Self-employed people often tell me:

– “I am working a lot, but business success remains behind my expectations.”

My answer is:

– “I understand: You neither got time nor money to hone your saw. How about, if I buy you a chainsaw and show you how to find someone who operates it for you?”

Business Tactics Mentoring

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Self-employed female entrepreneurs in the field of mental and physical fitness get 2 weeks of free mentoring and have the chance to receive 10,000 € for the expansion of their enterprise.

During a 2-week business retreat at Bali with intensive mentoring and mastermind, we get to know each other to find out, if we want to continue working together. If so, I will invest 10,000 € in your enterprise and will continue to support you as a mentor. The mentoring gets financed only out of the future earnings based on its success.

Which consultant will be more engaged?

  • Someone who bills the coaching by the hour
  • Or someone, who only participates in the success of his consulting?

As a mentor, I am 100% interested in your success!

80% of start-ups give up in the first 5 years, many of them with a private bankruptcy. Instead of giving up 4 out of 5 self-employed, your company will be established in the market in 3 years!


Imagine that our national soccer team would play without their coach Jogi Löw. They probably could not agree who plays in which position. Maybe they could jointly agree on Manuel Neuer as the goalkeeper, but I’m not so sure, as often as I see him running around on the centerline. Jogi has a much better overview from the sideline, in which phase of the game which tactic is appropriate.

Mentoring gives you guidance on which strategy suits your current level of business development. You learn to create systems that develop your company a self-runner.

The goal is that it grows at least twice as fast as if you tried it without the mentoring. First of all, we create space for it: With the investment of € 10,000, you get the necessary flexibility to implement the strategy and set up the systems. 

Business Retreat in Bali …