Summary And Conclusion of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

for Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Entrepreneurs

This audio is, to embody The Seven Spiritual Laws for Entrepreneurs. Therefore, hear this summary from Deepak Chopra’s Book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Are you rather scientifically minded? Then you still may be doubtful. So, how does all this spiritual work take effect in my business?

How spirituality works in a nutshell

With mindfulness work, you reprogram your frontal leap. Evidently, it does not matter if you do it through any kind of personal development. For example

By the way, you find resources for all of that on this webpage.

Our frontal leap has the function to filter the information, that our senses send to our brains. But it is helpful. Like blinkers for a horse. Otherwise, we would turn crazy, due to data overflow. Surprisingly, it deletes the majority of the information our senses acknowledge. In fact, it receives about 2.7 Mbit per second. Due to that, the frontal leap reduces the amount of data, to the amount our brain can handle consciously. Scientists estimate this as 7 +/- 2 bit per second. Due to that, it deletes roughly 2.699.993 out of 2.700.000 bit!

Your brain creates YOUR Truth out of 7 bit

while disregarding 2.699.993 bit, each second!

With the different filter settings, for example, according to the seven spiritual laws, you get a different awareness. The 7 +/- 2 bit of information that reaches your conscious mind, will be different ones. With this awareness, you will recognize different chances and opportunities, that you would have not recognized before. Finally, you can take advantage of them in your business. However, this is how spirituality and mindfulness work manifests in the physical world.

The simplified implementation of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

for you as a Conscious Female Entrepreneur is:

The Law of

  1. Potentiality: Stretching Your Imaginatioary Skills
  2. Giving: Reinvest – in Yourself And Your Business
  3. Karma: Serve Your Customers Tomorrow Even Better Due to Healthy Earnings
  4. Least Effort: Concentrate particularly on the little tweaks with the highest effectivity
  5. Intention and Desire: Apply Your Purpose Based Vision, Mission, and Tactics in your business
  6. Detachment: Accept That Life is Neutral
  7. Dharma: Find and Apply YOUR Purpose in Life

To implement the Seven Spiritual Laws as a female entrepreneur, you want to establish

A practice of Conscious Mindfulness to Create a Flourishing Business

In conclusion, spend some thinking time about it:

Thinking Time – Think First Then Act – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Resources for Confeneurs about the Seven Spiritual Laws for entrepreneurs

Available downloads are:

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