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How Pets Positive Effect Life Expectancy?

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Experiencing love and companionship are some of the benefits of having an animal. Pets positive effect lifespan. A dog even encourages you to exercise physically, because it needs to get outdoors every day. They're a part of the family, no doubt about it, but can they actually help to extend your lifespan?

The verdict on whether pets can help you live longer is a bit astonishing, even to the researchers who discovered it. The University of California,  researchers analyzed data collected from an 80-year study of 1,500 people. This study was initiated in 1921 by psychologist Lewis Terman. It is one of the only long-term studies that follow people from their childhood onward.

Pets Positive Effect: Happiness is people and their dogs

About the Pets Positive Effect

The researchers asked residents in their 60s detailed questions about how often they played with pets. After fourteen years they analyzed mortality data. Results suggest that interacting with pets played no role in the participants’ likelihood of surviving.

The Value of Pets Positive Effect

However, a more recent meta-analysis, published in the journal Circulation in 2019, came to a different conclusion. This study was examining data from studies between 1950 and May 2019. They found that dog owners live longer than those without a dog.

Pets Positive Effect

Friedman and Martin concluded that the connection to other people in their community has a big benefit. It is in fact, enhance the subjects' longevity. These findings seem to conflict with other data about the value of social relationships for people as they age.

Research published in 1980 found, that the one-year survival rate for people discharged from a coronary care unit was greater for those with a pet.

Ground-breaking research in the late 1970s by psychologists Ellen Langer and Judith Rodin found, that just have to care for a houseplant kept elderly nursing home residents happier and alive longer. Though that finding was cited as a reason to give residents more control over their environment. It follows that a sense of responsibility and emotional interaction.

The Benefits of Animal Companionship:

People who have pets tend to be happier, healthier, and wealthier, Pets Positive Effect

In Japan, concerns about allergic reactions and bites have kept nursing homes from employing live pets. But even, robotic therapy animals were a success. Surprisingly, Paro, a robotic seal with artificial fur and a lovable face, has been used in several countries. A 2011 paper published in Gerontology describes the improvement in depression scores. They found, that residents in nursing homes employing the robotic seal were happier and healthier.​ Most likely due to a feeling of responsibility. Because having a purpose in life, is one of the major mental drivers for longevity.

Live With Purpose For Adults in Their 70’s

People rely on dogs for accompanying, friendship, and affection. Recent data suggests that they may also extend your life.  It is not only dogs. A study looking at over 4000 people over 20 years found that people who own cats showed a decreased risk for death due to heart attack or stroke.

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