I have created a Mastermind WhatsApp Group for my most curious girlfriends

Mastermind WhatsApp Group

How does a Mastermind Group work?

who want to learn, grow and contribute. I am sharing coaching letters in the Mastermind WhatsApp Group and everyone can post their ideas to inspire other group members. I am sending two or three topics per week to inspire your thinking time, by sharing only short headlines with a link to the according blog. The participation is free of charge.

If you are a female entrepreneur interested to participate in this group:

Please send me a WhatsApp message on +491741828845

Furthermore, we got our Intensive Mastermind Group in Bali, which you can join.

For efficient use of the WhatsApp Mastermind group

  • I kindly ask you for your awareness that you are consuming the time of a lot of people with your posts, as well as the memory of their smartphones when posting photos and videos. Please make your comments short and on the topic. Long comments are better on the blog. Because then only those people, who are interested in the issue get to see it. Preferably send links to photos you want to share, instead of posting them.
  • You are welcome to make direct contact with the other group members. Please take private communication into direct chats with the person you want to talk to.
  • Due to members from different time zones, you may want to “mute” the Mastermind WhatsApp Group, so that it does not disturb you during the night.
  • The group language is English, at least most of the time 🙂

Mastermind WhatsApp Group

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