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My Drivers

Why am I doing this?

My most important values are:

  • Health
  • Love
  • Learning and contribution


The importance of health becomes apparent only when it is absent

Through an in-depth analysis of my values, I realized that my mission is to contribute to the health of my fellow human beings. The particular value of having health for a fulfilling life has been brought to my mind recently

  • because I'm currently limping around with a broken leg,
  • but also when I was suffering from rheumatic pain
  • therefore, could hardly stand or walk any longer,
  • could not sleep because of joint pain
  • because of lack of sleep was often irritable, aggressive and partially depressed.
  • At a Sprungbett seminar by Eugen Simon, I set myself the goal of being able to move freely again and effortlessly
  • do an hour of endurance sports in one year. The same day I began running training under pain, but I pulled it off.

With a change in diet under the medical help of Dr. med. Mario Krause from the DIZP in Hanover, I have become pain-free.

Within a year, I ran a half marathon in Stuttgart and the Frankfurt Marathon. And that was only the beginning! I am sure that without this improvement in my health I would never have had the energy to develop my business as much as I have done in the last 7 years. Today it is economically healthy and runs almost without me. In doing so, I realized how crucial health, which means mental and physical fitness, for a fulfilling life is.

blankHansjörg Schrade, ecofit:
"I got to know Klaus Forster as a very clearly focused person, as a very pleasant conversation partner, who can listen well and respond to people. His business activities, as well as his own success story in the field of health, are the best recommendation for him as a coach - he lives everything he teaches by himself, not just what he read about!"



I can achieve my great goal best with you as a partner, to help many people to improve their mental and physical vitality. Of course, I can not afford that alone. That's why I need you as an entrepreneur if this health mission also drives you.

Learning and Contribution

I want to support you in developing your self-employment into a self-running company, which helps many people to improve their physical and mental fitness. In addition, I want to pass on everything I have learned because applied in your enterprise this knowledge multiplies its value! Also, I will continue to learn and grow to be able to support you even better in the future. This shall give you and your customers a great benefit for their vitality!


Our common growth and profit are just the natural consequence. And this symbiosis is the foundation of a fulfilling life.

I believe in karma, that's why I know that everything I give will come back.

If you are wondering now whether I have become a Buddhist or would like to convert you to it ... No! I only keep choosing the most useful out of the religions, just as I do it with the tools to run an grow a business. And I would like to share this with you!

The Idea: Mentoring for being a contribution to the world with your business