundance
  • Experience WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you, your customers, and the entire universe
  • Build a habit of daily meditation, which you will receive as a present for the completion of every task!

Join the 21 Days of Abundance Tasks

The Abundance Challenge is FREE Content!

30-Days of Gratitude - Gratitude Meditation Challenge

With the Gratitude Challenge 2020 - 30 Days of Gratitude Meditations and Practice, you will establish a habit of gratitude to

  • Shop: 21 Days of AbundanceReduce your fears
  • Gain more self-esteem
  • Calm down your monkey mind
  • Create a backup, for the case you fall back into old habits
  • Build a meditation habit with a daily guided meditation, as a present for the completion of each day
  • For conscious female entrepreneurs only

Participation in the Gratitude Meditation Challenge is free of charge

12 Gratitude Meditations - Set of 12 Guided Meditation

Practice Gratitude to Become a Grateful, Happy, And Even Better Lover

The 12 Gratitude Meditations Support You

  • Overcoming Fear And GriefReviews for Vitality4Happiness's FREE Content
  • Positive mood booster
  • Activation of your tantric energy
  • Pelvic floor muscle training to become an even better lover
  • Gratitude practice for 12 fundamental aspects of life

The Podcast MP3 Audiobook Download is FREE Content!

So Hard to Enjoy Life in Bali - E-Book and Audiobook

FREE Content!In this book, Klaus Forster describes how he has embraced the life philosophy, of the digital nomads. How he optimized and digitized processes so, that he can enjoy life in harmony with his work. This book is an homage and invitation for the self-employed, to go with him on a trip to Bali. Get inspired by his experiences, to create your own entrepreneurial life of freedom and happiness.

The Audiobook, Ebook, and Videos are free of charge

Mental Strength Training – Turn Your Fears Into Gold

Mental Strength Training

The Mental Strength Training is FREE Content!